Chapter 55:

A6P9: The roar in the mountains (Part 2/2)

From Assassin to Demon lord

Dozan, the head of the council state, was smiling. Army of Duke Durel was on their way to the dungeon and dwarven army was finaly united under his leadership. The final conscript was around 60% of the male population, but this was just battle to retake their two cities. Plus the demon lord was in Ogre kingdom now. There was no chance he could appear out of nowhere.

With all that Dozon give signal to start the march.

The army of sixty thousand men started the march to north. Dozon in their back with his commanders.


At the same time, Renzir with Miira and Yuki were preparing the army for next conflict.

„Zaru will be home in few days, but the army of dwarves will come sooner, Renzir what’s the report?“ Yuki asked.

„I send out one of my Zombie owls and got report that army of sixty thousand is coming here from Carben.“

„Sixty thousand?! Are they out of their mind? That’s like sixty percent of all levies they have!“ Miira shouted.

„It’s definitely higher number then we thought there would be…“ Yuki continued.

„Yeah, we are a little short on hands, shall we call for reinforcements?“ Renzir asked.

„No, we have all things we need. Renzir, try to summon more higher leveled undead. If it came to it, unsummon the weaker ones. Miira, you go on defence, your Dark heal skill can cure even undead so you will be keeping them in top shape.“

„Sure! On it!“

„And you Renzir… show what a Phantasm can do,“ Yuki smiled.

Phantasm, the greatest undead besides Skeletal emperor. Phantasms are beings completly made from magic and souls. They eat souls in order to gain power. And the most powerful amongst them are those with necromancer job class.

Why you ask? Becouse the souls they summon are not part of them, and becouse of that they can eat their summoned souls, which in turn makes them even stronger.


Dozan and his men were near the Fortress city.

„Everyone! Prepare for fight! Before us is Fortress city where our people are held against their will! You are the Heros for them! Go fight with all you have! No demon can stands against you!“

With that, first and second regiments started the march.

But that was all but expectable for Yuki, who spend her days organizing inventory of main dungeon and living resources. Moving people to her will, was her speciality.

In the moment the regiments stood on freezing plains, something happened. The plains beneath them crumbled and the regiments fell into hole prepared with earth magic. No need to say that all who entered the trench died either from fall damage or by skeletons with spears who were waiting for them in ambush.

„What happened?!“ Dozan shouted.

„The first and second regiment fell into a trap, sir! It’s highly unlikely that they are still alive.“

„Damn it! Order to every regiment: Stay sharp and slowly advance to the city. The lives of our people are at stake here!“

The army split in two halves with Dozan and his guards stood in the back of right flank of the army.

But that was as well forseen by Yuki.

From the forest on the left side, elder liches and many more magic using undead monsters appeared and pushed entire left flank into the hole, where the first and second regiment were already dead.

But the terror just begun. After the left side massacre, a menacing purple light shot out of the hole. And soon after that a skeletal dragon flew out with single woman standing on it’s head.

„Wah-ha-ha-ha-ha! Look and be in awe! My devotion to my king brought this skeletal dragon into existence! Fear me punny dwarves!“ the woman shouted at the army on the right, which was completly frozen with fear.

But why was that? Simple reason really. Entire right flank was covered by invisible fog created by Miira and her dark magic, which she learned when she evolven into Dark Archangel.

She became real embodiedment of [Angel of death], mythological being said to inflict fear into hearts of man just by walking around.

Dozan was scared for his life. Nothing went acording to his plan, even his teacher, The great strategist Guzzner, left and no-one was able to find him.

„W-we need to retreat…“ one of the leaders said.

„It seems so…“ Dozan said in defeated voice.

The forces of sixty thousand were reduced to mere ten thousand captured and five thousand of back lines in less then an hour. With that the second battle of Fortress city ended in victory of Demonic kingdom, yet again.

Tony Raven