Chapter 3:

Chapter Four The school that only Kouji knows

Kounji No B Movie (Creating a B Movie)

 Kouji no B Movie

Chapter Four

The school that only Kouji knows

Side A

My dear mother I started my college life my manager told me to show my work card before getting my subjects he said he knows some teacher that work there and they might give me free special lectures and best of all my card entitled a free meals at the cafeteria The boss must know a lot but the extra lectures they gave me was bit advanced for me but I'm trying my best to catch up to my studies I meet three people in my extra lectures and they are nice bit weird but nice one is Noir same name as my co-worker but she not a he the exact opposite of him she is cut and small and often call me master for some weird reason she like a bodyguard that I don't need next is Tania she said she the next door princess she bit arrogant but she's nice and the last a guy name jack he said he does part time at the same place as me and he said he was the one driving the bus that pick me up in my first job all of them are nice I hope you could meet them someday

My dorm is finish and the best part it's just few steps away from school talk about luck I can save on bus money now

The only odd thing about it is the dorm is wood built outside yet metallic in the inside

Maybe they did a update renovation for the dorm and did it halfway the food they serve there is the same as at my work place so I kind sometimes eat outside cause eating food that looks like pudding all the time kind of make my stomach feel weird

My dorm food are nice but I never see them out of their work costume cause by the time they go out of their room their already ready for work I guess it's a hard like for those who works full time

I got paid twenty thousand yen in my first day it was almost the same money you were giving me per week plus they gave me extra ten thousand for my brilliant acting skills

I'm totally thinking is this goes right I may have to change my carrier but I still want to continue our family business

Ah a fresh uniform given by my boss he is the best he said this was a gift from him and he even pick the right size for me just like the one we brought my boss is awesome

OK first my ID

Guard: ID please

Kouji: ID here

I mistakenly shown him my work can

Guard: ah sorry sir I didn't know it was you

He is panicking for some reason

Kouji: Sorry wrong ID here

Guard: Ah a human relation student

Kouji: no just a normal marketing student

Guard: yes yes sir your a normal earth student

Kouji: just student

Guard: have a nice day sir have a nice normal day student sir

He salute at me pointed me to my next location

OK that was so over the top now I just need to get to the main building and get my schedule for this week's class

Wait a second last time I check the main building was on the right side of the school so why did he told me to go here first

Security clearance or maybe ID registration

So I walk toward the black tall building that seem to be made of marble

Kouji: no windows huh? Now we're is the front door?

As he walk around the large building looking for a door he saw a gardener trimming some bushes he saw him and spoke

Gardener: hey do you business here it's off limits to outsider do you have a ID card?

I place both my ID on my front pocket so I end up showing them both

Gardener: Ah you enrolled on both schools eh smart kid ah wait that card

Kouji: Ah this is my key card for my dorm and my working ID

He took out a card reader device from his pocket and scan my dorm card beep!!

Gardener: OK everything is fine now please go to that entrance

He pointed at his back and there is was the entrance I totally miss that one I guess it must be the colour scheme of the building maybe I just need to look at it in a angle

Gardener: hey kid be careful in there and if someone give you a hard time tell me I'll kick him out of our solar system

This school security is bit overkill but there sure a lot of caring staff here they even kick out bullies

So I walk inside the building and went

Kouji: this kind of looks like my dorm

The modern office look with lot of metal panel

There two guard on the side with chest armour and nice looking rifle I think they look more like giant stun guns guess these people really hate outsiders

As I walk toward the reception I heard four beeping sound sensors?

Receptionist: Welcome welcome is this you first time here?

Kouji: yes

Receptionist: So what planet are you?

Is this a joke oh well it must be a way to lessen the tension need to smile

Kouji: Earth please

Receptionist: your what? Ah wait can I see your ID

I gave her my school ID first

Receptionist: this is ok but do you have any more ID with you

At that time the guard that was in the hallway was already beside me eep did they hire ninjas

Kouji: Sorry the only one I have is my work ID

I gave her my dorm key card and she tap it on a scanner beep!!

Receptionist: oh my we didn't know you were coming this early number one please escort him to the principal office

As I look back the guard on my side were back at the hallway nice we have ninja for school guard cool now on my right I heard a voice

Voice: this way please

Kouji: Waaaah!!!

It was a tall blond guy and he's a English gentleman I would like to call him Sebastian for some reason

Voice: Yes you can call me Sebastian if you like

Kouji: he read my mind ops sorry I got carrier away please lead the way

We started walking in a long hallway no windows again it may be a new trend

This is taking for ever this is a very long hallway is there faster way to get there

Sebastian: there is

He read my mind again and the he pointed up to the ceiling and there are tons of signs going to different direction

Sebastian: just look for the principal office and follow the arrow with your eyes

OK so I go here then there left straight ok there and it said look down

Kouji: were here

Sebastian: it's faster to travel when using the arrow

Kouji: your right

But will we bump to each other if we walk while looking up

Sebastian: don't worry we made such that never happened

He's a mind reader

After that he open the door and gave a gentleman gesture for me to go in


Kouji: Producer?

Steve: oh I didn't expect you to be attending my school too

Kouji: your the principal?

Steve: were kind of cutting corners due to budget problems

I think I can relate to that the last shooting must have cost a fortune he's doing extra work just to pay guess I need to work harder next time

Kouji: I'm here for the transfer papers and schedule

Steve: you should be going to the other main building but what the heck you can take some few classes here to just in case it might help you at work

Kouji: so is this a acting school?

Steve: well just a part of it we do have large amount of different curriculum here like bio engineering ship assembly and piloting plus we have over a thousand world information classes why not take a few class I promise to give you a huge discount

Kouji: I don't have much money

Steve: no worries just do more work for me I'll pay you by free classes

This guy is a saint he gave me a job a home now free classes my only class was just few marketing and economics classes my mom doesn't have enough to get me more the plan was take the class then do a apprentice and use my pay to get more better classes I really need to work hard so his production doesn't go under

Kouji: guess I pick piloting and ship assembly

Steve: nice choice here is your papers and schedule of classes study hard make me proud boy yes yes

I guess if my family business do go under I could still get a job with delivery and sailing ship maintenance

Steve wave goodbye as I walk out of the office

And there Sebastian was already waiting for me with a smile he pointed at the ceiling and we did the follow the arrow thing but this time it felt like it was bit faster than before

Maybe I got use to walking fast

Sebastian: yes we were walking fast

Mind reader

I went outside were the gardener was still working

Gardener: Boy so how was it

Kouji: weirdest building I ever seen

Gardener: their sense of taste is little different from ours but in few day you'll get use to it

I smiled and thank the gardener and started running toward the other main building with was more normal and bit boring

As I was walking toward the dorm a small girl with strait black hair stop me

Cute girl: are you going home Kouji sama

What with the sama

Kouji: sorry do I know you?

Cute girl: we work together I'm Noir Kouji sama

Wait Noir the big guy ahh I get it that robotic voice it was her guess the big guy might be his brother

Kouji: let me guess the big guy is your family relative right

Noir: as expected of Kouji sama yes he's part of me as like as my hands and feet we taken care of each other for better or worse

Orphans not good this is to depressing got to change the subject

Kouji: Noir just like the big guy you can count on me to so what do I call the other one

she bow her head and spoke

Noir:He is called Noir too Kouji sama

Family name? Well she must be to shy to tell me her first name ok that's ok but what with the sama

As I walk towards the dorm again Noir follow me from my back I kind of feel like a mother duck right now it's bit cute that every time a car pass us she gets a little startle must be her first time in the city to

At the school entrance there we a large file of boxes blocking the door

Noir: insolence blocking my masters path this need to be crush by the hand of justice other half comfort

The ground exploded and there standing beside me Noir big brother in his costume

Big Noir: Kouji sama stand back I shall blast this garbage with my matter combustion ray

There is a spark coming from his prop arm wait don't tell me that's a prop flame thrower

I panic I smack her big Brothers head


Aww that's hard costume

Big Noir: why did you stop me Kouji sama

Kouji: don't use those thing in here do you want to burn the dorm

Big Noir: as expected of Kouji sama ok I'll stop now other half return

And another dust explosion

Small Noir: So what do we do now Kouji sama

She's back so I'm betting his brother is hiding again waiting for her to call him such doting relative

Delivery guy: Kouji is that you?

A person just came out from the dorm door

Delivery guy: it's me the bus guy driver remember me

We let see the alien bug guy driver?

Kouji: sorry you were in costume I don't recognize you

Delivery guy: oh the skin ah I forgot it's my other work clothes

Ah finally I saw a co-worker without a costume well Noir doesn't count cause she only does the voice over so I haven't seen her brother face yet

He totally looks like a actor with blond hair and white pale skin and a lot better looking than me

Delivery guy: guess I should tell you my name now it's @&$#

Noir: your race low pitch sound can't be heard by human ears

Delivery guy: well let's just go with Jack nice to meet you again

Then a loud shout came out from the dorm

This castle is to small!!!

A red hair large boons with curly long glossy hair girl came out from the dorms door

Jack: sorry my lady but you door connections is not ready yet please wait for more time

Red hair: hurry up I need a bath this planet atmosphere is filthy

The her eyes rolled towards me

Red hair: so who might you be?

Noir: Insolent Wench chose you words wisely this is Kouji this system owner

Red hair: Ah so your Kouji this systems sole authority and the person that won a galactic war in less than few minutes well it's a honour to meet a fellow system representative my name is Tania not to worry I'm humanoid to this is my real form

She's must came from a very influencing family but considering that she willing to speak to a born low class person like me I bet she is ok

Kouji: Kouji Misaki nice to meet you

I extended my hand for hand shake

Tania: Sorry I'm not looking for a husband yet

I take that back

After the conversation I notice the boxes are all gone did Jack carried them all while we're talking?

Jack: your door connection is finish

Tania: it's about till well I shall take my leave by bath awaits

She gracefully turn around and walked toward the dorm door and vanished

She must be really in a hurry

Noir: Kouji sama shall we go as well

We walk in the modern hallway and stop at our room doors

Tania: well well look like we're neighbours

She's in front door

Jack: how lucky

Beside the front door

Noir waiting for your orders

Right side door

Tania: us royalty should stick together then goodbye for now

She close her door I thought she was in the hurry to take a bath well I guess she excited in her new school life to

Jack: got to go the others need help moving in their stuff too

He close and lock his door wave and went out again now that guy is good in the inside as well as the outside

Noir: I too is still not finish arranging my stuff

She close her door and it open again now her big brother is costume came out

Big Noir: if you need help in lifting heavy stuff just call me

Then her big brother went inside again such nice siblings a little strange but those two are nice

I went inside my room

Kouji: it may look cramp and has no window but it has its own bathroom and free Steve must pulled some strings to get me this room I so lucky fun easy job free room and I'm getting paid for it thank you Steve ops why em I taking to my self

I look at both my ID smiled and went to sleep

Side B

Captains log 556KlL5

This is the Commander of the guards men due to some work related problem the captain is instructing me to do his log from now on (Lazy bastards)

After the war that Kouji won this system became famous as a safe zone why you ask cause the owner single handed defeated a invasion and now giving it reputation as the fearless race

The first race that mastered space battle even though they have not matured to travel space yet

Warlords now are turning a blind eye not to approach this system and now is a haven for the people that is running away or royalty that just want to have a normal life

Kouji the sole authority of this system is still in the dark on what he has become and we were told by the Council not to tell him as well

(I guess it maybe they're scared to loss control of this sector to Kouji all the planets here still fresh with minerals if the earth nation rise to power these resource will all belong to them but if the Council helps them in their technological evolution the resource will be shared to the greedy pigs oh I'm writing this behalf of the captain any words you don't like blame him)

The dorm gate way that we made for Kouji is link to different planet sectors now a private gate way was created for this system owner now is going to be use by different races across the universe

The Council made a decision to open a guard men school at earth cause the reason for the last invasion was a lack of personnel on one of our gate guard post they were overwhelmed by sheer numbers and a gate reactor ship was stolen

Good thing gate reactor are made from a core of a dying sun so trying to make one is next to impossible we only have fifty of those and all a property of the United space council

But our scientists for a natural gate in this sector the eye of Saturn it's a storm that forms around a natural gate and Intel said it was the reason for the invasion now that first natural gate belongs to Kouji and now being use as his private dorms gate it's faster safe and able to link into all the system so in the day that this system is become part of the United council it will become the center of trade for all known race but due to technology evolution law we still are not permitted to have any contact life on this planet even the Kouji the would authority doesn't we exist

Now that we establish a school on the planet we have agents working around to clock to earn money so that we could buy land on that planet and with all our earnings we manage to buy Kouji own school and now using it as a training ground for guards men and other race that want to learn other culture

The school ground has two phase the normal ground that earth student study their earth courses and the gate ground the area link to our main base that link to the other training facility across the universe

This ideas was created by Kouji himself after reading the story board that the computer gave him he told us a idea that if you use gates to travel from area to area why not use your gates technology to link world's that way you can create any facility in matter of seconds just like a single room connected to multiple room in different location and the good part is you use a large amount of energy to open and close a gate right so why not just keep them open forever and we tried it but for some reason only Saturn natural gate can produce such stable gate way using our standard artificial gate always ends up closing on is own so only this sector can use it

Logs ends here

Commander: So how's Kouji doing

Staff A: stealth drones are send pictures now

Staff B: he is still in his room

Commander: Wait is that a storage room for drones

Staff A: the captain told us to out fit it to look like a earth dorm room

Commander: is it me or that room is little bit cramp

Staff A: It was built to store only ten drone boxes

Commander: and the toilet?

Staff A: link to the school toilet

Commander: that cheap a hole why are we treating the owner of this system authority like a peasant

Staff B: the captain use all the budget on the creation of his new office

Staff A: sir can I punch the captain when he comes back

Commander: you can't

Staff A: why?

Commander: cause I'm the one gonna punch him first

Staff B: target has left the dorm

Commander: Of to school good now check area for gate signature

Staff A: Clear all safe no quantum reading

Staff B: he's at the gate

Commander: good that guy a commando S class guards men soldier he's safe as long as he is in guard duty OK he just need to send him to the earth ground part of the school and Kouji can finally get a normal school life

Staff A: he's being sent to the gate area of the school

Commander: close the quantum gate now hurry

Staff B: we can't he's this system authority his gate access is far beyond ours

Commander: not to worry the building we constructed has a build in AI that self repels intruders he's not registered so he can't go inside

Staff A: the AI defense allowed to go inside the building sir he's already inside

Staff B: Sir the drone was shot down

Commander: why? Send another one hurry

Staff A: Sir the captain is calling us from inside the building

Captain: Good news

Commander: what?

Captain: Kouji gonna studying in our school

Everyone in the room: what?!!!!

Captain: no need to thank me chow

Staff A: end transmission

Commander: I need to give that guy a long talk when he comes back

Staff B: drone spotted Kouji he's out of the school ground it seem he's going back to the dorm

Commander : thank the stars we can rest soon

Staff A: Quantum gate detected

Commander: hurry quick scan the area

Staff B: non Terran sighted ID confirm Noir

Commander: what is what he's a she?

Staff A: not to worry sir it seem she just want to walk with him back to the dorm

Commander: look like we got our self a couple

Staff A: actually more like a servant and master

Staff B: did know Noir was so cute plus she humanoid perfect for Kouji

Commander: is that Jack and what with those boxes their blocking the dorm

Staff A: Quantum transfer detected it's Noir battle suit

Commander: wait wait that against the rule it's a over technology it's against planet regulations to bring down some that powerful to that planet

Staff B: no body can stop her while she's inside that thing

Staff A: don't worry sir Kouji can handle this

Staff B: she's starting up her weapons

Commander: no stop

Staff A: energy weapon stop Kouji stop her

Commander: I need a vacation after this

Staff A: non Terran sighted ID Tania system authority of Steelion system

Commander: is that sector still at war what does she need in this system

Staff: Kouji

Commander: who gave her permission to go to this system

Staff A: the captain he said she already paid her tuition

Commander: that man has sponge for brains

Staff B: Kouji already inside his room oh wait he saying something

Kouji: it may look cramp and has no window but it has its own bathroom and free Steve must pulled some strings to get me this room I so lucky fun easy job free room and I'm getting paid for it thank you Steve ops why em I taking to my self

Staff A: Sir I don't feel so good out of guilt can I have permission to leave the room now I feel I'll throw up soon

Staff B: same here

Commander: permission granted by the way if any one ask for me I'll be on the earth base I feel like giving the captains new office a new renovation

Staff: take your time sir