Chapter 2:

The Guardian

The Guardian

  "You finally woke up!"

    I looked at my sister with a big grin while she showed me a confused face.

"W-what ... what's going on?"

"Ah, nothing at all, we are just in the middle of the forest with some weird people, nothing to worry about..."


  Because of my words, she finally looked around and saw Irra and the others.

"Who are they?"

   Before I can answer with another joke Irra intervened.

"Eric, getting over the fact that you just called us 'weird people'...was that really necessary?"

   I got back to my chair and asked Lyna if is possible to have another cup of tea and my cup was immediately filled. After taking a sip from my tea I looked at Alice who seems a little upset that I ignored her sister, then I turned my gaze back to Irra.

"It wasn't necessary just if you wanted to wait all the night but I'm convinced that we don't have that much time."

   Irra looked at me silently for a while, sighed, and then turned her gaze twords Yuki.

"Hi Yuki, I'm Irra. I know this is a little bit too strange for you but I will clarify all the things soon. But now, because of someone, you need to change into some dry clothes."

"I think I can lend her some."

   The one who spoke was Ari and without even waiting for an answer she took Yuki's hand and left the tent.

   Irra watched them leave and then turned her eyes back at me.

"Well, I should say this, you're quite calm despite all that heppened to you until now."

   I drank the last sip of tea from my cup and answered her question without a change in expression.

"Oh, normally I would have jokingly said that it's just a normal day from my life, but even though everything I've seen so far seems amazing, I can't deny something just because I've never seen anything like it before. As for our coming here... whether that's a good or a bad thing, is something I'll worry about later."

    Irra looked at me with a serious expression as if she was trying to figure out if I told the truth or not. After inspecting me for several more seconds she finally signed.

"With this kind of thinking you would have been a great magician, what a pity that you are not the chosen one..."

   I didn't understand what she meant when she said those words but before I could ask anything Yuki and Ari returned in the tent. Yuki was now dressed in a white t-shirt and some blue jeans.

   Irra greeted them and she finally started her story.

* * *

Thirteen billion years ago, when the universe was created, along with the stars and planets a Guardian was born whose duty was to protect and maintain the balance of the universe.That Guardian lived for countless years and witnessed the rise and fall of countless civilizations. After living and guarding the universe for so many years, he began to feel bored of watching and finally decided to abandon his duty so that he could experience what it was like to live as a mere mortal. He severed his connection with the universe and lived a normal life on a planet inhabited by the ancient civilizations. It is said that the reason we can use magic is also because he taught the inhabitants of that planet how to use it.

After living for decades and his mortal body began to decay, he wanted to return to his duty of guarding the universe but found that he could not return to his immortal form because the world was angry that he forsook his duty, and as the world was now at peace and the chaos of the creation of the universe calmed down, he was punished to live as a mortal and be reborn once every one thousand years and let no evil befall upon the world.

* * *

"For us, this was just a bedtime story for little kids but we were forced to believe in it after a big disaster heppened. Our world was threatened because of a single person who almost destroyed half of the continent, Kratos. We don't know from where he has come or why is he so strong but to resist him, we gathered the strongest people alive to fight against him but from them... I am the only one who survived..."

    I could feel the sadness in her voice and so could the others. Alice, who was sitting next to Irra, held her hand and gave her a warm look.

(So she can gave that kind of look too...)

   Irra looked in the eyes of her sister and smiled back.

"Is alright! Now, going back to our story, although the world was almost destroyed, we managed to win some time and sealed him in the Ice Palace of Xirus Kigdom at the cost of the life of our parents and another several kings. Although so many people died we just barely won 3 years worth of time to find and train the new guardian."

"Wait! If you're telling us this doesn't that mean that..."

"Yes Eric, your sister is the reincarnation of that Guardian and our last hope..."