Chapter 10:

I Hope It Was A Bit Longer


“I don’t want to resign…I don’t want to end this match, It’s just the first in my life I felt like this…I’m happy, I’m happier than ever. Even though I’m losing this match.”

Calyden is in the audience with Emerson’s friends…

Calyden in a black coat and with a black hat with a wooden stick in his hand and a Rolex watch in his left hand… Starts talking about the match with Emerson’s friends.

Calyden: It's almost done…Emerson didn’t even give her a chance …It's just a beautiful match to watch…He is just an outstanding player I have seen in my history, And he has more scope to improve…That fact scares me more…

Joey: That’s our Mad over there...

Chad comes running from the top floor of the stadium and asks Cros (Cris who is dressed as Cros):

“What’s happening in the match?”

Cros: He is winning…

Boss and Ghoss from the commentary section.

Boss: What do you think about this position?

Ghoss: I would say White is kind of an advantage but it’s still not clear.

Boss: But as you can see, After lina playing Nh7…Emerson plays Bxh8, and Lina takes it with her rook on a8.

Ghoss: As she took his rook, Emerson plays rook f8, and Lina takes with her that rook with her rook on h8.

Boss: Emerson takes it with his pawn on e7…exf8= queen by Emerson, Knight takes the queen on f8,

Ghoss: Now he pushes his pawn to e7 attacking Lina’s Knight, Lina moves her King to f7…

Boss: Emerson plays exf8=queen+….E takes f8 queen with a check.F7 king takes on f8 queen.

Calyden: I think the dust is settled and now there is no hope for lina, it’s quite a resignable position.

Lina blushed at her place.

So that’s what you meant by 5 vs 4…Now they are 5 white pawns and 4 white pawns left, I don’t think I can win.

But I can play and spend more time with Emer--…Emerson, I want to spend more and more time with him, this moment is something special I want to treasure.” Lina Said with a joyful face.

Boss: Emerson plays Kd1.I think now lina will resign

A few minutes have passed.

Ghoss: Lina didn’t resign, She plays a5.

Boss: Yeah, Emerson then plays ke2…Lina plays Ke7, Emerson plays kd3, Kd6 by lina, King takes c3…

Ghoss: Now it's 3 vs 5…This match is done, But I like her spirit.

People from the audience :


“Why the hell is she even playing?” (Lina can't hear because of the glass surrounding them)

Boss: Lina plays Ke5,a4 by emerson,ke4 by lina,b4 by emerson…

Ghoss: d4 check by lina, king c4 by Emerson, axb4 by lina, the king takes b4, King to e3,a5 by Emerson,d3 by lina…c takes d3...King d2 trying some stalemate chances but its not possible.a6 by Emerson, King c1 by lina, A7 by Emerson pushing the pawn more…Trying to make it into a queen, king b1 by Emerson

Boss: a8 = queen…

Sohel from the audience: why isn’t she resigning now?

Calyden: It's as if she doesn’t want to accept defeat but still she can't do anything now, she can't accept defeat…

Alex rose ( Assistant of Lina glass): I have never seen lina this determined about chess till now…

Ghoss: Lina plays King b1, King b3 by Emerson…Its mate in 2, The only option is a pawn to h6.

Boss: Queen to c2 check, King to a1.

Emerson looks at Lina…Smiles and moves his queen to b2.


Lina: I think that’s how the match ended. I think it’s the first time I felt like I truly lost, it’s the first time I’m feeling bad about losing. I never felt like this before…I guess the match has ended, Now I need to SHAKE HANDS WITH HIM!! Shit! I'm excited and nervous at the same time, He is forwarding his hand…At beginning of the match, I didn’t feel this nervous when we shook hands…It's because of him I'm changed into like this….His hand is still in mid-air…Okay, nothing bad is going to happen I'm shaking his hand,

*Shakes their hands*

God! I don’t know what to do now, My hand is all warm and I can’t control myself.

Boss: I think that’s how this match ends…Till the very end

Ghoss: that's the end of round 3…We got our second Semi-Finalist! EMERSON HALIDIYA.

Arbiter: Emerson, Congratulations on going to the semi-final, and Lina better luck next time.

Alex rose to wait outside…, “ You have done great Lina.” With tears in her eyes.

At the Gangster queens place:


Now we are out of the competition…I thought she would at least go till the finals….


At the Mafia group:

A butler serving fried chickens leg pieces to James Peterson (The mafia group leader)

James Peterson: So up against whom we are?

Butler: Sir...In the Semi-final -1, We are Both the players from our team so we can bet there, But in the Semi-final -2, We are against that Emerson kid from The Rich Old Man's…But We can’t underestimate our guy from our side its “Scar Meddler aka The most accurate Guy.”

If we win Semifinal 2 the Grand Jackpot will be ours. Cause who even wins in the semi-final it doesn’t matter But I think it will be The Undeafea--- Bang! Gunshot

James shouts his gun in the air…

“It’s not the first time telling you not to take his name…I’m just betting on him for Money so that I can auction for that ONE THING and take my revenge on her.”

Butler with no change in his expression…Without losing his temper just standing still: “Okay sir.”

At The Rich Old man’s Mansion:

An Old man holding a peacock: I never thought this young boy could do something like this…If we win the Grand Jackpot and we can stop my stupid son from doing that thing he wanted to do for at least 25 years…Now I have a little hope.

Other Old people: Hehehehehehe….Gooo Gooo Emerson….



Cheering Emerson! (with big Star shaped specs )

Emerson’s mom is at home

“Yay!!! He did it!! I want to see this live…I Need to talk to him”

Opens the Door

Evernue Newspaper department:

Head leader of the Department: We got the headlines….Its again Emerson

Match 1 being the cleanest match in the tournament

Whereas Match 4 is just beautiful…Queen Sacrifice by MAD gave a classical treat to the audience.

And here are the 4 semi-finalists…Fighting for the most honorable trophy!” (On the newspaper)

In the tournament again:

Sohel, joey, Divya, Meera, and chad run towards Emerson to receive him…cris trying to hide, and calyden still sitting there.

This group going near the benches where calyden and cris are sitting talking stuff and all…

Sohel: We all were cheering for you…It was really fun!

Finally, they all sit in the audience place…

Emerson: Nice to meet you old man…By the way who is this?

Chad: It's cros! I met him today.

Emerson: Oh nice…Did more people come today in the audience…cause I could hear the audience cheering hard and loud.

Joey: Is that so…I think that our power over there is mad…Hahahaha!

Emerson: No wonder…You got lungs of steel.

To the other side of the venue…

Lina glass sat while Alex rose was standing…

Lina: I need you to get his number…

Alex: Whose!

Lina while blushing: Emerso---

Black screen:

Emerson’s voice: The Most Accurate huh!