Chapter 11:

Chapter 4: The Doctors of Dragoon Academy Part I

Dragonoid Chronicles

Chapter 4: The Doctors of Dragoon Academy Part I

“And he’s late again.”

Lissandra muttered as Ash stepped into their Monstrology class a minute after class had started. Though their wacky green-haired professor Dr. Windchaser paid him no mind, he simply pointed him towards Squad S's table. Ash scratched his cheek, expecting some form of punishment, but when the professor just raised an eyebrow, Ash took his seat beside Scott.

“Alright, it seems like all of the stragglers are here, so I’d like to begin class by first saying: Congratulations for making it through the day. As I’m sure, it was a surprise for most to see that our bedtime stories are indeed real.”

Dr. Windchaser then paused as there were a couple of murmurs within the classroom talking about how their session with Mr. Fireheart and Ms. Sparkfang went. Yet once the class calmed down, Dr. Windchaser pushed up his glasses and continued.

“Fear not, however, as it is entirely possible to defeat monsters even for first years such as yourselves. There are even two students who have already had the pleasure of defeating a Baal. Stand up and tell the class, Mr. Spitfire and Mr. Sightsear, how was it to face off against a beast like this.”

Dr. Windchaser walked over to the light switch and dimmed the classroom; then, with a remote in hand, he clicked a button that opened up a projector from the ceiling. Taking the center of the classroom was a large blue hologram of a Baal showing off its long tongue and fearsome maw. Though it was clearly just a projection, many within the class froze as it still seemed to have a paralyzing hold on them.

Ash and Scott both looked at each other and laughed to themselves as the hologram was nowhere near as scary.

“Well, I can say that it smelled like a dumpster fire,” Ash said, fanning his face.

Scott nodded as he spread out his arms. “And was much, much bigger than this like it could’ve eaten me.”

“It ate me.”

“Yup, it’s true it swallowed him whole.”

“But all in all, I got to say it’s just an overgrown frog.”

“It’s a toad.”

“There’s a difference?”

The class didn’t know how to respond; on one hand, some laughed at the idea that those two clowns somehow defeated a Baal and couldn’t even believe it happened. On the other hand, those who knew the truth simply shook their head as they treated it like a joke, while Dr. Windchaser was at a loss for words.

If it was planned, then they were simply geniuses as the class, regardless of what they thought, immediately relaxed from the two’s back and forth. But judging how they were still talking to each other meant they’re just, for lack of a better word, stupid.

“Oh Dragons, is this what they mean by dried-up sponges.” Dr. Windchaser muttered before speaking up. “Alright, that’s enough you two. Great explanation. Please sit down.”

“Huh, did we say something wrong?” Ash whispered to Scott as they sat down while Dr. Windchaser tried to regain control of the class.

“Of course you two did. You treated the entire thing like it was barely an inconvenience. Did you forget you almost died?” Lissandra said before shooting a hard stare at Scott. “And why did you go along with him? You should know firsthand how terrifying it is to stand up to that monster.”

Scott pressed his fingers together and looked down in shame as he tried to say something but was interrupted by Ash’s long sigh.

“Give it a rest, Princesss. What’s the point of being so serious about it when there are worst things? If they can’t overcome a simple Baal, then the idea of a Griffon will turn them into shut-ins.”

“So lying to them is the answer?”

“Hey Scott, did we lie?”

Scott shook his head, avoiding Lissandra’s glare as Alexis, with a bag of popcorn in hand, offered some to Baron, who sighed and took a handful.

“You didn’t lie with your words; you lied with your actions. Getting eaten is not a trivial thing. It only worked because you just so happened to be fighting a Baal. And even then, you forgot to destroy its core, so by every right, you should’ve died.”

“Excuse me, Princesss, they don’t talk about monster cores in stories.”

“And that’s my point. what if someone else tries what you did and dies? Then what?”

Ash opened his mouth yet paused as anything he’d say would come out the wrong way. Sure there was a method to his madness, but Ash still remembered how Scott, even after all the pep talk, still froze up in the face of danger. Even as Dragonoids, they weren’t like him.

“That’s what I thought. A Human like you just doesn’t understand the power of words. Especially when given authority.”

“Oh, and you do, Princesss.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

“Nothing at all, Princesss.”

“If you have something to say, then say it!”

“Squad S, we’re still in class. Just because you’ve beaten one monster doesn’t give you the right to assume you know all.” Dr. Windchaser said as he’d been talking about a Baal’s various weak points and hunting habits.

After that, class went on without any interruption since Lissandra decided it wasn’t worth it anymore. Ash wasn’t the Leader. She was. So trying to get him to understand her was pointless. As long as he did his job, they probably wouldn’t have any issues, but not being able to trust her own Vanguard wasn’t that just repeating the past. No, this time, even if Ash falls the others won’t betray me.


The bell rang, and it was time for Squad S to go to their next class. Thankfully, they weren’t stopped by Dr. Windchaser, who simply nodded as the group left. He did, however, inform the class of the quiz they had to be prepared for, not even giving them a full day to study, but Lissandra already knew about Kobolds, the green lizardmen—their monstrous cousins—so she could easily help the others out.

Yet Psychology was another story as Dr. Kindlemind, a tall handsome man with short blonde hair, was to be her professor. Lissandra had prayed to the Dragons in hopes it was another person from their family, but the moment he laid his gold-colored eyes on her going out of his way to kneel and kiss her hand, she knew it was him.

With a rosy aura around the two, a prince and princess reunited after years apart, Dr. Kindlemind ignored all the others as he took in the moment. Where some were filled with envy wanting to be the princess or the prince, everyone was taken in by the man’s voice of silk and silver.

“It’s been much too long, my lovely Lissandra—”

Dr. Kindlemind hopped back as a blade cut through his words and cracked the tile, placing some distance between him and Lissandra. Out of the trance of what just happened, Dr. Kindlemind looked down at the student who brazenly interrupted his reunion with something as barbaric as a sword, no less.

“Sorry about the floor didn’t expect you to dodge, my bad,” Ash said, hoisting up his blade with a sheepish smile.

“That’s what you’re apologizing for? What about trying to cut off our professor’s head!”

A random girl spoke up while keeping her distance from Ash. And with her taking the lead, the rest of the class began to agree. Yet Ash paid them no mind as, with one quick glance, he had already decided the girl wasn’t worth it. But surprising everyone was how Dr. Kindlemind gave a heartfelt laugh breaking the tension as he placed his hand on the girl’s shoulder.

“It’s ok, Cinder. The boy’s just doing his job.” Dr. Kindlemind said, locking eyes with the girl, who instantly calmed down, then he looked back at Ash with a smile. “Though why am I an obstacle to you, Ash the Human Vanguard?”

“Man, you’re just on a first-name basis with everyone, aren’t you, snake eyes.”

“Is it wrong to try to be friendly with my students?”

“I never asked you to be friendly.” Ash then nodded towards Lissandra, who simply enjoyed that she didn’t have to deal with the Duke for a change. “Neither did she, so be a good teacher and sit.”

“Wow, they weren’t kidding when they said you were a peculiar fellow, but to show you, I mean no harm. I apologize if I overstepped my bounds, princess.” Dr. Kindlemind said with a bow.

“It’s fine, we haven’t seen each other since the betrothal broke off, and I’m sure you believed we were still close. Since it was an honest mistake, I shall let it slide this time, Dr. Kindlemind. See to it you don’t do it again.” Lissandra said, lifting her hand to allow him to stand up, yet as he did, words flowed from his mouth like a kid excited his crush noticed him.

“Though I am surprised you told him that I specifically am not allowed to use your name. I didn’t know you thought of me that often.”

“I told him no such thing.”

“But then—”

“As if I’d waste my breath on something that trivial,” Lissandra said, walking away to her seat.

“What, no thank you?” Ash said, hoisting his blade back on his back and following her along with the rest of Squad S.

“Do I need to thank you for doing your job?”

“Of course not, Princesss.”

“Stop saying it like that!”

“Whatever you say, Princesss.”

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