Chapter 8:

|Welcome to Brittanica

That time I got reincarnated in the middle of a royal wedding..

There it was..It’s massive eye balls were right in my face. I was trembling, I don’t know how bad it was but at that point, fear and shock mixed together quite effectively and gave me the scare of my life. I couldn’t hide my shock. The white, ferocious beast stared at me, halted. I saw it’s slit eyes that never seized to amaze me. They reminded me of that of a cat. In its eyes, I saw a purple iris that managed to pique my interest, despite the fear I was dabbled in. I was at a loss of words. I could hear my breaths, and I could hear those of the creature.

“Woah there.”

I let out a troubled smile and turned to the two behind me and I heard a sigh. It was the midget.

“Folger, isn’t this getting old???”

“I’ve seen her before.Schnitzel, Folger is Voyan’s dragon, right? ”

“Yeah…But of course, she loves sneaking up on him. She’s as playful as her master.”

This sinister beast belongs to me? If that’s the case, I have no reason to fear. This is my first time seeing a dragon up close. I did a bit of half-baked research about dragons and I was really fascinated. It was nothing as gruesome, or as rugged as the sight before me. The repulsiveness left a bad taste in my mouth. It was rather good looking compared to the rest, I, a true admirer of beauty will not deny that. However, just the difference in expectation and reality was the source of my displeasure.Noticing this mix of emotions, the dragon moved back and turned its back on me, spreading its wings and heading for the sky.

“I thought you were going to pet her? It’s like a ritual for you.”

“Yeah,Voyan. Seems like you made her sad.”

“It’s fine, Rumi. I’ll just watch her from here today.”

“That’s strange.”

“You think?”

“Your behaviour towards Folger.”

“It’s like this sometimes.”

“Anyway-! Do you feel better now??”

“Sure do.”

“Hey, you two. We are getting late.”

“Better late than never.”

“Being tardy is never something to be happy about.”

He stomped off while Rumi held my hand and dragged me away. We left what I called “The playground of dragons”. I have no idea what he calls it or why he even likes coming here but I can understand the feeling of briefly parting with reality and dabbling into a fantasy. It keeps your mind fresh, in a sense. Anyway, with all obstacles set aside, it was time to go to the prestigious academy for knights, and mages too. Wait, what use will I have in a sword fight?? I have never entered kendo territory. If anything, I loved flirting with the girls at the Kendo club, but that’s it.

Speaking of flirting, I actually enjoyed flirting with girls heavily involved in one form of martial arts or the other. I was in a blissful state when I got these ladies all over me..Why??? Well, I was never interested in any martial arts. All I did was train and put my body in the best possible state so I could at least put up a decent fight against almost anyone and anything (except from a gun).

Now, along with this decision, the thought of being dominated, despite all my training filled me with joy. Yes, I wanted a lady who could quite literally kick my ass..Did it make me feel inferior?? No…Did it make me feel ecstatic??? You already know the answer…That is all I sought…partial domination with a topping of immaculate charms. That will definitely set my heart ablaze. I wonder what kind of skills Rumi will have with the sword. With my fantasies setting in, I completely forgot the fear of having no sword skills. Really though, how do I pull that off ? See why fantasies are refreshing??? 

The playground we stopped at was actually far from the main district of the capital. This made the journey to the academy longer. At least that’s what I thought until a couple of minutes ago. The academy was also on the outskirts of the capital. This made things easy and convenient when all things were considered. I mean, it is an academy, violent conduct is bound to happen and as normal as that is, I’m thinking of something extreme. If something on such a huge scale were to take place, covering up will be a cinch. It makes things convenient for everyone. That’s good. Now, I have to take on all the burdens Voyan has placed on himself in this school. His friends, his foes, his allies. They are all mine now and I have to put on a good show.

“Smells like home.”

“You live here?”

“Haha, very funny.”

Sheesh, I wasn’t joking though..

“If only your sense of humour could compensate for your height.”

“What was that?”



“You know how much I love the academy, don’t ruin my mood.”

“Speaking of….Where’s my sword??”

“Huh?? You forgot your sword???”

“Seems so.”

“Who the hell does that?? Oh, no… It’s my fault.. I should have reminded you. But, something as fundamental as that…What’s gotten into you??”

Yeah, no one needs a reminder to grab their weapon.. No one but me, I guess…

“Let’s turn around, then. I already miss being home.”

“You hate staying home.”

“It was a joke. Staying home is too boring. I left the weapon by choice.”

“Huh?? Why??”

“Because I will be using just my fists today.”


“Sounds interesting, doesn’t it?”

I don’t care about the sword. I couldn’t give a damn about it since I was not used to wielding one anyway. None of this would have even happened if I faked a sickness. When it comes to fist fights, my skills are on the level of a professional. That being said, it doesn’t mean I will function the same way as I would in my original body.


The midget leaped out of the carriage with a huge bag(I’m assuming they’re just books) and went on without a consideration of our own pace,not like I cared, I felt a bit relieved, in fact. His presence was definitely irksome. 99% of the time he pissed me off and 1% of the time he did nothing.The brown bag was so big that he could probably fit in it. I wondered how his back wasn’t crushed. Even the typical adventurer’s bag wasn’t this huge, talkless of regular school bags.

The building looked like the castle of a stylist vampire. A sort of romanesque architecture in place. I could tell because I had this sort of curiosity for exquisite buildings like these in the medieval era. Add that and my half baked research on the internet and this is what you get. Of course, I knew about a lot of things as my curiosity led me to various discoveries. Despite that, there were still things I knew very little about even after a bit of research. The whole structure of the buildings were dark and intimidating but only someone weak would pay it any mind.

Britannica academy, consisting of the sword academy and the mage academy. They were merged together and went hand in hand for those who stood on either of the two extreme ends and those who stood in between. Quite clever and a great use of space. Now, all that was left was the harmony between the knights and mages. 

“We haven’t been here since our wedding announcement. How do you feel?”

“It’s been a while, indeed. How I feel?? I wish we could take a break and spend some time together.”

“But, right now, you can say we are spending time together, right?”

“I don’t know about you but I’ll be much more interested in staring at flowers, in a beautiful garden or simply staring at the night sky.”

“Oh, Voyan.”

“Unfortunately, this is all we got instead.”

“There’s time for everything.”


It always felt good seeing her so happy. It was a feeling, similar to intoxication that filled my whole body with genuine joy. Never mind that, perhaps I’m just exaggerating because this is the first time a lady could make me feel this way. Perhaps a harem could replicate this exact feeling, though. I would never be able to know because I never got that round bed full of beauties patiently waiting for my passionate embrace. 

Huh…Embrace… I get that being cheesy might be the standard around here but too much of that is enough to make one lose his charms. I am a womanizer just like my older brother with the shrewd personality. I know all that it takes to make a woman fall for me and I can tell that Rumi doesn’t like being smothered by constant affection so I just have to tone it down. Yeah, that’ll be best for everyone, I think??

“I’ll see you later, okay?”

Oh yeah, we were bound to split up eventually. But, I don’t have anyone to show me around this huge academy. Now I find myself in need of that midget. Where the hell did he run off to? I turned in multiple directions, searching for a tour guide. But then, that was mission impossible. How could I act used to an unfamiliar environment? Even the best actors couldn’t pull that off..No, I shouldn’t underestimate those guys. They are literal monsters. I just have to walk around and observe efficiently. That much will suffice.


I had a feeling I was going to give out far sooner than I imagined. I couldn’t keep this up forever. As I got closer to the academy, a massive statue was in front of me. A man with an orb and a little dragon on his back, shaking hands with a swordsman. I guess they are the founders of this academy. The statue was more fascinating since it was in the middle of a water fountain that danced and crossed each other at varying intervals. This was common in my world due to technology but here??? I didn’t know what concept was at play here and I knew narrowing it down to technology would have made me a fool. 

However, more than that, the beard of the man with the dragon was more dominant in my head. I understood that it was a statue and this geezer was probably long dead but still…Wasn’t it kind of distracting?? I mean, it was long enough to be considered an abomination. Imagine having a conversation with someone who has a beard long enough to touch their knees.Would you focus??? That’s simply madness. I don’t want to say this since it’s a bit mean and insensitive but I’m a little glad I won’t have to see that for myself.

“That’s Prince Voyan!!!!!!”

“He’s back.”

“His Royal Highness?”

“Is that really him??”

“Of course it is, he looks as handsome as ever.”

Huh?? Who the hell are these people??? They are acting like I just came back from an expedition or something… From what I know it was just a break for the wedding. Well, Voyan is one attractive bastard.I actually checked the mirror before leaving the bedroom and…. he was pretty good looking. His red, curly hair with dark eyes that seemed like a vortex, ready to suck any and everything in it were the perfect combo. I only had issues with his freckles. They extended from the top of his nose to the sides but didn’t go lower. I didn’t really like it but well, it had it’s own appeal. Of course, I had superior looks but I could work with this one, too. As each second passed by, I found myself surrounded by more and more ladies, as they all rushed towards me in a clustered fashion.

“Prince Voyan.”

“Why did you have to get married so soon???”

“We are always here for you.”

“I’m breathing the same air as him.”

“Please take my first kiss.”

“I want to be your mistress.”

The spectacle in front of me was astounding indeed. Chests of different sizes, textures, bounciness all came full circle and I was just in the middle. I didn’t stop them, even if I wanted to, how would I do that? They grabbed my hands and held it firmly. However, my hands moved to places they probably shouldn’t have. In this situation, I was happily helpless. Yes, I landed in quite the circumstance. I guess in this world, my hardwork got compensated with situations like these. I have to say……


“Hey!!! Get your hands off the prince, you lowly beasts in heat.”

Ouch!! Who the hell is this?? She stood from on top of the statues..Bold move..She then pointed at the women in front of me and looked at us with scorn all over her face. She looked like she could spit on the ground in disgust by the sight in front of her. Well, it was certainly condescending to the proud but shameless women…. but then, in a way, I could understand where she was coming from. She seemed to me like those authoritative types. I’ve handled too many back in Tokyo so I know the student council president type at first glance. They have this way they carry themselves. It never manages to impress me ,though.

“Excuse me??”

“What did you just say??”

“Ugh.. There she is.”

“And I was about to ask him if I could be his mistress.”

“Why does she have to ruin everything??”

“Jealous, much?”

“Isn’t that the president’s kid sister?”

They hurled insults of every kind at the light green haired lady that literally looked down on us from above the statue. Now that it settled in, I felt annoyed at the fact that she could not address us from the ground like a normal person but simply had to stand on a statue.. One by one, the ladies dispersed and I was back to square one. Curse you, moss hair!!!

“You’re lucky I was just around the corner when I heard you had arrived.”

She jumped down from the statue and reached for my hand while taking a short bow. I was a little confused now. She thought she was trying to help me?

“I didn’t need any help, though.”

“Nonsense..If you spend too much time with animals like that, you might become like them, you might get infected.”

“Infected with what?”

“Absurd levels of horniness…”

Well, I didn’t see that coming. I’ve already reached insane levels and I hope it only increases. At my very core, I’m still a womanizer. “Excuse me” were the words I nearly let out but I paused. I could have some fun with this weird situation right in front of me.

“It seems like you’re too late.”

“What do you mean by that? I was right on time..”

“No, no..”

I shook my head and smiled softly, like one of those anime characters infected with eight grader syndrome.

“How didn’t you notice?? I guess you can’t, huh???? The horny levels in me are rising steadily!!”


She looked around helplessly and grabbed my arm in desperation. Her entire demeanour flipped like a coin.I didn’t get any of it but I was loving the urgent look on her face.

“I will cure you. You can’t afford to become overwhelmingly horny..You absolutely can’t.”

What the hell?? She’s really holding back tears..How old is she?

“I jest.”

She took a few seconds to catch her breath.

“You have to steer clear of expensive jokes like that. I don’t know what I would have done if you became a shameless monster like those--”

“Prince Voyan, I see you’re back from your break.”

“Indeed, you look as stunning as ever.”

“Please, I don’t deserve such praise.”

She bowed her head. The woman in front of us seemed like a clone of the moss hair, with a mature voice, look, and figure. She had smooth, dark green hair. To add to this, she had a serious tone, just like the moss hair.It could turn even a playful conversation into something serious. What a shame, it wasn’t cute in the slightest. It reminded me of this female secretary I saw on TV with a really deep, sexy voice. With some guidance( a little voice training), I could turn these two to literal goddesses.

“Lez, let go of his arm. You wouldn’t want Viesta to get the wrong idea.”

“Huh??? It’s nothing. Viesta is not here, though.We do even more than this so no one should be bothered. Not even Mrs Rumi.”

“Shouldn’t be bothered by what?”

There she was, in front of the three of us with a question mark on her face. Great, I was stuck...again………