Chapter 18:

Year 2-7: The sports day

Is it ok?

Riku was looking around hoping to not see Hitomi; of course she was in the crowd cheering loudly. He turned around. “Hey Hinata! We´re on the same team!” Kishimoto showed his green shirt. Today was sports day, Riku hated sports day. He was a bit relieved that is was the end of September, it was still quite warm but at least Riku didn´t feel like he was melting into the floor. Last year all classes were their own teams but this year was different: everyone got to pull a lot to determine in which team they would end up in. Riku was in the green team, looking at Kishimoto he was glad that at least one athlete was in his team. The red team seemed to have the most athletes and an already exhausted Yuri. Riku could feel with her, she had told him that she was part of the relay. Riku was a bit more lucky he was part of tug-of-war. He was by no means strong but there would be 29 other students to help out. “What are you competing in?” Riku asked Kishimoto, who was looking around waving a young woman with baby in arms.
“Tama-ire.” He answered.
“Senpai we´re in the same team!” Yuusuke came running towards him, pulling Takumi along. Yuusuke stopped in front of Kishimoto, blushing. “A classmate?” He asked.
“Yeah. Forget about him he´s a traitor.”
Kishimoto turned to Riku. “What did I do?”
“You´re an athlete. The three of us are not. You are therefore a traitor.” Riku stated.
Kishimoto stared at him in disbelieve, then he turned to the first years. “What are you in?”
“Tug-of-war.” Takumi said trying to get away from Yuusuke.
“Tama-ire, I´m actually really good at it.” Yuusuke answered dreamingly. Kishimoto put his arm around the blushing first year. “We´re a team now!” Kishimoto exclaimed.
“He´s an idiot.” Takumi whispered under his breath.

Kishimoto had been called over by another guy, presumably the baseball captain; he was in the yellow team with Satsuki and Kiyoko. Yuusukes eyes still fixated on him.
“So that´s your type.” Takumi said.
Yuusuke stared at him. “Just because I think he´s good looking doesn´t mean he´s my type!”
“Isn´t that what a type is though?” Takumi asked.
“Should I ask him if he´s into guys?” Riku asked.
“Don´t you dare! I´ll get something to drink.” Yuusuke ran off. Takumi followed him.
“Where are the first years?” Kishimoto asked after coming back.
“They´re getting something to drink. What did your captain want?”
“Nothing important.” Kishimoto seemed to be searching for the first years. “They´re cute, your fist years.”
Riku turned to him. Maybe Kishimoto was into guys, Riku wanted to ask but Yuusuke didn´t want him to. So he just nodded. “Yeah.”
“They remind me of puppies.” Kishimoto laughed.
Good thing Riku didn´t ask him, that would have been awkward.

The first few activities weren´t of much interest to Riku and his group, though their team wasn´t doing very well.
Then basketball started in which Yuki was participating for the blue team. He was surprisingly bad at basketball, his team still won.
Nozomi was part of the three legged race. Riku was happy that Nozomi was allowed to participate. Just a few day ago her doctor wasn´t sure if it wasn´t too much but he seemed to think that some exercise would be good for her. She won for the pink team.
Tug-of-war was on. Riku and Takumi were getting ready when Satsuki walked past them. “Good luck.” She smiled.
“Thanks.” Riku smiled back. Then he saw her face full of determination, he´ll need all the luck he could get.
He didn´t get much luck, the yellow team beat them and the other teams did so too afterwards without much trouble. Riku and Takumi went back to the others laughing, despite their loss they had fun.
Kishimoto stood up his face determined to get at least one win for the green team. He offered Yuusuke a hand. “Let´s win this Yuusuke-kun.” The first year blushed and nodded.
They did surprisingly well, beating the blue team in second place with a 20 point difference. The yellow team with Kiyoko made it to third place. She hugged Yuusuke probably congratulating him. Riku doubted that Yuusuke had even noticed what Kiyoko had said to him because he was hugged by Kishimoto immediately following Kiyokos hug. The poor first year fell to the floor blushing so hard his entire face and neck were red. Kishimoto picked him up and carried him to Riku and Takumi. “I think he needs some rest. Do you have something to drink?”
Takumi gave Yuusuke some water, laughing at Yuusukes embarrassment.
Kishimoto waved at the young woman from before. “Isn´t that your ex?” Riku asked, fearing that maybe Kishimoto still had feelings for her, if that were the case Yuusuke wouldn’t have a chance.
“Yeah, but we´re just friends now.” He said smiling. The young woman took the babies arm to make it wave. Kishimoto waved back happily.
“Who´s that baby?” Riku asked curiously.
Kishimoto turned to him in surprise. “A relative.” He answered. “Oh I think Yuusuke-kun is feeling better now.” He made his way over to the first years so fast Riku knew he was chaining the subject.
Last was the relay with Yuri. She ran faster than last year when she was running away from a very angry Sani. She made it over the finish line first. Riku ran to her giving her a big hug. “Congrats!”
“Thanks.” She managed; she was very out of breath.

Yuusuke invited everyone, including Kishimoto to his family’s restaurant; this had become a standard thing for the book club. “Sorry I can´t today, my father is picking me up.” Kiyoko said disappointed. Riku still had a very weird feeling about her dad. She always became quiet and distant when he was around. It probably didn´t help that he had never spoken to anyone in the club.
Yuusuke didn´t seem to care. He smiled at Kishimoto, the catcher had agreed to go with them.