Chapter 15:

Part 2- Chapter 5

Snowflake and Butterknife

Edwin awoke at nearly noon the next day. His body felt better, though still groggy. Feeling at his chest Edwin noticed the smell of food.

Harper had made plates of bacon, sausage, and eggs and set them out as Edwin moved out of the bedroom. She smiled at him warmly, though Edwin felt off. He took a seat and dug in, trying to recover his energy.

“Reynard called.” Harper said, handing Edwin his phone. “I answered for you, told him you would be there as soon as you could.”

Edwin nodded. “Thank you.” He took the phone and set it face down next to him.

“Wanna talk about it?” Harper asked. She picked up a small sausage with her fork and bit into it.

“I went for a walk to clear my head.” Edwin said. “Came across this girl being chased, something was off with that situation. Then a bodyguard of hers attacked me, leaving me for dead.”

Edwin spotted the twitch in Harper's eye at the last part. “I hope you won't be doing something like that alone again.” Concern was heavy in her voice, making the guilt in Edwin’s stomach worsen.

“I'm sorry, I shouldn't have put myself at risk like that.” Edwin said. He set down his fork and felt himself growing distant.

“Good.” Harper said, waving a sausage at Edwin. “Now, make sure to help that girl okay?”

Edwin eyed Harper curiously. Harper simply laughed and finished the sausage before continuing.

“You did the right thing helping someone, I'm not going to chastise you for it.” Harper said. “Let me guess, you're worried that I would think you were cheating. I know you better than that Edwin. I trust you.”

Edwin gave a small smile. They ate, talking about their plans for the day. They briefly discussed the move that Edwin would have to do. Harper volunteered to grab boxes to help Edwin move, which he appreciated. Now on a full stomach, Edwin made his way to the Peacekeeper office.

Reynard met Edwin in the lobby. The bags under Reynard’s eyes seemed larger than normal, clearly he had been up after he dropped Edwin off. Edwin was given his pass to get into the building without needing to fill out forms, then lead him up the elevator.

The office was on edge as Edwin entered, then all got to their feet. Nova patted Edwin on the back, Loric giving him a nod of understanding. They led him into Gema’s office to look over the screens.

“This is what we got so far.” Gema said, the bags under her eyes showing her exhaustion. “Jessie Kalahon, owner of Heritgerity Industries, started it back in his youth as a small business that grew into the massive conglomerate it is now. Very old money. He has a daughter named Sadie Kalahon, the mother is Agnis Kalahon, she passed away shortly after Sadie’s birth.”

She had lost her mother? Edwin felt a tug at his emotions, lost a mother, and a father who was embarrassed by her.

“I have found no reports that Sadie is a Mageye.” Gema stated. “No files at all in fact.”

“They are hiding the fact?” Loric questioned.

“Assuming this is the same girl.” Gema said. She pulled up an image of Sadie alongside her father at a big venue a few years back. Jessie looked very much like a salesman with his ear to ear smile and unblemished face. She looked younger, but that was Sadie.

“That is her.” Edwin stated.

“Then we have the right to question them.” Reynard stated. “Concealing the existence of a Mageye is a criminal offense.”

“Seems that Mr. Kalahon is staying in his penthouse apartment in the city.” Gema said. “I sent you the address.”

“What about the other Mageye?” Edwin questioned. “Benton?”

“I found him as well, he works as a bodyguard for Mr. Kalahon, however, he also has no Mageye background either.” Gema said, tapping away at her keyboard and pulling up an image of Benton.

“How the hell do we have two unidentified Mageye?” Loric questioned. “I thought it was mandatory for anyone who develops powers to be put into the system no matter how small.”

“Seems some people believe they are exempt from the rules.” Reynard stated.

“Yeah, the rich can do whatever they want huh.” Loric said angrily. “Oh my precious daughter developed powers, oh well she doesn't have to get checked up on or anything, she is special after all.”

“I'm not sure that was the mentality.” Edwin said. “Seems to me that he was embarrassed by Sadie from what she told me.”

Loric gave an aghast look. “In that case, let's go save that girl!” He rose to his feet.

“We do not know whether a kidnapping has been committed.” Reynard stated. “She could be young, and in that case he has every right to send someone to bring her home.”

“However, she just turned eighteen.” Gema said. “Just today in fact.”

Reynard thought it over. “Edwin you met her after midnight did you not? That means she was an adult and free to make her own choices. Did she go along with them willingly?”

“She had to after he cut me.” Edwin stated.

Reynard nodded. “Very well, we will have to bring in this Benton for questioning, along with the Kalahon’s.”

With that, they spring to action. The elevator ride down felt odd, the build up calming for the music.

“So, anyone seen any good movies lately?” Loric asked.

“I saw this one the other day.” Nova began. “It was a mystery that took place on an old oil rig.”

Met sat in his office at the school. He was given the space to work even though his task was complete in this area. Met was given leave to remain in the city for the time being and help with Peacekeeper activity. He had asked for it after what had happened to Edwin.

His phone began to ring. It was his handler, Jeremiah.

“Yes?” Met said, flipping through reports.

“I just got word that Reynard has requested a warrant for Jessie Kalahon and his family as well as one of his bodyguards.” Jeremiah stated.

“I have no idea what that is about.” Met said, looking over Justin’s growth. His abilities had improved significantly since he had returned from winter break.

“Well I want you to go stop them.” Jeremiah said. “Get them to leave this alone you got that?”

Met stopped flipping through the files. “And why would I do that? I need more than ‘just do this’ to convince Reynard. Hell why don't you do it? I'll give you his number.”

“You know Renyard acts on his own.” Jeremiah said. “He listens to you, so I want you to stop him, got that?”

Met thought it over. “I'll see what I can do.” He hung up. The council did not want Reynard investigating these people? Now Met had to get involved. 

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