Starlight Angels Online

In the year 2070 the worlds first Full Dive VR Technology is here and it has been Dubbed the VR Visor, With this new technology also came a brand new game known as Starlight Angels Online, With the VR Visor players can maneuver and interact with each other and the world just as they would in the real world.

Itsuki Nakamura is one of nearly one hundred thousand people who have brought the game on day one, upon loading the game the players a thrust into a beautiful world known as Azalia this world is full of breath taking views and dangerous creatures.

In a sudden twist the games creator appears as a beautiful angel who proceeds to tell the players that in her game the cost of failure is high for if you die your skills, progression and stats will all be reset to zero and on top of this you will automatically be locked out of the game for a whole week, before disappearing the angel promises a grand reward to the first person,party or guild to complete the game.

UpdatedJul 06, 2019
Writing StatusOngoing
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