Chapter 0:

The first step

Seeking Utopia

“Congratulations to you all!” announced the Commander, Kane.

Around 16 rookies stood in the hall listening to the Commander’s speech. The Vice Commander, Cynthia stood next to him. Her expression was hard to decipher as she always had a poker face. 

“Your effort, hard work and determination has brought you to the next stage. That is, becoming a ranger. A defender of humanity from the Outsiders.”

Outsiders. They are creatures of unknown origins that showed up one day around 30 years ago. One of them caused what is referred to as “The Great Catastrophe”. A phenomenon that the world has not witnessed before. About quarter of the world map has been erased from existence under the Outsider’s rampage. Taking with it a large portion of the human population. The Rangers association was created to fight against them.

“It is really great to see this many young rookies join us. I look forward to seeing what each and every one of you accomplish. All the best.”