Chapter 20:

Awaited Me

Royal Princess of Blood

After fixing my hair, Mera and I headed to the palace’s entrance door where my Brother was waiting. A bit behind me, I could sense Mera gawking directly at me as she held the folded brown cloak in her arms.

I occasionally turn my head to look at her, with a bit of curiosity as to why she was looking oddly at me. Often my movement was swift so I always caught her and she would jolt a little whenever that happened.

She was quite amusing to watch to be honest. And this was one of the reasons why I had her become my personal maid.

A few moments later, we had reached our destination. By the door, there my brother, Estevan, was standing in wait. A servant by his side holding the same kind of cloak I had. He was also royalty, so it was to be expected that he should also hide his identity.

If they were worried about such an issue, then why have him as my guard?

Well, I did suggest that. But they were the ones that agreed. They could have assigned someone else. That said, my brother was one of the strongest knights, so perhaps my parents wanted someone strong by my side and someone absolutely trustworthy. Whatever, as long as everything goes well, I’m fine with it.

“Estel! Finally! Hm hm, looking good.”

“Thank you very much, brother. And you look dashing as always!”

“Hearing that from my dear sister is incredibly wonderful. So, are you ready?”

I smiled.

“Of course I am. Why wouldn’t I be? Mera.”

I called Mera and indicated the cloak. She spread it open and slid the clothing unto me. I pulled the hood and covered my head, hiding my platinum hair of pure white, and concealing my beautiful face halfway. I pulled the cloak to further cover my body. The cloak was plain, the sewing and the fabric was not as fine as my dress, but that was completely fine. It can help blend in with the crowd and not to attract attention.

“By the way brother, does everyone in the city know your face?” I asked him.

“Of course. As a prince, I often have to show my face, especially on special occasions and festivals.”

“I see. But they don’t know how I look, don’t they?”

He nodded as he wore his cloak. Furthermore, he also strapped a sword which was sheathed by his left waist, then covered it from view.

“Of course, you never went out of the palace. So no one has seen you beside other nobles.”

“Then this means I am safer than you, brother,” I giggled. “The people would swarm you first before they even realize I am the princess.”

“Well that’s good. At least I would serve as a good distraction, you’ll be safer that way.”

He patted my head.

“... Y-Yes…”

I acted embarrassed as a faint flush came into my cheeks while I nodded.

“B-But if there’s danger brother, you better escape.”

“Now now, there’s no need to be so concerned.”

He gave me a confident smile, as though saying he would be perfectly fine. I nodded at him with a relieved smile on my face. Just then, we heard footsteps coming our way. We turned towards the hallways to see both our parents coming our way.

“Oh, my dear daughter appears so ready!”

Father said with a smile, when he approached closer, he squeezed both my cheeks with his hand. I was startled since it was out of the blue.

“F-Father!” I exclaimed to show my genuine surprise.

“My daughter is going out for the first time! This is an important event. It’s quite unfortunate we can’t come with you.”

“Indeed, what a shame. We can’t let the whole royal family tour around the city after all. It’s dangerous. Be very careful, okay?” My mother said as she held my hand tightly.

The air around me felt so friendly and warm... Family? A strange feeling this was, receiving the care of others. It was… pleasant… But, I must not be swayed by such feelings. These feelings offer me nothing good...

Was that really the case? I don’t know. Perhaps… no… I reject these feelings.

I shook my head to shake off those bothersome thoughts.

“Don’t worry too much, I have Brother on my side. But, we’ll be careful.”

“Good. Have fun.”

“Tell us what you encountered later, okay dear daughter?”


After saying our goodbyes, my brother led me to the palace gates which leads to the outside. The guards saw us, as I already had the hood of my cloak cover my head, and my brother showing his face, most of their attention came to him first.

But as we approached closer, a lot of their attention had been aimed at me. I lowered my head as I hid behind my brother.

“Your highness, the prince!”

All the soldiers surrounding us went down on one knee, greeting my brother. It would seem they did not know that it was me. But I suppose that was for the best. Estevan didn’t seem to care that they did not recognize that accompanying him was the princess.

“Rise,” he gave the command and the soldiers all stood up. “We will be leaving the palace for a while.”

“Understood. I shall prepare the guards.”

“No need. We will be fine.”

“... As you wish.”

None of the soldiers were informed that I would be going out. It would be better if a few only knew after all.

They opened the gates, as they did so, Estevan spoke to the guards.

“Speak no one of this.”

The soldiers all responded in affirmative. They often stole glances at me. It appears they already had some suspicions as to who I was under the cloak. Well, as long as they know it was me, they’ll know that they had to keep their mouth shut. Unless some of them were two-faced pricks.

Of course, as the princess as I was, I avoided their gazes.

As the large gates made of both metal and thick wood opened, the sunlight from the other side leaked through the gaps. The portcullis raised up, the gates opened, I saw a long expanse of the paved pathway, and beyond I saw different kinds of buildings.

I smiled in glee as I saw the scene before me, and what awaited me to traverse it.

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