Chapter 21:

The Pretty Bird Had Left the Nest

Royal Princess of Blood

The pretty bird had finally left the nest!

I wanted to yell that out of my mouth, but regrettably I couldn’t do that. But oh well.

At the moment we were walking down the pathway from the palace gates. My steps were energetic and springing ever so slightly as Estevan followed behind me. A gleeful smile radiating on my face.

I walked to the edge and saw a clear river stream going down under the bridge we were walking on. The water sparkled under the gentle light of the morning sun, tiny fishes swam and jumped above the surface, shiny pebbles laying under the water stream only made the scene before me more eye-catching

Too late did I realize that I had stopped in my tracks to admire the beauty. The river, the fishes, the trees rustling in the gentle breeze. I didn’t have a lot of leisurely time to enjoy such sceneries in my former life. I could only barely have the chance to do so.

That only made me appreciate more what was happening now. I took in a long sharp breath, inhaling the refreshing air.


Estevan suddenly called out to me amidst my adoration, I jolted to the side to face him.


“We only went outside the gates and you’re already this happy,” he said with a chuckle, an amused smile blooming on his face.

“Y-Yes. I couldn’t contain myself. I’m sorry.”

“What are you sorry about? There’s nothing to apologize for.”

“... Yes…”

Brother gazed at the river before peering all around.

“What say we go by the river bank for a while before going to the city?”

I beamed up.

“Really? We can? Let’s do it! Let’s go!”

I strode ahead first with quick steps. Brother followed and positioned beside me. We reached the end of the bridge and we turned to the side and walked over towards the river bank.

When we got closer, the sound of the flowing water reached my ears more vividly. So calming and peaceful. I kneeled down with both knees beside the river and leaned forward. I saw my face being reflected on the water surface, there was a genuine happy smile upon it.

Pretty lips curled broadly, eyes that looked so warm and joyful. Not the face I usually see when I see myself in a mirror. I spaced out for a short moment until I saw Estevan’s face beside my reflection.

I scooped some water, and a cold sensation came all over my hand.

“Amazing, the water is so clean.”

I was genuinely amazed. You seldom see rivers this serene and clean back in my old world. I raised my hand filled with water and tilted it slightly, I let the water slowly fall as I observed its clarity.

I turned to Estevan who was sitting on the grass with folded legs. I smiled at him, showing my happiness. He gave a satisfied smile, as though he himself was glad that I was feeling this way.

I heard a faint splashing of water, in reflex I turned towards the source of the sound, curious. A tiny fish jumped up out of the water. In addition, a group of fishes swam around.

Should I try catching a few?

Thinking to myself, I dove my hand in the water in hopes to catch even just one. But the tiny fishes were swift and evaded my hand. I pouted.

As expected, they’re quick.

“You’re going to have a hard time catching the small ones,” Estevan said as he glanced at the river.

“I thought so…”

“We should bring a net next time, we can go fishing. Plus, there should be a few big ones, so we might just come back home with a few catches.”

“Yes! We should go back next time!” I looked at him with excitement. “By the way, I sort of wanted to take a dip in the water, just my foot. But… the water is not so shallow that we can just step in nonchalantly.”

The water would wet my dress. It perhaps reached above my knee.

“Hm. There should be somewhere we can do that. Should we go find it?”

I shook my head.

“We plan on going to the city. So I think we should do that next time.”

“If you say so…... It sure is nice and quiet.”

“Does no one live around here?”

“We’re still in the territory of the palace, so no commoners are around here. But if we go further, we’ll start to encounter plenty of houses.”

“Are commoners allowed to come here?”

“As long as they don’t get closer to the palace without permission, it should be fine.”

“I see…”

I took one last glance at the river before standing up.

“Let’s continue on, brother.”

He stood up as he patted his pants. Then we went on our way

“Alright, ah, from here on out, please remain right by my side.”

“Understood,” with that, we strode onward. “Ah yes, it’s a promise that we’ll come here fishing, right?”

Come now, I need a reason to get out, just in case they would be strict with me again. At least next time, I can get Estevan involved.

“Yeah yeah, I promise.”

He smiled while looking at me as he promised.

“Don’t break it, okay?”

“Why would I break a promise I made with my dear sister?” He chuckled.

“You better don’t. Else I’ll ignore you for a year…”

He gasped as he stopped in his tracks.

“Now that’s just cruel! Please have a heart, Estel!”

“That’s why don’t break your promise.”


I gave him a charming smile before facing forward. At this moment, I began to see houses in the short distance. Some made of bricks, some made of stones, some made of wood.

I was getting there. The moment I reach the city, I must definitely tour around! It’s going to be an adventure!

But there must be something I should find while doing so. Blacksmiths.

Yes, I must find out at least where one was located.

“Ah by the way brother. The knight’s feast. Is it really happening now?”

“Of course. When they were told about it yesterday, they were overjoyed and cheered loudly as they did so. Then, they were very grateful when they heard it was per your request.”

“... Was it necessary to tell them that?”

“I think so. They think highly of you, you know.”

“Is that so… That’s embarrassing to hear…”

Good! The meatshields are ready!

Well, I was not sure if that was indeed that case. But if Brother said it, that should be what they think of me. Not all, but at least a lot of them. Even if I have yet to fully influence them to be my meatshields, at least this just goes to show I was making a decent amount of progress.

As we got closer to the houses, I began to see many and many more people. Unlike the extravagant clothes nobles wear that I always see in the palace, the people here wore simple clothing. Plain and unlavish. Although I saw very few which wore clothes that appeared more expensive than normal.

I pulled my hood even more and also pulled my cloak, covering my body even more. My beauty might attract a large amount of attention when people see it at its full glory. And that would be troublesome. Also, the most I should do was hide my hair. Apparently, my hair was very unique, I heard people in the palace said that, as well as my family, so I should do my best to hide them.

And now, here begins my entrance to the city. I expect a lot of exciteful things to discover and encounter.

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