Chapter 3:

The Exile

Dark Matter

Keb stood gazing at the entrance,speechless as the key started moving on its own. She started looking around the wall for keyholes and false blocks but she couldn't find anything. The key started getting hot, it seemed as if the key was foregathering some kind of energy. It started hovering above her hand , in a split second the key smashed in to a block. The block crumbled away to reveal the key perfectly in line with a keyhole .

This had taken her by surprise , the fact that the key to open the chamber of Anubis was lying around in her living room. The entrance creaks open , uncovering a massive chamber full of the deeds and depictions of Anubis.The sarcophagus is placed in the middle of the chamber with four black sentry statues guarding it.

The chamber was filled with offerings , jars, small statues and objects. It also had graves of men and women , who were believed to serve Anubis as his servants in the afterlife.The sarcophagus was made to depict the image of Anubis , it was adorned with precious gems for eyes. When Keb made contact with the sarcophagus, the eyes glowed bright red , gleaming the entire chamber.As she opened her eyes, she was in the middle of the desert. " How on earth did I end up here" , she said in disbelief. She saw a tall figure in the distance ,pointing towards something. Keb was hit with a strange feeling of deja vu, her memory of reading a letter and a similar figure pointing to Egypt on her map became evident.

Keb was certain that she was put into trance after she made contact with the sarcophagus. The figure in the distance was revealed to be Anubis , a tall being with the head of a jackal. "You ,who possess the key , should know who I really am" said Anubis . " "I am no god, for the beings on this planet I was an outsider.

On my planet , I was researching on creating a new power source which needed the core energy of the planet. It was called black matter cube, I was exiled when my superiors believed that my research would cause the planet to perish. That's how I ended up here , on earth. When I reached here, humans were primitive , they were scared as well as astonished. These humans were not hostile rather they treated me as a god . I used my kanon( tool used for core energy absorption) and tried to add earth's core energy into my cube and was able to finish my project. A few years passed as I took the decision to safeguard the cube from my people- Onyx. I was able to use the earth's core energy to create a radiant orb around the cube. Inorder to sustain the orb ,I had to place the cube inside a gaint pyramid structure which has continuous flow of electromagnetic and gravitational radiation. As the humans started building the pyramid , I made an attempt to contact my wife which wasn't fruitful.

The pyramid took 30 years to complete, it took me a year to make the orb fully functional. Several hundred years passed in complete peace, the humans became far more developed .

Everything is bound to change , nothing will stay the same, A spaceship had entered the skies, it was them, the onyx.

 The past just catches up to you whether you want it or not ."

Dark Matter