Chapter 10:

Chapter 3: Best Friends with Weirdos Part III

Dragonoid Chronicles

Chapter 3: Best Friends with Weirdos Part III


Having survived the impromptu trial, Ash and Scott were sent to the nurse since both had passed out the moment they crossed back into the gymnasium. As most had already figured out, the second-floor gym took place within Drakos on one half of the room and within a Star's Domain on the other.

Though it was a minor Star in close proximity to Drakos—the planet they live on—making the effects of injury have a greater impact on their mind and body than in Delakai’s domain. Thus the two were not able to attend the rest of combat training. However, they were better in time for their second break of the day.

“Alright, you two should be good to go.” The busty nurse said with a wink aimed at Scott. “If you get hurt again, just remember to call, Désirée. I’ll patch you up anytime.”

“Um, thank you?” Ash had no idea what that was, but Scott was red in the face.

“Th-thank you, Big Sis,” Scott said with a quick bow before leaving the school’s hospital building with Ash, who had so many questions.

It was later into the afternoon, and they had missed the last two hours of class thanks to their injuries. But apparently, they were fine and had makeup work to do, according to the message Scott received from Lissandra. They just had to meet them at the café for supper, even though Ash had never really called anything supper in his life. 

But to break the quiet walk with his longboard in hand, Ash asked: “So… Big sis?”

“Sh-she told me to call her that!”

“Hey. Hey. I don’t judge.” Ash said, raising his hands then smirked. “But I’m sure Lissandra is like an older sister to you too, right?”

“Yeah…” Scott’s face became even redder.

“So well-endowed big sisters are your thing. I approve.” Ash said with a head nod embarrassing Scott further.

“C-can we please not talk about this.”

“I don’t know... it’s pretty fun to see you get flustered over girls—”

“Lolicon.” Scott had to only say one word, and Ash didn’t have any other comeback besides straight denial.


“Did I stutter? Lolicon.”

“I am not a lolicon!”

“That Princess of Water sure is small. And you know, I heard that for Aqua Dragonoids to restore life-threatening injuries, they have to be unclothed.” Scott’s cold gaze fell directly onto Ash, sending a shiver down his spine. “So how was it? Waking up next to her? I’m sure you enjoyed it. The pleasure was written all over your face as her petite frame clung onto you today. Lo-li-con.”

“Uh…” Ash didn’t know what to say. Scott had him more scared than seeing Tuvira in whatever that monster form was. “So… don’t you think it’s cool that Teach let us keep our weapons?”

Scott blinked, and his eyes became filled with life, even taking on a heartwarming smile that replaced the dead one he had moments ago. “Yeah! I just wish that we didn’t have to carry them. It feels out of place.”

Sure enough, Ash had a long sword on his back while Scott had a crossbow on his, minus the shield since Ms. Sparkfang insisted that the shield was a worthless weapon for Ash. However, Scott was right about it being out of place, as many students looked at them like they were crazy. Most dragonoids didn’t bother with weapons because they themselves were weapons, so having a sword when you had claws that were just as sharp or a bow when you could breathe fire was a bit redundant.

“Well, well, well. If it isn’t my two favorite people in the world!” Alexis said, pulling them both in for a hug when they entered the café.

Ash and Scott didn’t expect that kind of greeting—maybe Scott did—but Ash was genuinely surprised as no one really praised him for anything he’s done except for the Grand Duelist.

“Thank you Alexis,” Scott said as she released them.

Ash scratched his cheek. “Yeah… thanks.”

Alexis gave them a toothy grin as she led them to their table, where a bunch of students who were not a part of their squad were gathered. Which raised questions as the only one friendly enough to make friends outside of the group was probably Scott, and he was with Ash the whole time, so who were these people? Ash wondered as he took note of their sunken eyes.

“Hey-hey. Make room. Their squad members.”

“Yes Mistress Sparkfang.”

At Alexis’s words, a couple of students got up from the center and moved to the end of the table, almost like they were being mind-controlled.

“You two can sit right there,” Alexis said, pointing at the now vacant spots.

“Shouldn’t we get our food first?” Scott asked.

“Yeah… that’s a good point,” Ash said, prepared to escape whatever trap this was. “I’ll go get mine—”

“No need.” Alexis clapped her hand. “Oh, Servant number 1 would be so kind as to bring my dearest friends some food.”

“Right away, Mistress Sparkfang.” A boy about Ash’s age stood up and left the table along with one other person, following Alexis’s request without so much as a complaint.

“So with that taken care of.” Alexis smiled, giggling to herself. “Please sit.”

With no other option, Ash and Scott sat down where Lissandra, along with Baron, were just eating their food as if that was normal.

Scott let out a sigh. “She did it again, didn’t she?”

“Yup,” Lissandra said, cutting into her steak while Baron simply nodded.

“What do you mean by again?” Ash watched as the various students listened to Alexis's beck and call. “This has happened before?”

“Multiple times a year,” Scott said, accepting that was just the way things were.

“It’s never been this bad though,” Lissandra said as she counted at least 10 students running around like pack mules.

“And you’re just ok with this, Princesss?”

“Stop saying it like that!”

“Sure thing, Princesss.”

“I hate you so much,” Lissandra mumbled. “But yeah, I’m fine with it. Who am I to tell Lexi what to do with her property? They lost the bet fair and square without the funds to cover it. They only have themselves to blame.”

“So that’s why we’re her favorite people….” Ash said, piecing together that most of the class probably didn’t expect them to win against the Baal.

“Mmhm,” Baron nodded as one of the students took his plate when he was done, and another came with a new one. It was impeccable service that he didn’t expect, nor did he complain.

Ash gazed down at his plate of scrumptious food delivered by practically a debt slave. It wasn’t even what he wanted as the guy had brought him ribs, and he really wanted sushi. Meanwhile, Scott just dug into his plate without much concern.

“What’s wrong Ash?” Alexis said, finally sitting down, but she was noticeably taller than everyone else due to the one student she sat on like a stool. “Did they bring you something you don’t like? If so, we can get you a new one and add two more days to their contract.”

“But wouldn’t that be my fault?”

“Nope, they should’ve asked you before going.” Alexis shook her head. “Sheesh, I tell ya. People were better servants in middle school.”

“Yeah… going to ignore that last part.” Ash turned to the rest of the group. “Have you guys seen Tuvira anywhere?”

Scott obviously didn’t, Baron shook his head—somehow ignoring the Dragonoid cushion next to him—and Alexis shrugged her shoulders.

“I can send someone for her. Which one of you can grow wings—”

“That won’t be necessary.” Ash got up from his seat, checking his PDA. “I doubt she came to the café.”

Lissandra looked up from her plate with a solid glare. “Her… Why do you want to see her? Try not to forget you’re a member of Squad S. You shouldn’t spend too much time with outsiders.”

“So Alexis gets a whole slave trade. I can’t have one friend outside the group?”

“Keyword: friend. Also, I trust Lexi not to be fooled by her.”

“She has a name, you know. It’s Tuvira. Princesss.”

“I have a name too,” Lissandra said, meeting Ash’s purple gaze as he shrugged his shoulders.

“I strangely remember being forbidden from using that, Princesss.”

“You know what? I don’t care anymore, Human. You’re going to do whatever you want anyway.”

“You got that right,” Ash muttered and walked off, leaving the table behind with his things in hand.

“Wow, heavy stuff. Want a foot massage Liz?” Alexis said with a playful grin.

“What the hell, Lexi!” Lissandra snapped. “I’m not letting them touch my feet!”

“They’d be more than happy to~,” Alexis said with a singsong voice as she pointed at the more than willing group of boys that formed a line next to them. Some of them weren’t even one of Alexis’s servants!

“Lexi…” Lissandra gave her best friend a cold glare that was only reserved for the most repugnant of creatures, effectively the one she gave Ash on the daily. Except when it was directed at Alexis, she could only concede as a light bulb lit up her mind.

“Fine, fine. How about a shoulder massage from Baron?”

Baron, who was just enjoying his meals and only half-listening to their conversation, looked up when his name rolled off Alexis’s tongue. “What? Why me? I’m not one of your—”


Even behind the hood, Baron knew the look Alexis was giving him and sighed. “Fine. But only if Lissandra is ok with it.”

“Well, dealing with that Halfbreed has been stressful,” Lissandra said, mulling it over, not even concerned with how others would interpret that act. “And we still have 3 more hours of classwork to finish after this. If it’s Baron, then I approve.”

“You heard her chop-chop,” Alexis said, clapping her hand.

Baron got up with his head down. “Right away, Mistress Sparkfang.”

“That’s Mistress Alexis to you.”

Scott could only laugh at his friends' absurdness. It seemed that they hadn't changed even after their coming of age ceremonies and being accepted to Dragoon Academy. Alexis was still wild as ever, and Baron was still too helpful for his own good. Scott just wished that Lissandra and Ash could get along, then he could truly be happy.

But as much as Scott wanted to stop Ash from leaving, there was nothing to be done since he understood that Tuvira was someone Ash could relate with. Though that expression of worry, the princess had made him nervous as Scott knew it wasn’t because of jealousy.



“Alright class that’ll be all for today.” Dr. Windchaser said as the classroom lights turned on and the projector stopped displaying the image of a Kobold.

“I know it’s a lot to take in. But as aspiring Dragon Guards, you should know the truth. I’m sure Mr. Fireheart or Ms. Sparkfang will be able to provide you with more than just pictures. And please do study your Bestiary, for there will be a quiz tomorrow on Vespids.”

With that, Monstrology was over, and Tuvira got ready to leave for her second break of the day. While the majority of the class murmured about monsters and the like, Tuvira, along with the rest of Squad T, didn’t think much of it. Mainly because they had already seen the truth with Tuvira being the teacher. She didn’t have to show them Typhon in order to beat them, but the one thing she’s learned since living in the Fire Kingdom was that blobfish like them needed a wake-up call.

“Hey, do you guys want to check out the Mall? It’s been a day, and I’m already tired of the café food.” Tekka said as he gathered his things.

Taniss nodded. “Sssure.”

“Bwahahaha! Only if you’re buying.” Tinto said, ignoring the weird glances he got from his sudden laugh.

“What about her?” Tomsk nodded towards Tuvira.

“She’s the leader. She can decide on her own if she wants to come or not. But I’m not paying for a monster—” Tekka wasn’t allowed to finish his sentence as his mouth was zipped shut and his body frozen stiff.

“You forget your place, blobfish.”

Without getting up from her seat, Tuvira had full control over Tekka as her ruby eyes sharpened. But with a glance from Dr. Windchaser, she let him go figuring that Tekka wasn’t worth any form of punishment.

“I wouldn’t even dream of spending more time than I need to with you four. So go and leave me in peace.” Tuvira shooed them away with her hand. “But if anyone is late for combat training, they’ll be the ones getting removed.”

Tekka clicked his tongue as he straightened out his shirt and fixed his hair. “Squad T, let’s go.”

Once they were gone, Tuvira finally got her things and prepared to leave, only to be stopped by Dr. Windchaser. He would have been intimidating with how much taller he was than her even while sitting down, but his goggles and wacky green hair took away any sense of fear. At a glance, Tuvira could tell he was probably bullied a lot growing up for being a weirdo.

“Oh Ms. Moonstar, could I have a moment of your time?”

“No you may not.” Tuvira gave a bow. “My apologies, but I most desperately need a break away from guppies.”

There was a part of Dr. Windchaser that expected a response like that, but to think she actually refused a teacher, told him everything he needed to know about her. Which was terrifying how Princesses of Water have adapted over the years. They used to be so lovely and sweet generations ago. Dr. Windchaser thought as he scratched his cheek.

“Th-That hurts, you know. I wouldn’t consider myself a guppy. Maybe a clownfish but a guppy, that just stings.”

“At least you understood what I meant,” Tuvira said, folding her arms as she decided to hear him out.

“Of course. I’m sure you’ve noticed, but I’m not a native Pyro Dragonoid.”

“Yes I know. You may look different from the history books, but you’re the renowned Ventus Dragonoid explorer who’s met all four of the great Dragonoid races. Even going so far as mapping out land routes between three of them.”

“Uh, four.”

Dr. Windchaser corrected as he had mapped out the safest ways to get to each nation without the use of any special abilities. That way, people didn’t need gills to enter Aquarius—the home of Aqua Dragonoids—or wings to get to the Floating Isles, the home of Ventus Dragonoids.

“Just because the route to my homeland requires you to island-hop. Does not make it obsolete.” Dr. Windchaser continued only to hear Tuvira’s sigh as just the idea of getting close to one of those islands would mean death without an army.

“And that’s why after centuries, you’re still a guppy.”

“Shouldn’t you respect your elders?”

Tuvira shrugged her shoulders, “A jellyfish that never dies is still no wiser after a thousand years than the first year.”

“With an attitude like that, good luck finding your prince.”

“That ship has already sailed, thank you.” Tuvira gave another bow and prepared to leave. “If that's all you wanted to say, I’d like to bid you a farewell, professor.”

“To have mastery over your eyes at such a young age. A gift few can even comprehend.” Dr. Windchaser said, stopping Tuvira in her tracks as his silver eyes sharpened. “To see the inner workings of man. For who they are at a glance, and yet you’ll only end up lonely relying on it.”

“Is that what your eyes let you see?”

Dr. Windchaser laughed, shaking his head as his silver eyes softened. “Sadly, no matter how hard I try, they only work for myself. Just call it advice from a teacher. I’d hate to see a student of mine go through their school life without making a friend.”

“Says the one who’s seen all of theirs die,” Tuvira noted.

“Hey, I’ll have you know. I’m not the only long-lived Dragonoid in the world.”

“Just the only one dumb enough not to change his name.”

“Their name.” Dr. Windchaser corrected as he spun around in his rolling chair, going down memory lane. “I was a woman for a couple of lifetimes… and she’s gone. By Prukis, your descendants have only gotten worst over the years. Maybe you should try talking to them?”

Dr. Windchaser sat there in silence, receiving the answer he had always gotten when trying to converse with the Dragon of old, which only made him chuckle at the futility of it.

“Maybe I am a jellyfish.”


“Stupid blobfish wasting my time.”

Tuvira muttered as she had spent well over 10 minutes entertaining Dr. Windchaser and his antics. The moment she entered that classroom, she knew right away there was something up with her professor. However, everything clicked when she heard his name, and she was sure he noticed it too. Ventus Dragonoids were known to be airheads, but that was taking it to another level.

“Telling me not to trust my eyes when they’ve never failed me before. I hate it here.”

“That’s not good. It’s only your second day, Little Sis.”

“Wh-why are you here?”

Tuvira looked to her side, and leaning against the rooftop railings was Ash. She felt so stupid for not noticing his presence earlier, but he shouldn’t even be anywhere near her. Not after seeing her merged with Typhon unless he was dense enough to not notice it was her.

“I’m here to see if you had anything to eat,” Ash said, holding up a large brown bag. “Also, can you please stop hanging out on the rooftop? It was hell to get up here.”

“Then maybe you should stop stalking me, you goblin shark.”

“I’m not a stalker!” Ash snapped before scratching his head.

“Really? This is the second time you used your PDA to find me, and did you forget the last time I caught you up here—”

Tuvira stopped mid-rant as her stomach’s rumbling was carried with the breeze. Ash could only laugh as he pulled out a black box from the bag and sat down.

“Here, I got you one of those boxed lunches you had earlier.”

“You mean a bento box,” Tuvira said, accepting the black box filled with rice, cut-up pieces of fish, and vegetables.

“I’m surprised you know its real name,” Ash said, taking out his own bento box and passed her a set of chopsticks as she sat down next to him.

“Of course, I’ve studied various Human cultures.”

“You say that as if that’s normal.”

“Normal for someone who has a lot of free time on their hands.”

“I’m sure even princesses have to attend school,” Ash said, placing a sushi roll in his mouth and enjoying every bit of it before asking. “Where did you find the time?”

“Actually, I’ve never been to school,” Tuvira said, plopping a chunk of rice into her mouth.

“Don’t just keep eating like what you said was normal!”

“It is normal. Princesses of Water just exist to look pretty and be a reminder. No need to actually spend extra resources on them.”

Ash just gave up at her response and picked at his food a bit before asking: “Then how are you here?”

Tuvira smirked, revealing her razor-sharp teeth. “I beat Lizzie in a duel after making a deal with the Queen Mother.”

“What’s up with Dragonoids and bets,” Ash muttered as he thought of how everyone seemed to take deals to heart. Even if it meant throwing the entire order of things upside down just to appease them.

Tuvira laughed as Ash was indeed a lost pup. “You’re not religious, are you?”

“I mean, I believe in the history of the Six Dragons, if that counts.”

“Do you believe Drakos would smite you for breaking a contract?”

“Doubt it,” Ash said, finishing up his bento box. “Drakos died a long time ago along with the rest of our forefathers.”

“You’re right,” Tuvira said, finishing up her food and putting it aside with Ash’s as he raised an eyebrow waiting for an answer.


“There are no buts, you’re right. Drakos died a long time ago. At the same time, I’m sure you’ve read about the 10th Princess of Water.”

“Cleansed by a beam of light that burned her alive in the middle of dinner within Aquarius.” Ash then added with a sigh. “For trying to break the founding treaty.”

“Though I find it hard to believe.” Ash continued. “Like if that was the case, why wait until then? Years passed. She had to have been well into her sixties, at least. So why not kill her the moment they broke the pact? Why the false hope?”

Ash just couldn’t wrap his mind around it, and it was all too evident to Tuvira that she was too optimistic. My poor, poor, pup, he really isn’t him. Tuvira shook her head as she tried her best not to let her disappointment show. “You could do that, kill her right away, but who would replace her?”

“You mean?”

“It was the day that the 11th Princess of Water turned 5 and was ready to fulfill her role when the beam of light came down on my family’s home. Taking those who were closest to her. Cleansing them by fire. Now, are you sure you want to be around me?”

Tuvira felt the deafening pause of silence that sat between them, pushing Ash away from her. She really wanted to spend the afternoon relaxing, not having to deal with a pup she should have never found. It was wishful thinking in fairytales that he was the Prince of Darkness. Calm, cool, and collected. An uncaring force of destruction is how he was described. Every Princess of Water was told the same thing, the dream of a prince returning them to the depths. Yet, the timetable on the prophecy was unknown, meaning it could be her generation or the next generation or 100s from now.

Imagine trusting the words of a Lux Dragonoid. My people are foolish. Tuvira thought only to be pulled into a warm embrace.

“I’m sorry to hear that,” Ash said, rubbing her shoulder. “I never knew that’s what happened.”

Tuvira didn’t know what to say to the overly passionate, headstrong, blobfish who treated her like she was human.

“Why are you here….” She muttered, but one look into his violet eyes made her want to bite him. “Stop saying sorry. And quit treating me like you’re my older brother!”

Taking that as his cue to let go, Ash removed his arm from around her but still said what was on his mind without a second thought. “It’s a good thing I’m not because if I were, I’d stop at nothing to keep you from ending up here. Even if it meant becoming a Dragonslayer.”

“You did not just say that out loud….”

Tuvira facepalmed as what he said was akin to breaking a deal. If the Stars were out, she was sure they would all shine their lights on Ash for his outburst. The worst part is that his only response was a sheepish laugh and head scratch. Does he not have any sense of self-preservation?

“Too much?” Ash said, noticing the silence.

“Way too much for a girl you just met. Especially for one who’s tried to kill you.”

“Don’t forget you’ve saved my life, twice now.”

“So you do know I’m a monster.”

“Well... No one has a smile quite like yours.” Ash chuckled as Tuvira’s face became red.

“I get it. Don’t laugh at my teeth.”

Tuvira turned away from Ash to hide her freakish smile. It was one of those quirks some Dragonoids were born with, like how Lissandra had a snake tongue. Tuvira had extra rows of teeth that were so sharp that she used to constantly bite her tongue until it toughened up. Though it was such a detriment, the Queen Mother didn’t even like to broadcast her unless it was absolutely necessary, and under the circumstances, she gave a succinct grin.

“I can’t help that they stay in their Draconic state,” Tuvira muttered, refusing to look at Ash.

“I meant I like it. I think they’re crazy badass. Probably super useful in a fight.”



Tuvira turned around, showing off her piranha teeth as she crawled over to Ash. “You’re a masochist, aren’t you? I bet you like me biting your arm.”

“Where did that come from!”

Ash dropped onto his back as Tuvira opened her salivating mouth revealing rows of shark teeth. At that moment, Ash didn’t know what to do, and it just happened so fast as if the second his back touched the ground, Tuvira snapped at her weakened prey.

“Chomp,” Tuvira mumbled as she bit into Ash’s arm.

“Get off that tickles,” Ash said, laughing.

Then it dawned on Tuvira that Ash didn’t even feel the initial pain of her bite. That kneejerk he did was more from surprise than from it actually hurting. Almost as if his brain immediately got an adrenaline rush before the pain could even kick in. She had never seen anything like that before, and for some reason, she still couldn’t get a read on him. It only made her want to bite his arm harder!

“Alright! That’s enough playing; my chest hurts.” Ash said, standing up as he covered himself with his cloak to hide his sudden blood flow.

“Mmm, my prince is a masochist.” Tuvira said, releasing her hold and licking the blood off her lips. “Thank you for the meal.”

Ash watched at how Tuvira didn’t even try to spit his blood out; rather, she seemed to derive some kind of freak pleasure from its taste. The fact that she enjoyed it was written all over her face with how flushed it became, leading to only one reasonable conclusion.

“So, my Little Sis is a vampire,” Ash nodded as only bite marks were left on his arm. It’s a good thing she has healing bites; else, I’d be dead hanging around her—

“I’m your princess!”

“You’re not even denying the vampire part!”

“Shut up! You-you goblin shark!”

“What even is that?”


“I am not a masochist!”

Tuvira turned away from Ash as she remembered him poking her. “Hmph! I know what I felt.”

“That wasn’t because of the bite….”

“Wait a second!”

Ash quickly grabbed his things and the trash, then walked away to hide his shame, only to be followed close behind by a shark parading as a piranha.


“I am not a lolicon!”

“My prince is a stalking masochistic lolicon.” Tuvira nodded as she figured out everything about Ash without relying on her eyes.

“You’re older than me!”

“So you’re not denying you’re a stalking masochist.”

“Man, why can I only make friends with weirdos?”

“Because you’re the weirdest of them all. Just like the color purple.”

Ash and Tuvira continued their little game as they walked to the gymnasium for Tuvira’s combat training class with Mr. Fireheart. Ash may end up late to class again, but it was worth it as, throughout the entire time, Tuvira didn’t once deny that they were friends. And that made him happy, so happy that he didn’t mind the strange glances he got whenever she randomly decided to bite his arm. It was definitely the weirdest start to a relationship he’s ever had, that’s for sure. 

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