Chapter 6:

Chapter 5 – Down the Rabbit Hole

Reincarnated with an omniscient grimoire

Following the hole in the wall was a case of stairs. At least I hoped so, since everything I could see was a pitch of black. It wouldn’t be nice to go all Alice and having to beat a demon queen in a match of croquet. Although this was exactly what we were going to do. Though Princess Abc with her One Punch probably would be able to hole-in-one and punch Miss Dementia thus ruining her pretty face.Bookmark here

“She’s amazing, isn’t she?”, Shelly asked whilst walking towards the hole.Bookmark here

“That definitely was not princess-like!”Bookmark here

Aster and I followed, Aster taking down his blinds again.Bookmark here

“There is only one big room beneath those stairs. It is … a library?”Bookmark here

“Well, at least that seems to fit the description of someone stealing grimoires.”Bookmark here

“There’s something else, but I can’t really define it. Maybe a giant ball-shaped crystal?”, he put on his blinds again, as we took the first stairs.Bookmark here

“I was wondering”, I began, “how do your surroundings look for you, if don’t have your blinds?”Bookmark here

“I guess it’s like … a three-dimensional model where I’m able to move around freely at any speed I like.”Bookmark here

“So, what is it like, with your blindfold?”Bookmark here

“Normal? I don’t have any comparison, sadly.”, he gave me a dry laugh. “As I said, I lost my real eyes as a child, and I can’t remember how it was before at all. Guess, I was really young, when it happened.”Bookmark here

“That’s … interesting.”Bookmark here

“I can’t use them because it would cost all my mana, and I’d say, I have quite a lot. My body’s mana circulation somehow adjusted to those eyes but there is another reason why I am not very fond of using them.”Bookmark here

“What is it? And what the fuck is a mana circulation?!”Bookmark here

“Shelly, I guess he really is from another dimension.”Bookmark here

Huh, he knows too?Bookmark here

“I told you.” I heard from below us.Bookmark here

“The mana circulation is the same as the blood circulation. As our blood contains mana, our body will use blood as source of energy for spellcasting. Of course, we die, if we lose too much of our blood. But that’s not the reason I prefer not using the eyes. The reason is simply that the giant input of information makes my head feel like it’s going to overflow. Which basically means I get headaches very easily.”Bookmark here

“We reached the bottom!”, by which Shelly meant her and Princess Abc.Bookmark here

“Maybe we should catch up.”, Aster exclaimed laughing. We stopped near the first few steps to talk. Sunlight was still reaching us. A few meters down the stairs were small orange lights. Torches? I followed Aster and after around 50 steps we reached a metal door. Shelly and the Princess were already waiting for us.Bookmark here

“Are you done talking, or can we proceed?”, Shelly seemed a bit on edge.Bookmark here

“Let’s go.”Bookmark here

She laid her hand on the door handle. Surprisingly the door wasn’t locked. But then again who would have thought of locking a door hidden underground by a thick stone wall?Bookmark here

We entered the room.Bookmark here

What we found was a library.Bookmark here

“Are those grimoire’s?”, I asked.Bookmark here

“I think so …”, even Shelly was stunned.Bookmark here

“Say, what is the average life expectancy of Succubi?”Bookmark here

“Around 5 centuries.”, Princess Abc answered.Bookmark here

“But even if she was collecting those her whole life, it’s not possible that she only stole those from our city.”, Aster realized. “No, she must have been collecting those from other cities, kingdoms, or even continents. How many are those?”Bookmark here

The cave was around the size of a Ballroom, at least in length, since the first few square meters were filled with bookshelves. They made space for a small way between them. There way maybe a dozen? At least not as impressive as I expected it to be.Bookmark here

“And somewhere in here is my grimoire!”, Princess Abc had a frantic expression on her face. Of course, because she was here to find her grimoire and it might take a few hours to find it.Bookmark here

“We might help you, if you could describe, how it looks.”, Shelly proposed.Bookmark here

“It has our family emblem on its’ cover and spine.”, she pointed at the pin holding together her cloak. It was a red rose. It would be no surprise, if there was a family having a white rose as an emblem.Bookmark here

“We should search for it, separately.”, Shelly declared.Bookmark here

I took the backmost row. On both sides, my sight was blocked by those books. They were pretty much all same-looking. At least their shape. Each of the spines glaring at me had different colors, but that was it. I didn’t remember what color my book had, sadly, but then I realized that it didn’t matter.Bookmark here

Are you there?Bookmark here

Of course, I was supposed to search for Princess Abc’s grimoire, but I’m a selfish person. Most people are selfish. It’s the easiest way to survive, I guess.Bookmark here

[I’m on the right side in the lowest row of the second shelf.]Bookmark here

I could have done that before …Bookmark here

[Of course.]Bookmark here

I kneeled down in front of the second shelf.Bookmark here

Now, which one are you …Bookmark here

[I’m the tenth book in this row.]Bookmark here

From the left or the right side? I joked.Bookmark here

[Left.]Bookmark here

... Thanks.Bookmark here

I counted the books in this shelf, and picked the tenth. I thought it must be mine since it had this weird symbol on its cover as opposed to the other books in this shelf. Also, my name was written in it.Bookmark here

That’s settled then, I guess.Bookmark here

“Nothing here”, I said, leaving my row.Bookmark here

At the same time, I heard Aster shout: “Found it!”Bookmark here

He, Princess Abc, and Shelly came out of their respective rows, and we met in the central corridor. Aster handed it over and Princess Abc somehow let it disappear under her cloak.Bookmark here

“Thank you so much for helping me!”, she was really excited.Bookmark here

“I also found my grimoire by the way.”Bookmark here

“That someone like you possesses a grimoire …”Bookmark here

“Remember, we’re not done yet.”, Shelly reminded us. She pointed behind me. There was curtain covering the entrance to another room.Bookmark here

“Oh yeah, there was this crystal ball.”, Aster remembered.Bookmark here

“Do you know what it is?”Bookmark here

“I’m sorry, I don’t have any idea what it could be.”Bookmark here

Shelly took the lead and shoved away the curtain. We entered the room just behind her and took a look at the giant flashing crystal ball in front of us. It was taking up at least half of this already big room. We took a few steps further to investigate this … machine. Its socket was actually covered with metal and a few light bulbs were sticking out. Electricity was used in this world, but this thing was a bit too much for that in my opinion.Bookmark here

“What is this thing ...”, Princess Abc was stunned.Bookmark here

“Some kind of machine, apparently.”, Shelly stated the obvious.Bookmark here

I took a closer look at this thing and realized it actually had a hatch. Of course, I opened it. A wave of hot air touched my face and caused me to jerk back.Bookmark here

“What are you doing?!”, I could hear Shelly shout.Bookmark here

The hot air vanished and luckily, I didn’t get any serious burns from this sudden attack. I peeped at the contents of the hatch and I was surprised to find a grimoire lying in there. It had the average size of a grimoire and had a grey cover. I touched it, but drew my finger back, since it was still hot.Bookmark here

“Leave that to me.”, Princess Abc said, and weirdly tried taking it between her palms, that were covered by her mitts.Bookmark here

“It’s … grey?”, she appeared to be dumbfounded by the sight of this grimoire.Bookmark here

“I remember seeing a bunch of grey ones in the front rows of this library.”, Shelly pointed out, her hands in a thinker-pose.Bookmark here

“What does this mean?”, I think I was startled, but at the same time I had no idea what this was supposed to mean. I have only been in this world for a couple of hours after all.Bookmark here

Princess Abc was waving the grimoire around and blew at it, so it got cooler. Then she opened it. “That it lost its powers.” I looked over her shoulder as she flipped through the blank pages of the book.Bookmark here

“Is something like this even possible?”, Aster asked.Bookmark here

“grimoires are relics created centuries ago. Nowadays you wouldn’t be able to do this under normal circumstances, except if you had a device from that time.”, she looked up at the machine. “And this might be what caused it.”Bookmark here

“Oh, you figured it out already?” Contrary to my expectations the voice saying this was actually male, instead of female. It was Raven Way, just as endearing as his older sister next to him, Ebony Dark’ness Dementia.Bookmark here

“Oh my god, Raven! It’s him! That cute boy I was sucking at! Actually, I thought he was … dead.”, her voice took a dark turn towards her last sentence. Her voice was seductive yet forbidding simultaneously. I wondered, if her brother was also as double-edged as his sister.Bookmark here

“There we have our culprits!”, Shelly exclaimed. “This probably won’t end without a fight, but I’d like to notify you that hereby I declare both of you as arrested.”, her body language was shouting “Objection!” as she said this.Bookmark here

“What a pity. Of course we won’t give up without a fight, but … there’s one thing I actually wanted to know.” She was hovering to where I was standing at an insane speed, and came really close to my face, touching it with her slender hands.Bookmark here

The same time, she touched my cheek, I felt our bodies go apart, as Princess Abc sent her fist directly into her direction. The Succubus flew away at this same speed, and landed next to Raven.Bookmark here

“Ara, ara, you’re a violent one, aren’t you, Princess?”Bookmark here

Next, Shelly stood in front of both of us, drawing a sword from the sheath attached to her right hip.Bookmark here

“Princess, stand back. I promised to protect both of you.”Bookmark here

“Officer, I am very well able to defend myself.”Bookmark here

“Please, we already had this discussion.”Bookmark here

“Turns out to be interesting, am I right, Sis?”, the Incubus stated.Bookmark here

“You might be right Raven. Though I’m not very interested in this pesky police officer. Could you get rid of her? I will take on … the princess.”Bookmark here

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