Chapter 3:

The Beginning (Part III)

CIMEDE Chronicles

Four walls and a door, that was the extent of the pitiful room I was in, not even a single window exposing the sun’s dazzling rays was to be seen.

Besides the singular fluorescent light built into the ceiling, the room was empty, exempt of any furnishings that could be called convenient. Even the bed that I had spent the night in was no more than a blanket and some rolled up towels for under my head.

Even worse was my toilet, which was just a hole in the cement floor, not even 2 feet deep. I just hope the warden or the guards come to empty it out occasionally, since I couldn’t flush it.

I, Keisuke Saburi, was in an underground holding cell on an offshore Island prison for dangerous criminals. I wouldn’t call myself very dangerous though… then again, that would defer by your definition of dangerous. Even an everyday object such as a pencil could be called dangerous if it was used the wrong way. By the way, I’m still technically a minor, so why exactly was I not in a juvenile detaining facility?

“I wonder what time it is” I said aloud in a flat tone.

Seeing as there were no windows, I had no way of telling what time it was on the outside, or how long I’ve been in this enclosed room. When I had arrived here, it was about two hours after that CIMEDE school girl, Chi...Chi…Chika? That Chika girl gave me a total ass kicking.

After I was loaded into a police car, hands cuffed behind my back. I was driven around random streets for around one hour and forty-five minutes until we reached the docks, where I was transported onto a police motorboat. I’m not too sure if we stopped somewhere during that almost two-hour long drive since I might’ve fallen asleep. I was sleep deprived, and still a growing teenage boy, so sleeping in a car ride is plenty normal, even if I'm being driven to prison. Anyways, having those stops would make sense for the drive, since it shouldn’t have taken two hours.

No more than ten minutes of being in the police car's transport had I been thinking about jumping from the police car that I was in, but the convoy of police vehicles had armed officers that looked like they’d shoot to kill. I did not have absolute faith in my cardio ability, nor was my body fit enough to outrun trained police officers on foot, let alone in a car. I had also given thought to escaping from the police motorboat that I rode to this island prison, but that would have been a way worse option than the car escape.

And so, I ended up here.

From the Island’s surface, the prison almost looked like a large survival shelter, like those from apocalyptic movies. The kinds of bases that have guard posts, and iron wire fences surrounding the perimeter. I guess you could say military base? Actually, military base might be a better description for it. But I think it gives off the eerie atmosphere of an apocalyptic bunker.

On the way down from the island’s surface, I saw many other cells that had a surface view. I wondered what the cells would be like underground, from what I saw, some didn’t even look half bad. After taking the elevator, which creaked and looked like something out of a trashy hotel’s, I was already thinking that I’d much rather of had a cell on top, I mean an ocean view! HELL YEAH!

When I reached the prison's lowest level and saw my shitty dump of a cell, I was struck speechless... like a WHAT THE HELL IS THAT kind of speechless. It was not even comparable to some of the ones on the top, and I can guarantee you that I’m not the worst person on this island. I guess they were scared of me escaping, since breaking in and out of things is kind of my specialty. I still didn't deserve to be treated like a cockroach. It's almost like they were stomping me underfoot because I was tiny in their eyes, or would I have been considered big to them, due to my abilities?

"Welcome back to another episode of the Saburi Home Critic! Today I will be picking apart the room that I had spent the lovely night in. Let's begin with sleep quality! I might have gotten only a couple of hours sleep last night, but in all, it was no more than four hours. This place was definitely no mansion with an ocean view, and my bed was about as bad as sleeping on the road... Talk about being homeless inside of a home! To add another complaint to this favorable vacation location on the Saburi Home Critic's list of unfavorable vacation locations, the lunch guy had only come by once for breakfast, which means that it's still not lunch yet… or maybe I’ll only get fed twice??? Talk about bad customer service... I give this place 1/10 stars. Shit! and don't get me started on the room's layout and toilet features, their such a WASTE!"

I had been monologuing aloud my adventures inside this island prison, for there was no one to talk to other than myself, and to be honest, I do find listening to the sound of my own voice complaining very satisfying, indeed. But it's finally time to crack down and get serious.

At the moment, I was pacing around my shitty cell thinking of a way out. My ideal escape would be when the lunch guy comes with my lunch, or would that be dinner? I’m still not sure if I get lunch, or just dinner. Either way, one thing is certain, I’ve only eaten once today.

Just as I was thinking that, I heard a rattle coming from the iron enforced door. My mind stopped it’s plotting, and I stopped my pacing. The room wasn’t too large to begin with, probably 8 feet to a side. So, I didn’t have much space to pace around anyways.

The latches on the door unlocked with a clack, and someone walked in.

“Looks like you’ve got a meeting with someone” came a rough masculine voice from the cells entrance.

“My meal caterer? Ahhhh… I’m relieved” I said, releasing a satisfied breath.

“Shut up and follow me, smartass” came the voice from the door.

I listened to the voice and walked out of the cell. After leaving the cell’s entrance, what I saw was the face the warden, along with five of his subordinates.

“Hey guys! How’s the weather on the outside?” I said giving a wry smile.

The six men, ignoring me, encircled me like bodyguards around an important official, and led me to the prison’s main level, by elevator. Upon reaching the main level, and exiting the trashy looking elevator, I couldn’t help but shield my burning eyes from the scorching sunlight that poured in from the windows around. Too bright.

The top floor of the Prison was where the Warden stayed, along with the other guards that worked at the prison. There were desks with papers sprawled out and some rooms that I couldn’t tell the contents of. Probably a lounge, or maybe beds? I’m not totally sure what it’s like on a prison island. Do the warden and other guards have work hours? Or do they live here round the clock? I guess I'll have one of them when I have the chance.

I continued my pointless pondering as I followed the warden into one of the unknown rooms. I started to feel nervous, not knowing what I was stepping into. I need to push the guards and make a run for it, I thought, but my heart just wasn’t into the idea. Probably because I knew I had no ability to oppose the tall armed men surrounding me.

Inside the room we had entered was a single table with chairs on either side. There was a window on the wall opposite of the door. File cabinets, bookshelves, a flatscreen monitor, decorative plants, probably fake but maybe real? I don’t know. All of those things adorned the room making for a relaxed workplace environment. On the table, I saw a picture of the warden with a girl that looked to be his same age, and a young boy probably seven or eight. That’s probably his family, I thought. That means this is his office.

There was a man sitting at the desk in the room, it was not the warden. What I could guess by looking at him, the man looked to be in his forties. Early, mid, or late, I honestly couldn’t tell. Though he was sitting, I could tell he was rather tall, I’d guess seemingly close to 198 centimeters. He's so damn tall...... then again, he is sitting, but still! His build was muscular. He looked like he went to the gym every day. I bet that he could bust the seams on his shirt just by flexing. Just looking at him, made me cringe at the thought of being his sparring partner. I mean his arms were thicker than my thighs. Then again, I was quite skinny, but still they were big.

His hair was a light brown crew cut, not necessarily blonde, but not really brown either. The crew cut was slightly longer on the top, kind of a flat top style. His hairstyle fit his broad, muscular face rather well, along with his goatee, which was sculpted almost perfectly. What's with that gaze he's giving me though, he looks like he wants to rip me apart... scary......

The muscular mammoth wore a red button-down shirt with the sleeves rolled up to his elbows, navy blue slacks, and a beige but closer to white necktie.

I looked the suit wearing bodybuilder top to bottom a couple times, and in return, he looked back. His gaze seemed to pierce through my very existence, like his eyes were shortening my lifespan. Am I going to die young? WARDEN! TAKE ME BACK TO MY CELL!

The warden gave me an unpleasant look and told me not to touch a thing before looking at the suit wearing body builder and saying something with his eyes. After his eyes finished their somewhat of a conversation, the warden left the room.

The strange bodybuilder moved his hand to the seat across from him, gesturing that I sit down. I was paralyzed by the man's intimidating aura. I managed to snap out of my trance and follow the man's instructions. After I took my seat across from the bodybuilder, he opened his mouth.

“My name is Uemichi, I am the director of the CIMEDE Agency… Mr. Saburi, We need to talk.”