Chapter 1:

Chapter 1: Welcome to Azalia

Starlight Angels Online

'Wow this game looks amazing'

'Is it true that this new full dive tech allows you to move your body in game just as you would in the real world? That sounds so cool'

'AHHHHHHHHHH! I am so mad i don't have the tech to play this game'

Itsuki Nakamura scrolled through the comments section of a popular VR Forum with a slight smile on his face, he had been dying to see what the community feedback was i mean after all this was the very first VRMMORPG that utilizes full dive technology. Bookmark here

'Full Dive Technology' Itsuki slowly sounded those words out in his head and took a deep breathe, he couldn't help but think back and be amazed at how far technology has come  i mean if someone brought up the idea of having full dive technology for video games 20-30 years i am sure that person would've been laughed out of the building. Bookmark here

Itsuki scrolled through more of the comments, when a loud beeping sound shocked him out of his current daze, he looked down and located the source of the beeping it was his watch which was currently flashing 17:00.Bookmark here

"Five o Clock,"  Itsuki said with a smile "Finally" he had to kill time as the official Starlight Angel Online Forum stated that the live launch would begin at 17:00 as he reached down underneath his desk where his computer currently sat, he pulled out a large cardboard box, inside was a small game case with an image of a beautiful angel being bathed in starlight and the words Starlight Angels Online was plastered underneath. Next Itsuki pulled out the VR Visor which true to its name literally looked like something a futuristic cyborg solider would where over his face when going into battle.Bookmark here

After setting everything up and placing the game into the Visor, Itsuki took one last look around his oddly clean room before lying down on his bed and placing the hardware over his face. "Well i guess this is it look out VR World here i come" Bookmark here

Itsuki closed his eyes he remembered from reading the VR Visor manual that upon booting up the software it should take 30 seconds for you to be transported into the game and until that time you must keep your eyes closed and your mind relaxed. Bookmark here

Itsuki took a few deep breaths, "Hello Sir" WAAAAAAAAAA! Itsuki jumped back at the sound of this small almost squeaky voice. opening his eyes he saw he was in a completely black room the only source of light was this white orb which was now floating directly in front of him and was apparently speaking to him. Bookmark here

"Erm Hi" Itsuki said nervously "so erm what's going on? where are we?

"You are currently in the customization zone, here you will make important decisions for your avatar such as its Name, Appearance and Race.Bookmark here

Itsuki brought a hand up to his chin and nodded 'Yeah pretty much standard at the  start of any MMO you play' Bookmark here

"Ok first up" the ball of light said in a upbeat voice "Your Avatars Appearance you may choose to customize your Avatar from scratch Starlight Angels Online has a near endless library of different appearance choices so you can make the type of Avatar you want, or if you want to make your avatar as real to yourself as possible you can even choose to upload a photo of yourself and the appearance of your avatar will be modeled after that photo."Bookmark here

 "hmmmmmmm" Itsuki stood and pondered of his options, even tho he relished the thought of creating the most ultimate bad-ass looking hero he knew that the second he chose to make his own character he'd lose at least 4 hours of play time just making the design choices instead he chose to upload an old picture of himself taken on some family vacation. Bookmark here

"Excellent decision sir, Next Decision we have is choosing your race, there are 6 you can choose from here see for yourself" The Orb began to glow brighter and brighter until right above where it was floating were 6 holograms showing the 6 available races, Bookmark here

"The races available are Human, Elf, Pixie, Neko, Demon and Angel, each race has its own unique advantages, Humans start off with a higher strength stat then the other races and also are more resistant to physical attacks, Elves deal more damage with ranged weapons and have a higher sneak ability than the other races when beginning the game, Pixies have the passive ability to fly around the map for an extended period of time and can learn and master illusion magics easier than the other races, Neko's begin the game with a high agility rating than the other races as well as a greater skill in hand to hand combat, Demons can learn and master dark magic spells quicker and easier than the other races and finally Angels can learn and master Healing Magics and are the only race in the game that can resurrect a fallen teammate.Bookmark here

'This is where things start getting complicated' Itsuki took a second to scroll through all the races and pondered the pro's and con's of each. Bookmark here

'well in a fantasy game like this it is almost guaranteed that i will find myself in a lot of physical confrontations so picking a Human will be the best option since they can handle physical attack better then the other races... well at least at the beginning of the game anyway.'Bookmark here

Itsuki selected Human and clicked the correct button the popped upBookmark here

"Ok we are almost done here all that's left to do is to give your character a name and then you are free to continue and explore the world of Starlight Angels Online. "Bookmark here

A text box appeared in front of Itsuki at the top were the words 'Type Name Here' Bookmark here

'Decisions, Decisions, Itsuki didn't quite know what to call his Avatar its not like he could just use his real name, then he remembered the old nickname his friends in Middle School gave him, with a small chuckle he began to type: 'Mizu' Bookmark here

"And Enter" he said with a smileBookmark here

"Thank you very much sir, now if you just stand here and in 10 seconds we will transport you into the game, Good Luck."Bookmark here

"Thanks" he replied with a kind smile Bookmark here

10, 9, 8, 7,6,5,4,,3,2,1.........Bookmark here

Bookmark here

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