Chapter 16:

Part 2- Chapter 6

Snowflake and Butterknife

 Reynard sat in the front seat of the van as Nova drove through the streets. It had begun to snow recently, making the roads more dangerous for Nova. the flakes floated down from the sky to land on their windshield and melt from the heat that Loric had forced them to turn on.

“Seriously you freaks, you're not cold!” Loric said angrily.

“I don't mind the heat.” Edwin said.

“Thank you!” Loric said, patting Edwin’s shoulder. “This guy is normaler than you two.”

“I don't mind the heat either.” Nova said. “Though it is eating the gas up, so you will cover that.”

“Doesn't the office cover gas expenses!” Loric said angrily.

Reynard heard the sound of his phone ringing, pulling it free to see Met’s name on the caller ID.

“Met what is it?” Reynard said.

Short tap, short tap, long tap. The call was being watched. Reynard gave a hand sign to everyone, Loric and Nova had been briefed but Loric had to explain it to Edwin in a whisper. Reynard put Met on speaker phone

“Jeremiah tells me you guys are up to something.” Met said. “You guys should stop, the Council doesn't want you investigating this case.”

“Is that so?” Reynard said with a smile. “Perhaps you could explain to me the reason why.”

“Of course, I was just about to go to lunch, how about you meet me at the Chinese place we go to?” Met said.

“I'll see you there.” Reynard said, hanging up the phone. “Change of plans, we're going to lunch first.”

“But Sadie.” Edwin began before Reynard shot him a look.

“Something is off, Met gave us a warning that we were digging into something big.” Reynard explained. “For now, let's regroup and explain what is happening.”

“The Council doesn't want us involved huh.” Nova said, giving a suspicious look to Reynard.

“Exactly, we continue, but let's get another ally involved.” Reynard said.

The restaurant they ate at was quiet, not many customers at this time of day it seemed. Edwin ate some orange chicken while Reynard explained the details of last night. Met listened to every word while watching the street from the window behind Reynard’s back.

“Not being watched currently.” Met stated. “If the Council wants you out of this it says something strange is happening. They said the same thing involving Sim.”

The bell for the door rang, revealing a panting Gema. in the light of day Edwin was able to notice the lack of sunlight she had been receiving recently. She joined the group and ordered a large meal.

“I found something.” Gema said. She had been called to the meeting after they got off the phone with Met. She handed a cream colored folder to Reynard casually. “Seems like some rumors have been going round about this Jessie Kalahon.”

“Rumors?” Met questions.

“It's something to go on.” Gema said. “I didn't want to tell you over the phone obviously.”

“You made the right call.” Reynard said, reading over the file. “Seems these rumors place Jessie as a member of a trafficking ring.”

“Trafficking!” Loric said angrily. “Like people?”

“Seems the case” Reynard said, looking over the files. “There was a huge bust about a trafficking ring on the east coast. It seems that Jessie had connections with the person who ran the ring.”

“I heard about that.” Nova said. “It happened in the Capital city, and several politicians were said to be there.”

“It led to a lot of questions about the North American government, but nothing came of it as the person who ran the ring was found dead shortly after. Talk died down quickly about the implications.” Met said. “No one to testify against them meant no witnesses.”

“Great.” Loric said, sitting back. “Meaning that we are possibly dealing with a government cover up.”

“Not quite.” Reynard explained. “We just happened upon something we had not expected.”

Edwin thought over the night before, things that Sadie had said stuck out in his mind. ‘I don't think I will be free much longer’. Rage built inside Edwin like a pot of boiling water over flowing.

“What kind of people were being trafficked in this event?” Edwin asked, his hand on the edge of the table, nails digging into the wood.

“If I remember it was Mageye.” Nova explained.

“They are going to sell her.” Edwin realized. “His own daughter.”

A tension grew from the table. No one spoke, yet their rage was beginning to boil over.

“We should move quickly.” Reynard said.

“Wait.” Gema said. “While I looked into this guy I found out that the Seventh Division was already working on the Trafficking case.”

“Met, are you with us?” Reynard asked.

“Of course.” Met stated.

“Good, can you, and Nova go and meet the Seventh Division head for me?” Reynard said. “Get whatever info you can get and offer assistance. We will work with them on this case. Loric, Edwin, you're with me, we're going to continue to question the Kalahon’s. Nova keys.”

“Just fill it up.” Nova said, tossing Reynard his keys.

“Gema, get some rest.” Reynard said.

Gema had just finished her giant bowl of food that had only arrived moments before. “Give me something else to do.” Gema said, swallowing the last of her rice.

“I need you for the night shift.” Reynard said. “If my guess is right, there is a reason she chose to run on her eighteenth birthday.”

Gema hesitated, but accepted. The group split then, Reynard taking the wheel of Nova’s van.

“Shotgun!” Loric said.

“Edwin, you ride in front.” Reynard said.

“But I called shotgun!” Loric yelled.

Reynard just gave Loric a look and he took a seat behind Edwin. They drove off into the snow. The tower that represented the apartment that the Kalahon’s lived in came into view.

Harper took to snooping easily. She felt a little bad digging into her own boyfriend's past, but was doing it to help him. It didn't take her long to find the names of his parents as well as their address, the internet was a great stalkers tool. Address put into her phone, she put on her jacket and took off into the snowy day in hopes of finding her future father and mother in law. 

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