Chapter 12:

Golden Hell.

(Discontinued) Kazuki X Sayuri: Koibito Tero

(As the entire city of Kyoto was currently under warfare with the Golden Gate Mafia, the Yakuza Organization and Japan's law enforcements, Tulliano was driving directly to the Golden Pyramid hideout which was currently being defended against low ranking gangs. As a blaring car horn was heard, the Golden Gate Mafia was then praised with joy that Tulliano has returned along with Kazuki.)
"Everyone: ITS THE BOSS!!!!"
"Tulliano: Sorry we're late, I had to reconnect our family."
(Kazuki then jumps out of the Camaro with the two gauntlets he has equipped and fires at the opposite gangs with a sadistic smirk on his face then runs towards the wounded enemies with a katana and begins slashing every last one standing then battles a duel swordsman as Tulliano and the rest of the mafia storms inside their hideout to defend against the intruders)
"Collect the weapons necessary for battle, we end this now!"

(As the Golden Gate members did so, more Golden Gate Mafia survivors was then storming down to meet with Tulliano as they was prepared for battle. As moments passed, Kazuki was then biting down on his katana forcefully as he was cut several times from the duel blades. As the last remaining swordsman then charges Kazuki, Kazuki does the same but suddenly cartwheels then flips over the enemy but then grips the upper lip of the swordsman mouth and purposely implants the back of his head into the ground then stomps on his neck and fires ten bullets into the swordsman's head without a single thought holding him back. Tulliano and the rest of the mafia then stares down Kazuki as he was ready to storm the Organization as a group.)

"Tulliano: Ready to go, Kazuki?"
"Kazuki: More than ever, Tulliano."
(As they nodded, Tulliano then orders all of the surviving mafia into their vehicles and follow his Camaro to the Yakuza Organization's hideout as all of Japan currently is under siege in chaos. During the mist of the chaos, the prime minister was then drinking a glass of red wine while watching Japan burn as his five executives among the organization was awaiting his order.)
"Prime Minister: Now. My top five, any word on Kazuki's death?"
"??? (Executive #1): Unfortunately no sir, no gang currently has gotten a hold of him because of Tulliano Takamori."
"Prime Minister: I see, then this is your next task. We'll let the Golden Gate Mafia arrive and once they do, we let them storm the building and crush every last member until Kazuki and Tulliano are left. Other than that, kill the mafia how you wish, leave Kazuki for me."
"All Executives: Will do sir."

(As the Yakuza Organization was defending themselves from the Japanese CIA, golden cars was seen in the distance as it was Tulliano and the Golden Gate Mafia ready to fight as they stormed through the Yakuza's blockade and begins fighting their way to the building while battling the CIA as well. As Kazuki, Tulliano and several of the mafia's executives storms through the building thanks to Kazuki's machine-gun gauntlets, they stopped at three elevators which each lead to a different floor. As the Prime Minister was watching everything through security cameras, he then sends his five executives after the mafia to stop them.)

"GGM Executive #1: Where do we go?"
"Tulliano: Hm.. We'll go in groups of three. If one of the other needs back up, the unoccupied executive go and help them fight."
"All: Right!"
(As the nine of them was divided in groups of three and stormed their way through until the three groups then deals with the five Yakuza executives.)
"Kazuki: Who the fuck is that?"
"Tulliano: Kazuki, I want you to watch this fight. The person right there before you is Hikotaru Inazuma, the so-called "greatest leader killer" in Japan and has a bounty for sixty hundred thousand yen just for murdering fifteen leaders, seven of them were top tier gang leaders."
"Hikotaru: Its your lucky day, Takamori... I have DREAMED OF HAVING YOUR HEAD ON MY WALL!"
"Tulliano: Hate to break it to you lad but.."
(Tulliano then stomps on his cigarette, pulls a hidden katana out of his fallen golden coat then holds a samurai stance with the glare to kill.)
"I don't plan to die unless of old age."

(As Tulliano then charges towards Hikotaru, Hikotaru then rapidly fires several pistol rounds at Tulliano who then dodges and slashed the bullets in half as he then fights with two daggers against a whole katana. Tulliano then relentlessly slashes with his katana at a fast pace which began to throw Hikotaru off his guard and attempt to land sneaky attacks which Tulliano could see past. Tulliano then dodges a thrown knife but then grabs the handle, spins twice and throws it back at Hikotaru which he avoided being stabbed by then losses Tulliano in his sight. Hikotaru then notices the blade right at his neck which had him sweat nervously knowing that Tulliano is right behind him and could feel his glaring presence.)

"Tulliano: Do you honestly believe going up against one of Japan's best hitman is an easy job for you..? The second you slammed that door, you knew you was going down the path with the sign that says: "Kill or be killed." So tell me, what do you think is smart at this point... Killing? Or wanting to be killed?"
(As Hikotaru didn't bother giving an answer then tries to shank Tulliano, he suddenly notices a stream of blood shooting out of his right arm as Tulliano took his entire forearm without hesitation which then had Hikotaru shaking.)
"Tsk. Tsk. Tsk. Poor choice, lad."
"Hikotaru: I don't give a shit.. I'LL KILL YOU DAMN IT..!!"
"Tulliano: I'll give you ten seconds, one... two..."

(Tulliano then begins counting to ten as Hikotaru ran to reclaim his pistol. After Hikotaru reclaims his pistol and turns around quickly to land one shot into Tulliano, he was then in shock to see the bullet slashed in half along with his heart being pierced through with Tulliano using his Hikotaru's own arm to make the Yakuza's believe he killed himself as Kazuki was watching Tulliano's sword skill put into action.)

"Kazuki: I think... I finally get it. I finally understand, why I couldn't shoot him. He's not just skilled with a gun or a sword or in martial arts, he's skilled in all of it because.. Tulliano Takamori is a military super solider..."
(Tulliano then cleans his fingerprints off his sword and places Hikotaru's hand back on it then puts on his golden coat once again.)
"Tulliano: You wanted to be killed, so you've killed yourself. Kazuki, did you catch all of that?"
"Kazuki: I did sir."
"Tulliano: Now you know why you should never cross me again. Do that... and I won't hesitate to drop your own corpse in a ditch."
(Kazuki and Tulliano then exchanges serious glares as they walked on and noticed the six Golden Gate Mafia executives which brought a smile to Tulliano's face.)
"Nakata Yuki (GGM Executive #3): Boss!"
"Tulliano: You all made it out okay?"
"Tsuda Yamamura (GGM Executive 5#): Yes sir, we did!"
"Tulliano: Glad to hear it."
"???: I'm glad to hear it as well..."
(As Kazuki, Tulliano and the executives could see the chaotic city, the chair then spins around to reveal the Prime Minister at his desk.)
"Kazuki: YOU!"
"Prime Minister: Kazuki Takabe, we finally meet. Your killing sprees cannot be controlled, can't they, murderer?"
"Prime Minister: This country isn't really my issue, being rid of you is Kazuki."
(Kazuki then readies his gauntlet guns as he walked towards the prime minister as Tulliano stopped him before he took another step.)

"Oh boo, with your friends there, its gonna be hard to kill you."
"Tulliano: Family doesn't fight alone, we fight as a union."
"Prime Minister: A union? Tell me, Tulliano. Do you know what a union and a government have in common? Both parties can crumble just with the right planned mishap."

(Before the prime minister could activate the hidden bomb he has planted, the elevator doors along with every connecting room to the Prime Minister's office began to burst open with several different gangs including each of the top ten aiming their weapons at each other, the Golden Gate Mafia and the prime minister. Suddenly, the windows began to shatter with CIA, FBI and SWAT agents swarming and storming inside the entire building.)

(As countless gangs and agents continued to showcase their dominance, Kazuki notices the Prime Minister running for his life as he chased him as Tulliano then tries to stop him.)
(As a gunshot was fired, all HELL broke loose with everyone within the building shooting endless rounds of gunfire at each other along with explosions as Tulliano and the six executives took cover, Kazuki then tackles the prime minister on the rooftop as he then began punching him directly in the face but was then kicked off as his helicopter ride was here.)
(Kazuki then fires one bullet at the helicopter's gas tank from a distance which then explodes and ruins the prime minister's chance to escape.)
"Prime Minister: Very well Kazuki, very well... Its time to stop playing with you."
(He then pulls out a tiny magnet and places it behind his ear which then activated the prime minister's access to forbidden weapons used for war purposes.)

"IWM, jetpack!"
(The prime minister's phone then was connected to his back and turned into a motion controlled jetpack as Kazuki noticed two miniguns attached to the jetpack which made him back up and begin running down the bridge to the heliport as countless rounds of bullets was fired at the running Kazuki who then awakens ARS.)
"Kazuki: ARS! How powerful is your ability to create something into real life?"
"ARS: Kazuki! I can actually create certain objects but depending on the item, will take some time to fully finish before it can be used."
"Kazuki: That's good enough, I need you to generate rocket ammunition on my gauntlets!"
"ARS: This will take about five minutes, can you hold on until then?"
"Kazuki: I can try!"
(Kazuki then jumps across the building and crashes into a lower lever of the Yakuza Organization's hideout as several rockets was fired towards Kazuki which he destroys in time with his machine-gun gauntlets.)
"Prime Minister: It doesn't matter! I can easily repair it all as long as you die first!!!"

(Kazuki then blasts the window open and fires at the prime minister's jetpack which his bullets began leaving dents as the prime minister then was shot in the same leg three times and threw him off in motion as he then begins spamming more rockets at Kazuki which began exploding the building Kazuki was in as he then falls out but was suddenly saved by ARS controlling an unmanned CIA helicopter as she then was finished with Kazuki's upgrade.)

"ARS: Upgrades are complete, Kazuki!"
(Kazuki then switches to the rockets and machine gun option on his gauntlets as ARS continued to control the helicopter and battle the prime minister in mid-air by countering every rocket and bullet he fires at the helicopter. Suddenly, the prime minister was then hit by a bullet in mid-air which left a huge slit across his face as Kazuki looked afar and sees Tulliano's sniper squad.)
"Kazuki: Tulliano... It appears your time is up prime minister, you can't run anymore!"
"Prime Minister: THAT Is where you're wrong, Kazuki! You will die, one way or another!!"
(The prime minister then rockets towards Kazuki and tackles him through the open helicopter doors as they both was battling then they'd crash through a raided Yakuza building and began fighting from room to room with their hands as Kazuki then tackles the prime minister down a flight of stairs and was taking damage throughout their fighting.)
"ARS: Kazuki!!"
"Kazuki: I'm fine... L-let me.. finish this.. man to FUCKING MAN!"

(Kazuki runs and throws a vicious right hook which connected followed by a series of face and body punches while being hit back and was spitting out blood. The prime minister was then hit by a bamboo stick in the neck by Kazuki which forced him down on his knee but then shanks Kazuki in his left leg with a box cutter then uses the same box cutter and slashes upward across his body then throws Kazuki's injured body across the office area which gave the prime minister a bit of time to escape as clattering was heard. As he then picked himself up, Kazuki then fires a gunshot and shoots the prime minister in the arm which effectively slowed him down. Kazuki then runs towards him again and despite being injured, Kazuki then throws the prime minister at the window which stood between them was the 50ft drop from the building. Suddenly, the Japanese military then airstrikes the nearby area as collateral damage which forces the building to collapse as Kazuki continued beating up the prime minister in the process of the collapsing building. From afar, Tulliano's snipers noticed it and was very worried.)

"Sakurai: I'm going in."
(Sakurai then slides the rubble slope and runs into the building debris to look for Kazuki. Meanwhile, the prime minister was blinded by the debris for he could not see but was severely injured along with Kazuki who was limping on his working right leg in the destructive debris, holding his broken left arm but fell down as he severely was in pain then noticed his gun which he grabbed it then finds the pinned down prime minister and aims his pistol at him.)
"Kazuki: Check...m-mate.. mother.. fucker.. Tell your "grandbitch.." I said.. hello..."

(As Kazuki then pulls the trigger, two snipers in the distance shoots Kazuki directly through his body which forces him to drop his gun but fall over. Kazuki was then lying right next to the deceased prime minister in a pool of blood but was twitching for signs that Kazuki was still alive. Kazuki was then dragged out of the debris by an unknown individual as sounds of a vehicle taking off took place as Sakurai arrived moments later to see the deceased prime minister but to also see a blood trail pointing south which then triggered Sakurai into believe the truth that Kazuki was taken away by an unknown individual. As police and medical sirens was heard all across Kyoto, the next week has arrived as all fighting has stopped as the Yakuza Organization was defeated and the Golden Gate Mafia now takes the number one dangerous clan in Japan. As the news reports Kyoto's one week war, there has been over 500,000 lives lost, 26,097 arrests and over 700 filed missing person reports while the Japanese government is currently in haywire knowing that the prime minister was killed. Meanwhile at the Takamori Residence, Tulliano was recovering after fighting his way out of the building with his mafia.)

"Tulliano (Phone): You've found Kazuki?!"
(As Tulliano was on the phone with one of his members Akibara, he confirmed that they found Kazuki whom is currently in a coma and has yet to awaken from it.)
"Akibara, I thank you dearly. Please do inform me when he reawakens."
"Akibara: I will, no need to worry, Sir Tulliano."
(Meanwhile, Kazuki was resting on a sofa in a familiar hideout while noise was heard in the other room which was a boarded tavern as the Kabukicho Devils was drinking while Sayuri was worried about Kazuki.)
"What's wrong Sayuri?"
"Sayuri: Its Kazuki. I'm glad we saved him but... I just, feel wrong for taking him like that again..."
"Akibara: What do you mean?"
"Sayuri: When we first met, I actually forced him to join us. I didn't ask him or offer it."
"Akibara: Just be glad this is your chance to make things right with him, when he wakes up that is. After all, he went through so much that poor boy deserves a chance to relax."
"Sayuri: You're right."
(As Sayuri was still worried for the coma-induced Kazuki, the Kabukicho Devils then continued to ease their minds on the ongoing war in several parts of Kyoto.)

------{TO BE CONTINUED... PART 2}------

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