Chapter 13:


(Discontinued) Kazuki X Sayuri: Koibito Tero

(While Japan was slowly recovering from the massive wars between gangs, law enforcements and more, the Golden Gate Mafia, Kabukicho Devils and along with several knowledgeable clans and gangs were in hiding until the heat was off. Meanwhile at the Golden Pyramid, Tulliano was in his heavily secured office as he was then napping while remembering his past.)

-Tulliano Takamori's Past | New York, 1984-

(As it was nighttime, 15 year old Tulliano was standing above his mother's grave and looked down in disappointment, anger and sorrow as his father was standing behind him, smoking a cigarette as he waited for Tulliano to finish up.)
"Perseo Takamori (Tulliano's Father): Takamori, lets go."
"Tulliano: .... I'm your son. Why not call me by my-"
"Perseo: Your mother gave you that name and I will not call you by what she named you. Now, we're finished here. So COME!"
(As Tulliano did not say another word, he then followed his father as they both traveled home.)
"I will make one thing clear to you, Takamori. Starting tomorrow, your name will be legally changed to Saffiro Lubrano as my last name will be changed to Lubrano as well. Mention anything of the name "Takamori" ever again and the consequences will be dire. Understood?"
(Tulliano then says nothing as he was ignoring him.)
"Did. I. Make. Myself CLEAR MISTER?"
"Tulliano: If I'm giving you the silent treatment, it means I don't fucking care."
(The car suddenly was brought to a stop.)
"Perseo: Get out. You're walking home and good luck finding something to eat, there will not be any leftovers when you get back."
(As Tulliano then gets out the car and watches his father take off, Tulliano then pulled out Perseo's wallet as he successfully pickpocketed his Perseo without being caught. While Tulliano got himself a bite to eat and a cab home, he noticed the door was unlocked for him as his father then pulls the cord to the lamp and was irate at Tulliano for stealing his wallet.)
"You... Are in so much trouble, Saffiro."
"Tulliano: So?"
(Perseo then walked towards Tulliano as he did everything to keep his anger held.)
"Perseo: You're to go into your room and don't think about coming out until YOU LEARN HOW TO RESPECT YOUR ELDERS!"
"Tulliano: And if I don't?"
(A gun was then placed at Tulliano's head by his own father.)
"Perseo: I'll have to mark you as a "missing" child."
"Tulliano: You could try. You'll just regret it."

(As they both then did not say another word to each other, Tulliano went to his room for the night as he was then going to sleep. As it was two in the morning and Tulliano was completely asleep, his bedroom door creeks open as Perseo was going into his son's room with the same gun from earlier in his hand then steps on a Deranged Berserker manga book on the floor which triggered a rigged trap for a planted dagger to slash Perseo's ankle which completely slices through his left ankle bone and forces him to drop the gun but scream in pain as Perseo was then pistol whipped to the face which drops him to the ground as Tulliano then throws the gun to the side and wraps his arm around his father's neck who was in pain but now noticed it was a trap for him all along as he was then struggling to breathe.)

"Perseo (Straining): A-AGH..! Y-YOU.. PIECE... OF.. S-SH-SHIT..!"
"Tulliano: You know? I thought we could have father and son time someday. But now, you wanted to kill your only son who actually cared about you, until you let mom die alone in that alleyway during the mugging."
"Perseo: H-HOW.. HOW DID YOU-"
"Tulliano: Remember? You taught me illegal hacking. Not only do I have access to every single crime archive in New York and the state, I have everyone's information and at my own will, I could hire hitmen to murder everyone you know and make you watch. Want that to happen?"
(Perseo was then stunned as he said nothing else but tries to escape his headlock.)
"Perseo: AGH.. I... CAN'T... B-BREATHE..."
(As Perseo was then beginning to choke out and lose his oxygen, Tulliano then lets go of his neck on purpose for him to grasp for air for three seconds until Tulliano then viciously snaps his father's neck right in front of the mirror so he could see his own death and stare blankly at his head turned upside down from his spinal cord.)
"Tulliano: I hope you're Satan's stepstool, you p**sy ass excuse of a father."
(Tulliano then spits on Perseo's corpse as his phone began to ring which Tulliano answered, noticing it was Perseo's mafia gang.)
"Mafia General: Boss, we've managed to complete the monthly quota. What's our next assignment? ...Hello?"
"Tulliano: He's dead."
"Mafia General: Who is this?!"
"Tulliano: This is Perseo's son. Tulliano Takamori. And starting from this day forward, you answer to me or you can end up like my bitch-made father and have your necks snapped faster than a rotating owl's head."
"Mafia General: ....What is our next assignment... Lord Takamori?"
"Tulliano: That's more like it..."

-Years Later-

(After Tulliano took control of his father's mafia, he then was stationed to work for the Marines after pleading guilty to murdering his own father in cold blood three years ago but then graduated out of the Marines during the year 1999 at 30 years old. After Tulliano returned home, he then returned to mafia business and robs four major banks in the United States, moved to Japan, created an entirely different mafia gang and quickly takes over as the second richest mafia gang globally. As Tulliano was then in his new office and stares out the window, looking at Japan as he scoffed silently.)

"A bunch of pigs, fighting out of greed for nothing but slop. That's what I see of these gangs in Japan. No matter..."
(Tulliano then pulls out a deagle pistol which imprinted two T's which spelled his named then empties it as he then stares at the door. Moments later, Tulliano's crew then wheels in a casket which was freshly dug right out of the ground and after opening, revealed a buried alive gang leader by the name of Fukibo Shigeko whom was placed to sleep by knockout gas and was assumed dead but then is awake after the sleeping Fukibo was shot three times with a bb gun.)
"Fukibo: O-OW..! Wait.. WAIT, WHY AM I IN A COFFIN?!"
"Tulliano: Isn't it obvious? This is where you're gonna enjoy your final minutes alive."
"Fukibo: HUH?!"
"Tulliano: Chain him down."
(As the order was given, the scared leader was then chained from his hands and feet into the coffin as he then had nowhere to go nor any ability to move.)
"Tulliano: You've managed to scam my crew with your bugged merchandise. I don't like liars and I don't like bug planters. So now, I'm going to plant you at the bottom of the ocean, inside your death bed."
"Tulliano: You mean this wife?"
(As Fukibo was then confused, he was forced to look at his wife come from under Tulliano's table with drool on her mouth as she was breathing heavily.)
"Akeno Shigeko (Fukibo's Wife): Would you like more master..?~"
"Tulliano: Yes, Akeno."
(As Fukibo was then heartbroken and was forced to watch his wife cheat on him right in front of everyone, Tulliano then snapped his fingers and orders the casket closed as Fukibo continued to scream and squirm inside the casket in fear, distraught, anger and sadness.)

"Stop for a moment Akeno."
(As she then obeyed and backed away for a moment, Tulliano then loaded his deagle with one golden bullet and cocks the gun while aiming it at the casket as Fukibo continued to scream.)
"Don't ever fuck with me again. And I'll be fucking your wife from here on out, I'll take care of your kids on my own and make sure I tell them "daddy's always here with mommy."
(After one last loud scream inside the sealed coffin, Tulliano pulls the trigger which fired the bullet as the screaming the stops. As Tulliano then lowers the gun, he then makes the next order for his crew to complete.)
"Men. Take this coffin to the furnace, burn it to ashes, dump the ashes in a casket of gold and throw it into the ocean."
(As the order was given, Tulliano then returned to his seat and gave Akeno permission to continue sucking off Tulliano as he watched the coffin be carried out of his office.)
"Hmph, I wonder what to name my mafia... How about.. Golden.."
(Tulliano looked at one of his security cameras to see the black gate.)
"Gate... Mafia..? Golden. Gate. Mafia... Hehe... PERFECT!"
"Akeno: Master Tulliano..? Tulliano? Tulliano..."
"Sakurai: Tulliano!"
(As Tulliano then awoken from his nap, he then notices Sakurai right in front of him.)


"Tulliano: Mm... Huh?"
"Sakurai: We've done a count for casualties to the mafia."
"Tulliano: Its a large number isn't it?"
"Sakurai: Eight hundred forty two are dead. Thirty of them are Golden Gate executives."
"Tulliano: Damn it.."
"Sakurai: Should we inform our cross country alliances?"
"Tulliano: Yes. We need to regrow the family... and pray young Kazuki makes a full recovery."

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