Chapter 2:

Chapter 1: Welcome to the World of Dragonoids Part II

Dragonoid Chronicles

Chapter 1: Welcome to the World of Dragonoids Part II


Ash had never seen his mother or father get like that before. His mother sprouting wings along with controlling her aura while the old man had a tail and scales on his arms was a surprise. A Dragonoid typically inherited one trait from their ancestors unless they were a Dragon Guard then they’d learn to unlock more of their ancestry. Though their purpose was to protect the realm from monsters and other entities, sometimes even from the other Dragonoid nations.

But thanks to a new equality act, humans were also allowed to become Dragon Guards. Which was why Ash left his home. His father insisted on him going when he got accepted to the Dragoon Academy for Dragon Guards. Which was all on a dare, by the way.

Yet none of the humans expected to be accepted as the whole equality act had to have been just a PR move. That is until Ash got his acceptance letter along with a black uniform and cloak. He had tried refusing instead, hoping to join his friends at a normal secondary school, but the decision was made. It wasn’t like Ash didn’t dream of leaving the Kingdom’s walls in hopes of learning more about his parents. It was just—What’s done is done. No looking back now.

Ash took out his school-issued PDA and let the security officer confirm his identity.

“Ash Spitfire. First Year. Age 16. Registered Halfbreed.”


“Grey hair. Purple eyes. 5 foot 10. Less than average muscle mass. Given extra physical activities.” The man continued, sat down in the shade while Ash stood out in the blazing heat at the school gates.

“Is this really necessary?” Ash said, pulling at his collar as the dark cloak just made things hotter.

“IQ above average. Social skills.” The man looked up then tapped onto Ash’s PDA. “Needs work.”

“Ok, now you’re just messing with me.” Ash moved to snatch his PDA back only to find two more security guards blocking his path.

“Sir, we can’t allow you through until after we’ve confirmed your identity.”

“You already confirmed who I am. What more information could you want! A line even formed.” Ash pointed at the long line of students dressed in the same manner as him from various parts of the Kingdom, standing out in the hot sun as they waited.

“This is standard procedure. If you don’t like it, you can go back to the gutter you crawled out of.”

“Oh, so that’s what this is.”

“Move! Move! Out of my way!”

A girl about Ash’s age walked ahead of the line of people. Some of the students bowed, others looked on in awe, and Ash was one of them. He had never seen someone command such energy before, and yet she did it with ease. As far as Ash could tell, she was your typical preppy student, but she obviously didn’t think that way.

“What’s the holdup? I go out for a second only to come back to have to wait in a line? It’s not hard to check someone’s ID.” She then turned to Ash. “What’s your name?”

Seeing her emerald eyes focus on him, Ash got into a salute stance. Only to realize that might be kind of lame for a first impression. Maybe I should be a little more laid back. Yeah that should work. Except, the moment she stepped closer to him, he reverted back to his original posture. “I’m Ash Spitfire, ma’am.”

She gave him one quick look over and decided. “He’s telling the truth.”

“But-but-even if you say that, we can’t just let him through.” The main officer said.

“Are you questioning me?”

“No your highness, but—”

She snatched the PDA from his grasp with no resistance whatsoever. The other two officers didn’t dare try to stop her.

“Here you go Ash.” She said, handing over Ash’s PDA to him. “Sorry for the problems that worthless ingrate caused you. They ruin the Kingdom’s name with their rudeness to a student so clearly accepted to the school. I mean, you wouldn’t have a PDA, the uniform, or even your bags here if you didn’t belong to the school. And I’ll be sure the Queen hears about his inadequacy.”

“But—” The officer tried to speak, but it was useless.

“Now, move out of my way. Before I make you.”

Ash felt the ferocity in her tone. It made his body get all tingly, reminding him of the scene he had witnessed earlier. Making him tense up as he got ready for a brawl to break out, but luckily, they moved aside.

“Sorry, your highness.” The officer said, moving out of the way with a bow. “We’ll do better next time to uphold your family’s honor.”

“See to it that you do.” The girl stated and then spoke up. “Ash.”

“Yes, ma’am.” Damnit, I did it again.

She held her hand out in front of him. “No need for such formalities. Call me Lissandra. You’re a first-year, right?”

“Yeah.” Ash nodded, lost in thought. Lissandra, that’s an elegant name and a pretty smile to boot. I think I’m in love. Maybe school life won’t be so bad.

“Good. Then as a Starlight, let me be the first to welcome you to the Kingdom’s Dragoon Academy. Now come, your stomach has been giving you away for minutes now.”

Ash noticed that his stomach felt like it was eating his insides. He needed food right away, so he followed his savior past the guards through the tall silver gates. Ash even faintly heard the main officer groan as he walked beside the black-haired princess.

“Better luck harassing me next time guys.” Ash snickered. “That’s if you still have a job by then.”


Past the front entrance, the school was bigger in person than it was on TV. Being an outside campus, there were multiple large buildings where it felt like a city within a city. If it wasn’t for Lissandra, Ash would have been lost trying to find anything and resort to using the GPS on his PDA. Instead, he spent the whole time gawking at the cityscape, and his eyes sparkled whenever a student came flying by. A power he wished he could have. But who cared about that when Ash looked to his side, and Lissandra was there being his own personal tour guide.

“That’s the gymnasium,” Lissandra pointed at the gigantic dome-shaped building. “It goes up to the 5th floor, and you can do things from battle simulations to sports like basketball. There is also a workout area if you’re into that. Just because we’re a school for Guards doesn’t mean we don’t have fun.”

“Yeah, that would suck,” Ash said, taking a mental picture of Lissandra’s smile. It really warmed his heart.

“And if sports aren’t your thing, there are various clubs you can participate in. Like sewing and band, there’s also an art club if that’s more up your alley. And know that these things aren’t year locked, so you’ll meet some of the upperclassmen. I’m personally planning on joining the cooking club.”

“Really, I bet you’ll be amazing at that.”

“You think so?” Lissandra said with sparkling eyes.

“Of course,” Ash said, not mentioning that he was sure she’d probably be amazing at anything she did. But as they stopped and Lissandra grew quiet, he thought he said something wrong.

“You’re not just saying that, right? I don’t appreciate liars.”

“No, no, I mean it. My mom has always said cooking is like a battle.” Ash remembered how confident Lissandra was earlier with her threat against the officers. His instincts told him she was strong. “I’m sure you’re pretty good in a fight; else, you wouldn’t be here.”

Lissandra placed her hand over her chest. “Oh, you don’t know the half of it. I fought hard to tame Ignis.”

“See, so you’ll be a great cook Lissandra.”

“Ok, I trust you believe that though I doubt swordplay has anything to do with cooking.” Lissandra laughed, enjoying the fact that Ash relaxed around her and behaved like one of her friends.

At first, she thought it was weird how quickly he dropped the ma’am and didn’t refer to her as your highness either. Typically even when she told others to use her name, they insisted on staying formal. Though it was rather annoying to be put on a level above even her own classmates, granted, she was the Queen’s daughter. But this year, she decided to befriend the first commoner she met, and as they ate together at the café, Lissandra actually had fun.

He’s not boring, at least. She noted. It’s pretty cute how surprised he got at everything. But there was a slight uneasiness Lissandra felt whenever she spoke to Ash. Like he was hiding something. I mean, who used a ‘long board’ instead of the Kingdom’s metro? Even she had to use the busway to get around with her other friends. As she didn’t have the ability to fly. Yet. But she would learn to eventually. She had to.

“So, what do you think of the food?” Lissandra asked as Ash seemed to devour plate after plate.

“It’s amazing, and they just keep coming.”

“Yeah, it’s one of the privileges of those becoming a Dragon Guard. Which reminds me. I forgot to ask: what’s your Draconic trait? Flight? Breathing fire? Armored scales? Mine is heat control. Some say it’s the same as breathing fire, but I beg to differ. It’s more like controlling your aura. Which is way more defensive than offensive. Sorry, am I rambling again?”

“No, no, it’s fine. You can continue if you want. I don’t have much to talk about in that department.” Ash laughed.

“No I insist. There’s no such thing as a bad trait.”

Ash scratched his cheek as Lissandra seemed pretty interested in him. Look at her. She’s trying so hard to make sure I don’t feel bad for myself. I think it would be fine to tell her. I mean, it’s only fair after all the help she gave me. And besides, what could go wrong? “I don’t exactly have one of those.”

“Come on, you have to have one. Everyone in the school has one. Wait, don’t tell me you’re from another nation?” Lissandra said as her eyes narrowed but was relieved as Ash shook his head.

“Nope, I’m a Pyro through and through.”

“Good. I thought so. I’d be surprised with a name like Ash and Spitfire. So come on, tell me. I promise I don’t bite.” Lissandra gripped onto Ash’s hands as she pleaded.

She’s holding my hands! Ok calm down. You have to do it now. Just be a man and say it. “Be a man and say it!”


Ash cleared his throat. “I don’t have a trait.”

Lissandra turned her head slightly.

“Because I’m a Human. I’m one of the new Humans that enrolled this year. To be honest, I wasn’t too sure how you’d take it but knowing you, I’m sure you wouldn’t mind, especially after you helped me with those racist guards and–Ouch! Hot-Hot-Hot.”

Ash’s hands were burning up, and he couldn’t get out of her grip. Was this one of those emotional states that mom went through? Oh Dragons. “Umm, Lissandra, could you let go… y-you’re hurting me.”

“A Human.”

“Uh, Lissandra?”

“A filthy Human.”


“A dirty stinking Halfbreed! You tricked me!”

“What! No I didn’t, and what’s wrong with being a Human?”

“Everything!” Lissandra exclaimed as her emerald eyes, once shined with curiosity, now became shaded with disgust. “You don’t belong in this school. You don’t deserve to even exist. You’re a failed product of a bygone time. A stain in evolution. The fact that you ungrateful wretches even demand equality shows how much of a failure you are.”

Ash couldn’t believe what he was hearing from a girl who, moments ago, helped him. But he knew one thing, he didn’t want her touching him. “Let go. Right now.”

It took that statement for Lissandra to notice that her hands were still entangled with that inferior swine. “And you had the gall to trick me into touching you! Does your disrespect know no bounds?”

“You grabbed me!” Ash shot back as his feet left the ground. “Wait, what are you doing? Put me down!”

“With pleasure.”

In a single revolution, Lissandra let go of Ash and sent him flying through the café window. With all the noise they made, it was no surprise to Lissandra that an audience had gathered to watch their princess discipline a subject. Though not forgetting her manners, Lissandra bowed to the onlookers.

“I’m sorry for the display. I’ll be sure to send someone to fix it. Free of charge.”

“Th-thank you your highness.” The manager of the café said, bowing in turn with sweat coming off his brow as the year had just started, and they were already dealing with property damage.


Ash laid on the glass-covered ground, slowly recovering from the impact. Good thing I dealt with mom often else; I’d be down for the count on the first day of school. Can’t believe people hate Humans that much here.

Ash did have a Dragonoid friend at one point, and he didn’t behave in that way. He was a labeled pacifist who was even scared of small things like moths, spiders, etc. Going as far as breathing fire just to scare them off. Then why was Lissandra so different? What made her hate him so much? Ash didn’t have an answer, but when she walked past him. A desire welled up inside of him.

“Oh, no apologies?” Ash said, getting up and grabbing his things.


Lissandra continued to walk away from him, paying him no mind, which made Ash decide she wasn’t worth it. As it would be better for him to get to class but not before muttering an insult that made Lissandra stop in place.

“Two-faced lizard.”

“I am not a lizard!”

“Says the one with a forked tongue.”

“sssssSo what!” Lissandra said as her pink tongue was indeed forked, a trait few Dragonoids inherited. “That jussst happensss when I use my powersss. Everyone has a forked tongue. Everyone except for ssscum like you.”

“Don’t forget lizards have them too,” Ash said, walking to his homeroom, too tired to ride on his board. Note to self don’t reveal you’re a Human. Might attract crazy people.

“Did you jussst walk away while I’m talking to you!”

“I wouldn’t call that talking Lissssandra.”

“That’ssss not funny!”

“I think it isss.”

Lissandra could not believe what she was hearing. How could one so far below her have the gall to mock her? To even use her name. Does he have no shame? I should probably get to class away from this thing… why is he following me! Can’t he see I stopped listening to his blabbering a long time ago? Maybe I should tell him off. “Want me to get you leash? I bet it’ll help.”


“Because you’re following me?”

“First, I’m not following you, and second I still don’t get it.”

“Because you’re a dog and need a leash to follow someone.”

Ash stared at her with dead eyes. “That’s not funny.”

“Of course it’s not funny if I have to explain it.” Ugh, good thing I finally made it to room 227. Now I don’t have to deal with him anymooore—Why is he reaching for the door. Don’t tell me—

“You have arrived at your destination.” The robotic voice said, coming from Ash’s PDA.

“Finally, that took ages. Now I can finally get away from–why are you still here?” Ash said with a wave of his hand. “Shoo go to class.”

“This is my class,” Lissandra said, holding out her own PDA that showed the number 227 as her homeroom.



“Don’t tell me.”

“The feeling is mutual.”

“I have to deal with your wyvernshit every morning!”

“Language, were you raised in a barn?”

“My language? My language! Have you even heard yourself—”

The door swung open, and there stood a giant man, Mr. Fireheart, who was to be their homeroom teacher. “Who’s making all that racket!”



“I don’t care! You’re both late! Now go sit down!”

Both of them wiped the spit off their faces as the man’s overexaggerated yelling was akin to a drill instructor’s.

This is going to be a fun semester,
they both thought.

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