Chapter 40:

Black Wolf Gang

Fantasy Life

The sun was about to set as Kaida and the others made their way to the field for a quick game with the mythical creatures. After much discussion, they decided on a simple game of catch. With one ball, everyone gathered around in a circle. Kaida started with the ball and tossed it to Matsume, who grabbed the ball using two of her tails. Each time someone caught the ball, everyone in the circle had to take a step back, widening the circle. If anyone dropped the ball, then that person or creature was out until the next game.

Matsume launched it over to Asa, then Asa tossed it over to Yui. Before Yui could catch it, a large black dog with bat-like wings flew out of nowhere and snatched the ball from the air. If the wings weren't scary enough, the creature had a distinctive blue flame flickering around its head and some chains around its paws. "Hey!" Yui exclaimed. "Give us our ball back."

The creature landed a few yards away and used its jaws and sharp teeth to pop the ball before spitting it out. Kei recognized the creature, "It's a kludde."

"You've seen it before, Kei?" Yun asked.

"Yes, my mom has one. It's a creature from Belgian folklore and even though this one is in the shape of a dog, the kludde can also be in the shape of a cat, a horse, or a frog to name a few."

"But why is it here?" Kaida asked as she inched closer to Yami and Chiyo.

"Because I said it could," a voice said. The team all turned to see a group of people and creatures appear from around the school. Kaida figured that the man standing in the front of the group was the leader, and the kludde's human. The kludde flew over and the man patted the top of its head. "Good boy, Tajiri."

Jun stepped forward as the others gathered together behind him. "This is private property. May I ask what you're doing here?"

"Can't I ask that of you, boy?" The man snapped. "Shouldn't school be out by now?"

"We have permission to be here. You don't."

"Ah well, I'm sure you won't mind us going into the school, right?"

"For what reason do you need access to the school?" Jun demanded.

"No reason in particular. You see," the man rolled up his sleeve to reveal a tattoo of a black wolf howling on his right arm. "I am Noda Masataka, the leader of the Black Wolf Gang. My crew and I spend our time traveling throughout Japan and wreak havoc whenever we want. There's not much to do in this town of yours though so we figured we'd trash your school and move on."

Jun clenched his fists and spoke in a stern voice. "Sorry, but I am afraid that you and your thugs are not welcome here. Please leave the school grounds at once."

"Or what?"

"Or we will make you leave." Dallas came up next to Jun and hoofed at the ground. All the other creatures sensed the tension in the air and were ready for a fight.

"Heh, I bet you won't be so cocky after getting a load of this," Noda said as he and a few of his gang members pulled out some knives. "What do you think of this kid? Charge!" At his command, the entire gang rushed towards Jun and the others.

"Jun, we can't fight them," Yun said. "It's best if we retreat for now and get the authorities."

"Too late to run now brother. Besides, it's not like we can call anyone. We all left our phones inside the school."

"I can run back inside and call for help," Kaida exclaimed. "Can you guys buy me some time?"

"We'll do what we can, but hurry," Jun replied as he blocked an incoming fist and knocked out one of Noda's lackeys.

Kaida wasted no time and made a dash for the school. Noda saw her running away from the group and shouted, "Not so fast!" He jumped on Tajiri and with his wings flew the two of them right in front of Kaida. Kaida came to a halt as Noda said, "Where do you think you're going?" He raised a hand to bring his dagger down on Kaida. She leapt out of the way but tripped and landed on the ground. 

"Oh crap, Kaida!" Rei shouted as she used a stick to whack another lackey to the ground.

Yami raged, using his tail to fling three mythical creatures across the field. Chiyo reared up and galloped to Kaida's aid. She made it in time to jab Tajiri in the side with her horn. Tajiri howled and bit one of Chiyo's legs. She cried in pain and in the chaos of the moment, Kaida saw her horn glowing that same purple color as when she was on the chariot.

"Chiyo wait!"

Noda became angry. Raising his knife he shouted, "That's it you beast! Say good night!" Before the knife came close to Chiyo, there was a flash and a white light surrounded the field.

Kaida opened her eyes to see all her friends standing in a rice paddy. She looked around her. Chiyo limped towards her, dangling her front left leg in the air. "Chiyo, are you alright?"

Alba flew over to Chiyo as the others followed close behind. A white light came from Alba's wings, and just like with Tsuda's face, the bite on Chiyo's leg began to disappear. When the others arrived, Yun stated, "I don't think we are in our time anymore."

Kaida looked at everyone. "Look around. I don't even know if we're in Ashikaga anymore."