Chapter 54:

A6P8: The Small ogre kingdom, The last days

From Assassin to Demon lord

As I was turning the Ogre kingdom into my dungeon area, I strangely didn’t find any resistence, which only gave me proof that people in power didn't give a shit about their people. Sometimes they were willing to sell their souls just to get something to eat, sometimes the heads of villages thought I was just an officer and tried to push their daughters onto me, but I declined every single time.

I just added two, I don’t want to stress Lizzie more then this.

„Lady Lizzie is a thoughtful person. I belive she would manage one more person,“ Phara said with big smile.

„Yeah, she managed her feelings about you rather well.“

„What do you mean?“ Phara asked worriedly.

„Well, she didn’t accept you yet. She wasn't even that angry like last time. But... you still have a long way to go,“ I smiled and patted her head.

We almost finished the turning by the end of fourth day. I was making my way to south-west region, where the queen fortified herself with her two remaining  dukes, who’s daughters were bethrowed to her son's, who killed each other in battle.

Even from afar I could see flames from smaller fortresses around the country. I made it to encampment of the fortress relatively easily. The fortress was flying flag of the Ogre queen.

„How’s the status?“

„My king! I’m terribly sorry for not being able to break the fortress before you came,“ Gnodo kneeled before me.

„No need to apologize. It seems that the walls have extra thic layers of enchantments. They probably learned their lesson from Ork capital… Not like it matters now, ‚Call greater thunder!‘“ I chanted the spell and dark cloud appeared above our heads. In next moment three giant lightnings striked the gate and blowed it away.

„Now, go and plunder, but bring the queen and all the nobles before me!“

„Yes!“ the roaring voices answered my shout.

In matter of few minutes the nobles of the fort were before me. Some of them were even bruised, as they tried to resist.

„This is first time we meet, former queen,“ I said with big grin.

„Former is not needed. I am still a queen.“

„But, what do you rule? This all you can see is my land. Are you perhaps a landless queen?“


„Ah, sorry. My teasing hit home huh?“

„So, what are you going to do to us?“ one of the dukes asked why glaring at me.

„Well, I will have you work for me of course!“ I smiled.

„Wh-what kind of work?“ one of the nobles howled.

„Probably just some mining.“

„You think I, the Great Ogre Queen will mine for you?“

„Your other choice is watching your two remaining sons kill each other. And then your death as well.“

„You demon!“

„Demon King to be exact. And don’t make me even start on your sending assassin to kill Kyoko. I would torment you for that a long time ago, but I wanted to have just cause.“

„You are talking about just cause while commencing genocide in Dwarven council state?!“ one of the more informed nobles barked.

„Ho~ I didn’t know that we had so informated person among the queens people,“ I gave a nod to the gnoll standing behind him.

In next moment the nobles head was lying on the ground.

I stood before the head and chanted another spell. The spell was demon possession.

In next moment demon was inside the body. The body shook and stand up, grabbing the head along the way.

„I’m ready to serve you, my lord,“ the demon said putting the head on it’s place. His body shrunk a little and the face features changed as well to match the demons.

„Great. Could you help with those peoples useless souls? I though they could be usefull, but they are not.“

„Your wish is my command. ‚Soul devourer‘

With that the queen and her subordinates droped dead like puppets who’s strings have been cut. The two kids, son's of the queen fainted. I mean, I am a demon, but I would never kill kids this small. Little brainwashing like with the elven twins and all will be good.

Damn this is one hell of a demon! It’s probably one of the higher ranked ones.

Summon demon 10X,“ with another spell I summoned ten additional demons.

„What is your wish, oh summoner,“ they all kneeled before me.

„On those mountains are cities of dwarven nation. If I’m correct, they will try to attack us in next few days. In that moment you will attack their cities. Try to kidnap as much people as possible and make some structual damage. Make them remember that they should never attack us again.“

„Yes my lord!“

With that I returned into the dungeon and got report about Duke Durel's attack by Lizzie and half drunk Hestia. Did she drunk Uniwolf blood again? Seems like nothing changed since I was little.

Tony Raven