Chapter 2:

Chapter Three The Legend of the twenty two squadron

Kounji No B Movie (Creating a B Movie)

 Kouji no B Movie

Chapter Three

The Legend of the twenty two squadron

Side A

Dear mother I got to ride a make believe spaceship it was so real that I was caught up in my acting and felt I was really fighting a real space battle the computer graphics was top notch and the other actors gave it their all in that scene that the drama was so amazing to the point that I felt my team mates doing their best to act as like they were doing everything I told them and the best part we won and manage to defeat the bad guys in the end but I'm just sad for Joe he died in the mission while protecting me I ask for him after the battle and they said he went to a better place so I guess he was scouted by a better studio good for him even thou I did see him leave a family member came and ask for the piece of tentacle prop that he gave me and said don't worry with this he'll be back to see you in the future I guess that costume was indeed a rental I guess that might be his brother they sound the same we party all night long after that grand shooting I guess they manage to do it in one go cause the staff was so happy they were crying ah oh and Noir became my permanent assistant he may be big and scary at first but once you know him he's a nice guy ok bye for now tomorrow my first day at school so no work for four days hope to call you back once they fix my dormitory

It's time Kouji was ask to wear a armour space suit while being instructed in how to fly his fighter

Kouji: what's this stuff made of its so light kind like plastic but feel like steel

Instructor: Carbonite reactive steel it has self repair function so be assured it will protect you in any crash accident

Kouji: cool nice name but it's just fiber glass right

The instructor just laughed and started teaching me the basic on how to use the ship control

Kouji: this is like one of the games machine I played in the arcade before it so similar

Instructor: we the captain gave me specific instruction to customize your machine to your earth standard

Kouji: ya I know what you mean it does feel nostalgic ok in I go thank for the information see you later after the shooting

The instructor move aside while a tractor like vehicle carried my prop ship

After that my cockpit window darken as the secondary armour was place on top of the ship and the the side and front panel open up and inside was three TV monitor were I saw a awesome computer graphics of my ship being place inside a carrier that was being built on the spot the view was so real and they even added the stacking as my ship was move from the extension arms into the loading bay of the carrier

We were all there except Noir he did need a ship the just out fit him with large booster that carry him and his armaments

Commander: mission control hear the high speed heavy armour carrier is complete operation star dust will start in five minutes

Kouji: Ahhh they said it star dust is the best name I could come up but it still sound to cheesy

Joe: boss man its not time to get cold feet

Kouji: oh was my com open?

Joe: we could hear you boss man

Kouji: Sorry it's just the name I came up for this mission is just so cheesy

Mary: what your more concern with that than our up coming battle your scary one are ya boy

Joe: it's just mean boss man believe in us

Colin: but we could die right

Kouji: no worry I'll finish this while getting the highest score

Joe: oh boss man is that a challenge

Mary: a carbon base life for challenging a AI interesting

Noir: there are a thousand mid level ship in front of us and we're all going the without a layer of armour attach to your ships and you still think your coming back alive after this mission?

Kouji: no problem I can last a whole ten minute without my glasses

All: glasses

Suddenly the booster was fired and the carrier started to mode

Commander: this is mission control good hunting and please comeback alive

Cockpit started shaking and in second Kouji saw in his in out board monitor the enemy they have to face

He couldn't see the stars any more cause they were gate out in the middle of the enemy armada

Kouji: everyone force eject your fighters and get ready to follow me

All the ship around the started shooting at the carrier and with remote target connected to Kouji he fired the large plasma canon on the bowl of the ship it clear a strait route towards the gate

All the ship flew in full speed toward the destination that canon fired upon

Colin: what about the ship behind us will the try to try to catch us?

Kouji: I got that pressing the red bottom

At that moment the carrier exploded throwing sharp nail all around it disabling all the ship on their back

Mary: we were riding a bomb

Colin: what manner of creature are you

Joe: boss man has balls of steel

Noir: it may be courage or lack of intelligence but still I like your style

The other pilot gave cheerful comments as the ride the destruction that the plasma canon shot at

Kouji: guess our ride stops here we got enemy fighters in front of us scatter and give them hell

All unit: yes sir

They have a massive dog fight in space as for Kouji he tried his best protect every member of the team and after few minutes they saw the gate way

Kouji: nice we here so how your fuel Gauge

All units: fifty percent we got enough for one way trip back

But due to those extra manoeuvre he did while protecting his team Kouji was already down to ten percent

Joe: is there a problem boss man were waiting for your order

Kouji: Sorry no worry ok ready torpedo everyone spear formation it's for us to close that door for good

Full burn all the fighters flew around the guarding space battle ships and they all drop their torpedoes on the flag ship that was opening the gate the explosion made Kouji remember about fire crackers for some reason

In seconds the gate was no more now they only need to stay alive until the main forces gate in to their destination the beacon was place on Kouji fighter and the enemy can see it so now is just game of hide and seek until they have reinforcement

Joe: boss man how you doing?

Kouji: still alive two more minutes before help arrives

Colin: my internal scanner tells me that there are still a hundred two fighter around that want to kill us

Mary: seventeen battle ship heading our way

Noir: times like this is the reason why I exist

Two minutes later

Joe: there here we made it boss man boss man

Mary: have you seen Kouji

Ah I'm out of fuel guess this is game over that was anticlimactic I didn't even seen the guards men ship gate in guess I'm stuck here till the space battle scene is done

I hope the crew open this prop up its getting kind of stiff here feels like the air getting heavy to they must accidentally turn off my ventilation to but oh wait the instructor told a trick about this suit first turn this on this on then push this oh ah built in ventilation now adjust the temperature cool ok time for a bit of sleep

Ah light is it over

Kouji: so did we finish it

As he oven his eyes the whole landing dock was full of people

Noir: for a race of being that hasn't concurred space travel you way to intelligent in ways of war

Noir carried me out from my cockpit he must have serious muscle under that costume

Steve came running towards me next and I could see tear coming from the side of his glasses shouting my job is safe thank you

That means this was a all out budget if any of us made a mistake the production was almost got cancelled

After that the other extra came with bottles of beer and wine and every hand a party and after few hours I went back to my room were a Joe was waiting for me at the door he said he was not Joe and his name is Bob

Bob: it's the honour to meet you sir Kouji

Kouji: so we're Joe I didn't see him in the party

Bob: he is gone

Kouji: was his contact dismiss

Bob: no their giving him a honour of recommendation

Kouji: so he's in a better place now

Well it can't be help he was so good at acting

Bob: such nice phase you are truly his friend

Kouji: before I forget take this

Bob suddenly became speechless as I hand him the tentacle that Joe gave me

Kouji: could you return him this

Bob kneels down and spoke

Bob: he can finally return

I guess that costume they use was expensive now that they could fix it they don't have to pay for it

Joe Joe stop giving your brother troubles

Bob: with this he could return again after few months

I guess his contract will be renew again can't wait to work with him again he's great actor

Bob: please take this

He place a round silver ball on my hand and it burst as the same that Joe did must be a famous family trick of theirs

He said goodbye and walk out of the door

Yes first job is done and just in time I got school in the next day I hope to get paid tomorrow

Kouji close the door and went to sleep

Side B

I so screwed this is the word stuck on the captains mind now

Commander: he is the first representative of this sector

S3V: I know

Commander: no combat experience

S3V: I know

Commander: a minor

S3V: I know

Commander: his ship is already customize to earth standard controls

S3V:can I have my stun rod back

Commander: no even if we do that he is being look at by his subordinates just tapping him in the head and those guys will go commando on us

S3V: well I guess you take over I'm not feeling well so if you need me I'll just stand here in the corner

Staff: looks like the captain is incapacitated so by guard men rule Commander you shall lead the mission like always

Commander: guess be stick to the plan carrier construction commence place all extra armor plate on that thing and make sure to put the bomb in the secure location

Staff: beside the pilots?

Commander: can't be help and that plasma cannon is it already set for long rage burst

Staff: yes actually I did know we could do this his sketch may be old school but it's the first time I see such amazing configuration

Commander: that good and let hope he can come back alive so he can make us more

Staff: all fighters are inside the carrier we could only gate in the front of the armada their using quantum jammers

Commander: let's hope is that armour holds until they reach the middle of the armada

Few minute later

Staff A: they reach the front line sir gate out was successful

Staff B: Carrier remote sensor estimated around three hundred battle cruiser four of them are star class destroyer

Commander: It not even fifteen hours since they slipped thru our line and they already this big I thought our Intel said it was just around a hundred

Staff A: Intel was wrong these numbers doesn't add up

Commander: can we abort the mission

Staff B: Carrier is already at the middle of the armada and it's engine are already shot down that means the second part of the mission is being execute right about now

Commander: We send them to their Deaths by the light of the stars what have we done

Staff A: Cannon burst detected final phase has started

Commander: how's the trajectory?

Staff B: only one click of error

Commander: not bad ok signal Kouji to blow up the ship

Staff A: Sixty percent of the armada was incapacitated from the sharp nails we place on the ship and the friendly are safe

Staff B: fighters are on bound to the gate ship but still having problems with enemy fighters

Commander: how's Kouji is he ok

Staff A: doing better his skills as a pilot is amazing the way he pilot his fighter is beyond our comprehension

Commander: gather his data just in case

Staff B: they are at the gate ship now please unlock the restriction for the torpedoes warheads

Commander: restriction unlock Charlie alpha two four seven nine password "I have become the hand of death"

Staff A: yes torpedoes are go

Staff B: gate ship neutralize Jamming is gone we are ready to gate in trajectory Kouji Beacon wait it just went silent

Commander: do we still have the coordinates

Staff B: yes

Commander: gate now hurry we must save as much people as we can

Staff A: gate successful we are in the hot zone

Commander: battle ship attack while the enemy is still in disarray make sure not to let one of those war monger leave this system alive

Staff B: Enemy ships down to twenty percent

Commander: how's Kouji crew

Staff A: one KIA and Kouji ship is still intact but it gone silent

Commander: play the last recording of the KIA ship I want to know what happened

Staff B: the pilot name was Joe playing last sent entry

sound of a lot of explosion came out then a voice

Joe: Boss man we did it the main gate ship is gone

Kouji: OK now we only need to stay alive until the main fleet gates .....b...o

Joe: Boss man what wrong?

Noir: his fighter stop moving

Colin: their is no energy reading coming from it

Mary: heat reading of the pilot is going down

Noir: his fighter must have been damage from the blast

Joe: Boss man I'm coming to save you

Noir: moron stay in formation

Colin: enemy fighter at your back



Staff A: that was the last data entry

Commander: what a shame we lost two brave souls

Staff B: Sir one of them hailing us

Commander: patch him thru

Noir: this is Noir please open your landing dock we going in ready a pit staff I'm bring Kouji fighter in

Commander: this is mission control enemy's neutralize please comeback to base condolences for the two pilot that sacrifice their lives

Noir: Sorry mission control we only lost one this one is still alive Kouji is still alive he just asleep

The staff started cheering

Commander: I'm glad to hear that please use the main dock we have something store for our sleeping hero

Staff B:main dock open a lot of the crew are gathering there right now sir

Commander: Captain did your hear that Kouji is ok huh? We is he

Staff A: he's already running to the dock with a big smile on his face

Staff B: permission to punch him for real this time sir

Commander: put that on hold everyone let's go to dock and congratulate out heroes

Staff: yes sir