Chapter 3:


The Guardian

"I am what now!?"

"I know is hard to believe but this is the truth."

  When she talked, Yuki had stood up but now she fell back on her chair lost in toughts.

   I looked at my sister in her pitiful state and then back at Irra.

"Hey, Irra, you said that you won 3 years to find and train the new Guardian so just how long did it take you to find my sister?"

"One year."

("One year heh...")

   I stood up from my chair, went in front of my sister and put my both hands on her shoulders.

"Hey, cheer up, you still have two years so do your best and good luck! I will go back now..."

("Yes, this is none of my business!")

  I wanted to leave that place but when I was near the exit I heard something unexpected from my back.

"You will help too."

"I will do what...?"

   I suddenly turned back to look at Irra but before I could reproach something my sister raised her voice.

"Hey, hold up! Ther are so many things that don't make any sense in your whole story!"

"If you have any questions, feel free to ask anything!"

("I want so bad to leave so I won't be involved but it seems like is too late now...")

   Since I couldn't leave yet I got back to my chair.

"First, how did you know that I am that so called Guardian? Why is me and not my brother? And lastly why should I help you?"

"For your first two questions, there are some people that immersed themselves in the art of reading the stars. They don't involve themselves in the world's affairs but some times they give us a prophecy that can help us overcome great crises. One of the most proficient people in that art, Lady Celestis, wake up from her one hundred yers sleep and told us that 'The star from the legends, the Guardian, is the only one that can help us. The new Guardian was born on the planet called Earth.' The rest of the prophecy is telling us how to find you and that the Guardian is the first child born. After a log search we finally find you. As for why you should help us, we are not the only ones who know the prophecy. When Kratos will be free he will come after you. He can't let a threat like you alive and when he will come, no one can save you but yourself."

   Yuki looked into Irra's eyes with a serious expression before sighed out loud.

"Ok, I understand so what should I do now?"

"We will start to train you everyday from now on. I will come with you back home together with Clarissa and Alice and while I explain the situation to your parents they will arrange a magic barrier around your house and you're not allowed to go out alone. Although Kratos can't come in person, he still has some followers that will try to kill you on sight so you should be careful!"

"Alright then, let's go!"

   Yuki, Irra, Clarissa and Alice got up from their chairs and wanted to live the tent but I stopped them.

"Wait, Irra, you didn't forgot something?"

   Irra turned back at me and showed me a confused face.

"Mmm, I think that's all?!"

"No, that's not all! What about me?!"

"Mmm? What's with you?"

("I don't understand if she's for real or she's just playing dumb...")

" You said I will help too and I want to know what I'm supposed to do? I'm just a normal person!"

"Oh, that! Since your sister is a Guardian there's a chance you can use magic too but we need to wait until tomorrow to test it out!"

"You're serious?"

"Yes! Although the chances are slim but they're still here."

   I was speechless for a moment but Irra didn't wait for me to process what heppened and left the tent.

"Hurry up or we will let you behind!"

("Wait, go with them... or stay behind with the other 3 kind looking girls...?")


"Yes Ma'am!"

("I guess I'll just go home, sleep and pray that nothing that heppened tonight isn't true...")

   With those thoughts I left the tent an followed the girls back home.

* * *

The journey home didn't take too much.

   Irra and Alice used a teleportation magic and we appeared right in front of our house. After we arrived, Irra explained all that happened tonight and the situation we are in to our parents and surprisingly they weren't scared or confused they were even so happy that they hugged Yuki so hard that she almost lost her breath.

   From their explanation it seems like they knew all about our bloodline and that the new Guardian will be born in this generation and this was a great pride.

   In this whole process they totally ignored my presence so I easily find a chance to slip back in my room and end that torture.

  When I entered my room, I changed into my sleep clothes and laid down in bed looking at the ceiling.

   I stayed like that for some time and for some reason I just couldn't fall asleep.

The house was quiet because the girls left and everyone got back to sleep. I tought back at all that heppened tonight and I somehow didn't feel tried at all.

("Magic huh...?")

I closed my eyes with toughts about what will happen tomorrow and without knowing when, I fell asleep.

* * *

This is a story unknown for everyone but in that night, in a specific room, a huge magi circle that emanate a faint blue light appeared. In the center of that magic circle, between ancient characters, the image of an old man with a long white beard was looking down at someone.

"Oh, poor kid... you will encounter many dangers and your fate even I can't predict it but if you can overcome this struggle then you will rise more than anyone else. I pray for your good fortune!"

    With these last words the magic circle started to shine brighter and the ancient characters floated out of it and entered in the body of the person below it.

   Several second later, the last character disappeared and the magic circle vanished. The room was once more shallowed by the dark of night and all that could be heard was the breath sounds of a peaceful sleep.