Chapter 1:

The Enforcer

Enforcer's Defiance

The Bestia Macht tore its way out of the flaming wreckage that used to be its home. It let out a gut piercing howl as it looked down towards what used to be its nest. What was left of it was currently burning to ash as it broke away turning into nothing more than mere memory. In the distance its queen howled in pain as she was quickly consumed by the flame unable to fight back due to just haven given birth to serval Baron level Bestia Macht.

The Beast stared down in horror as it howled again. It turned towards the north looking towards the massive city in the distance. All around it the ground was torn away as several thousand Bestia Macht tore through the ground coming to the surface as they too looked towards the city also letting out a loud howl.

What used to be a nest full of millions of them were reduced to barely a thousand. A lone Beast stepped forward as several followed. All of them focused on the city as they watched it with pure hate. They would have their revenge.

Or at least they would try...

The Enforcers. A group whose tasked with fighting off the threat known as the Bestia Macht. They would stop at nothing to beat them and make sure they weren't killed of so easily. To them only survival mattered. They weren't really that different from the Defiance were they? They would do their own experiments and test. Hence why they weren't afraid to lose a few civilians.


Ken stared dead ahead at the wall of the helicopter as it flew slowly. The only movement he would make would be the occasional blink. Rarely he would reach up and lightly push his glasses back up.

"Do you understand your objective?" The commander asked. She wore a heavy looking body armour with the words 'Enforcer' written on it. A massive gun was thrown over her shoulder as she set her gear up.

"Yes, sir," Ken said not turning to look at the woman. "I am to drop down and take out all threats while keeping civilian death toll to as low as possible." He said repeating his orders back easily. "If possible I am also to avoid destruction as long as it does not affect a civilian getting harmed."

"That's right..." The commander said feeling creeped out at the robotic way Ken would look at things. If she hadn't been told what Ken was, then she would have assumed he was one of those damn Androids the Defiance tried to pass of as the next 'big weapon' to use against the Bestia Macht. But he wasn't. Ken was something far worse.

"We'll be dropping down in a few seconds." The pilot yelled. "I suggest getting ready. Their gonna swarm us the moment we land." He yelled out as he steered down.

Ken stood up walking over to the doors as he pulled a basic handgun out reloading it easily. 'Ken.' A voice said speaking directly to Ken even though he didn't have a communication device like the other Enforcers who all wore phone like devices in their ears. 'Have you landed yet?'

"Negative sir," Ken said still getting his gear ready as he talked. "We will be landing in a few seconds sir. How long will it take to get the Drawer ready?" He questioned.

"It will take about half an hour. It cost me a lot to convince that Defiance doctor wannabe to allow me to use it... You better not disappointment Ken."

"I'll do everything that is within my abilities to finish the mission you have assigned for me sir." Ken said simply.

'Good. Do your best. I want to show Mr. Storm why he spent eight billion dollars on you.'

"As you wish sir," Ken said simply.

"Alright get ready. The bastards will swarm us the moment we dropdown. Hey, Bio-Freak get ready to defend us!" The pilot yelled back to Ken. "I want you to drop down first. I would rather an abomination died then one of my friends."

"As you wish sir," Ken said ignoring the abomination remark. He wasn't told to be offended so he wouldn't. Ken moved forwarded as he grabbed the door. He counted down in his head before reaching zero and opening the door. He jumped out falling through the air taking a dive. He was about forty feet up in the air now as he twisted his body. A white aura covered his body as he crashed into the ground below landing straight into the city. He ignored his superhero landing as he stood up quickly looking around the city and taking in the damage toll.

Civilians ran around screaming bloody murder as abominations of animals that we're called the Beasts chased them around. Ken stepped forward raising his handgun. His white aura surrounded the gun as it was strengthened beyond anything a simple handgun should have.


The gunshot fired out echoing loudly as one of the beasts fell. The wind ripped out as a sonic boom went off from the force of the gunshot and the recoil threw Ken's arm up. Several people, as well as the monsters, stopped what they were doing as they turned to look at Ken.

"An Enforcer?" Someone asked. "They didn't send a Defiance Member? Do they want us to die?"

"He's not even wearing body armor?"

"But did you see that shot? That little gun somehow killed one of them?"

Ken walked forward his eyes darting to look at several of the beasts. "Bang! Bang! Bang!" Three shots rang off as three more beasts fell all of them taking a bullet to the head dropping them instantly. Ken moved like a machine making sure not to waste any time as he dropped them.

Ken walked forward still silent as he continued firing. "Bang! Bang!" He grabbed the clip pulling it out and throwing it as he reloaded at a quick rate not even looking down as he popped a new clip into the gun. "Bang!"

By now several of the beast all notice him and decided to focus on him rather then the civilians. They let out several loud roars as they all charged forward fully prepared to avenge their queen. They would show why you don't nuke their nest. People continued to run around like headless chickens as they all screamed. Thankfully the beasts chose to ignore them and go after the one guy who killed eight of them. In their minds they could tell he was the stronger one . They would enjoy ripping him apart much like how their queen was ripped apart by the flames.

"Bang! Bang!" Ken barely stepped to the side dodging an attack as a clawed arm knocked his gun out of his hand and onto the floor. He reached into his backside pulling out a Wakizashi blade twirling it in his hands as he continued to dodge. His white aura pulsed around him as it surrounded the blade enhancing it.

Ken made a quick leftward slice as his blade cut deeply into one of the monsters cutting it in half like a hot knife through butter. He dodged them all easily moving with the grace of a dancer as every step was calculated. Ken turned his head just barely enough to avoid being decapitated as his leg kicked out knocking one of the beasts back again.

By now the helicopter had landed as several soldiers stepped out. "Wow... Look at him go." One said in surprise when they saw Ken was being swarmed. "Bastards still not showing even a little emotion at all?"

One of the men grunted as they raised up their rifles. "Hopefully they can make more of the Freak. It'll make are job a hell of a lot easier." He said as he opened fire on the beast.

"Who cares." The commander of this group of Enforcer said. She raised her gun as she pointed it forward. "Let's go. Remember. Protect as many civilians as possible."

Ken turned given a slight nodded to the soldiers as he continued to dance around the battle filed slicing into many more beast. He slid down grabbing his discarded gun as he too opened fire holding the gun in his left hand while his blade sliced at everything in his right hand.

"Sir. There seems to be no end to the horde." Ken said speaking to his boss once again.

'Makes sense.' His boss said speaking to him directly again. 'I'll have the drones start up the Drawer now. Just hang on for eight more minuets. It might have not been such a good idea to blast their nests after all... But at least we got to create a situation to use you in?'

Ken slid back as he reached the commander of the other Enforcers. "They should be weakening now as we tear through them. My master has informed me that they will be using the Drawer any second now." Ken said simply as he continued to fire off his handgun. "The horde will stop any minute now."

"Thank God." The commander said ignoring the part about the Drawer being used. She looked up towards the sky for a second as she let out a sigh as she too fired off her rifle. "How the hell could their nest have been disturbed in the first place?" Ken stayed silent as he was not ordered to tell the commander the truth. "The cities definitely going to need major repairing but at least it'll be-"

A woman let out a loud scream as one of the beasts charged at her. It jumped up slicing its claws down at her. Before it could reach however Ken threw himself in front of her.

The claws impaled straight through his chest as he began to cough up blood. He began to wheeze as he felt his lungs fill with blood. He continued firing his gun into the beast throwing it off of him.

"Jesus Christ! Are you okay?" The commander said running over to Ken. Her eyes widened when she saw the massive wound that would definitely not stop bleeding anytime soon.

Ken coughed up more blood unable to speak due to the fact that his throat was full of blood. So instead he gave a nod as he continued on with the fighting. He danced around the battlefield still as the commander raised her right hand firing out a wave of ice the froze everything in front of her down to the core.

'Commander.' A voice said speaking into the commander's communication device. 'We just received word that the Bestia Macht are now starting to fall back. They should start to disperse now.' True to their word the beast quickly began to be backed up as more of them began to fall. Several of them just dropped dead as a wave of red light passed over everything and every window in the city exploded sending the glass out piercing several innocent people. Ken tried to jump in front of them as he took several blades of glass causing him to gasp out more blood.

"You need to fall back!" The commander yelled at Ken as she fired of several more waves of ice. Ken simply ignored her. He wasn't told to give up yet.

Ken continued fighting even as the pounding in his head got worse and worse and his face began to go pale as his vision blurred. He raised his gun as he fired off several more shots.

The commander let out a sigh of relief when she saw the monster began to now run as they tried to make an escape having been beat completely. "Looks like we drove them back. How many casualties did we-"

Ken fell face down collapsing into the mud below as he hit the ground with a loud 'thud.'

"Shit! Medic!" The commander hollered as she ran over to his side. She flipped him over letting out another curse. Ken's eyes stared up at the sky glassy as his face had gone completely pale and most certainly dead. He must have drowned to death from his own blood filling his lungs. "God damn it..." She said letting out a heavy sigh. She reached out closing his eyes before standing up and putting her hand to her communication device. "Commander Lin reporting to Doctor Marlon."

'What is it?' A voice snapped at her over the communication device. 'Why can't I contact Ken?' The voice asked.

"I regret to inform you that your weapons dead. He took a claw to the chest protecting a civilian and suffocated to death."

The voice let out a slight huff of annoyance. 'I see. I guess I limited them too much then. Oh well...'

Commander Lin was taken aback by the cold nature the doctor had said that with. "Right sir... Well, I'll let Master Storm know that the project was a fail-"

'Ahh, but it wasn't. Far from it. Have someone send me the body later. I'll perform the autopsy myself and I'll figure out what went wrong...'

"Come again, sir?"

'Project Restart has just begun. It's far from over. I assure you, Commander, Lin. Your little group will have their weapon... You just need to be patient... Trust me. My weapon will be far stronger then anything Defiance can build once it's completed...'