Chapter 2:

The Android

Enforcer's Defiance

Uni walked forward at a simple pace as she walked towards the ruins of the corrupted city. "This is Attack-Unit-Beta-Model-Two. Connecting to Operator-City-Unit-Lillian." She spoke simply in a calm tone. Bookmark here

"Operator Lillian here." A feminine voice said over the communication device that was implanted into all Defiance Androids. "Hello, Umi! I'll be your new Operator-"Bookmark here

"I am well aware of that fact already. Also if you must shorten my name please keep it as Uni and not Umi." Uni said simply as she arrived at the gates of the old city. "I have arrived at the mission point. What exactly am I looking for Operator." She said comeplelty focused on the mission.Bookmark here

"You are looking for the source of the corruption that is leaking in this city. Your mission is to find it and block it off as soon as possible." Lillian said simply. Bookmark here

"How did the corruption even spread to this city?" Uni questioned as she entered the city.Bookmark here

"The same way it always spreads... A human tried using it as a way to improve. They failed and the corruption took them over spreading to them all. Defiance wasn't able to evacuate the city in time, unfortunately... We lost several Attack Units when it happened. Many of them were afflicted by the corruption." Lillian went silent for a brief second. "To make matters worse another town apparently disturbed a nest of Bestia Macht. The town was just barely saved but many Enforcers died in the process."Bookmark here

Uni frowned at that. "Those foolish humans..." She said shaking her head. "They should have known better... They should have let us handle the Bestia Macht. All of them are fools." Bookmark here

"You know Umi-"Bookmark here

"Uni."Bookmark here

"Right whatever. Anyways. If it is not too much trouble could you perhaps bring me back a souvenir? I know its silly but I've always wanted to see something from the outside world. Unlike you we City-Units aren't allowed out..."Bookmark here

"I doubt it," Uni said shooting the girl down. "I have to finish the mission."Bookmark here

"Oh... Okay." Lillian said saddly. "I understand."Bookmark here

"Good." They stayed silent for a brief moment as Lillian looked over the data from the safety of the Defiance headquarters.Bookmark here

"Alright Umi. I'm getting a reading towards the south of the city... You'll have to be careful though. I'm picking up several readings from other Attack Units... That means-"Bookmark here

"I'll have to fight my own kind to get to the source," Uni said simply. "No problems. I'll tear through them quickly then." She announced. She reached up as a white light poured out of her back. She reached towards it pulling out a long-sword that seemed to almost glow as she marched forward. Bookmark here

"You're so emotionless..." Lillian commented.Bookmark here

"I am a machine just like you," Uni responded simply. "Androids shouldn't pretend to have emotions. It can interfere in the mission." Uni said simply as she walked forward. "Now. Be ready to inform me of an attack-"Bookmark here

"Behind you!" Bookmark here

Uni jumped to the left as a nearby building exploded out sending rubble everywhere. She quickly turned as she saw the corruption. Bookmark here

It was clearly once a human. It still had some features that resembled its old form. Its shape was still that of a human. But its eyes had become a dark yellow as yellow goo dripped from its body. Parts of its body was twisted and had grown far bigger then they should have as its Attribute had grown out of control changing it.Bookmark here

It's lower jaw unhinged as it breathed out a wave of fire.Bookmark here

Uni held her hand up as a shining white bubble shield formed around blocking the flame easily. She shot forward at an alarming speed as her blade sliced into the creature instantly as she put it out of its misery and finally allowing it to rest. She sliced her blade down as the blood was thrown off of it cleaning it.Bookmark here

"Two more approaching on your right!" Lillian announced quickly.Bookmark here

Uni turned to find two more of them charging her. One fired out a wave of ice as the second one's body seemed to grow bigger as it grew in power. Bookmark here

Uni's face turned into a scowl as he weapon changed into a large spear that she quickly threw forward impaling the little one easily. The massive one punched out with a large fist at her but her body glowed as she seemed to almost faze through its body allowing her to quickly grab the spear that changed yet again into a massive axe. She spun bringing it with her as she sliced into its arm cutting it off easily. The Corrupted human howled in pain as it swung connecting with her and throwing her back causing her to let out a slight grunt.Bookmark here

"Your vital signs dropped!" Lillian warned. "I recommend not getting hit again."Bookmark here

"Noted..." Uni said annoyed as she stood back up. She forced herself forward as a white light exploded out of her as she slammed her axe down cutting it straight in half. She let out a heavy sigh as her weapon disappeared being reabsorbed back into her. "Please tell me the rest are farther in the city..." She sighed out.Bookmark here

"Don't worry Umi! I'm finding a route now with the least amount of danger now." Uni waited patiently as they both stayed silent. "Alright! Marking the map out. I'm sending it to you now!"Bookmark here

Uni's eyes glowed for a brief moment as a line made of data appeared in front of her. "Following the map now," Uni said simply as she walked forward following the data line. "And you are sure this is the safest path." She questioned.Bookmark here

"I hope it is," Lillian said simply. "I wouldn't want to see you get destroyed because of a mistake I made..." Bookmark here

They both went silent as Uni followed the data path. She moved at a slow pace as she walked through the city slowly. She stopped when she cut through the alleyway finding an old run-down toy store. It was old and broken down from neglect. "This building shouldn't be that run down? The corruption should have only started a week ago?"Bookmark here

"You're right..." Lillian said sadly. "This entire city was left for dead a few years ago. The humans abandoned the city when a King Class Bestia Macht appeared near the city. The people left behind had to fight by themselves for years. Eventually one of them decided to use the corruption thinking he could control it... But like everyone else who tried it the corruption took them over..." Lillian went silent for a moment. "When will they learn that they need us to fight the Bestia Macht?"Bookmark here

Uni didn't answer as she began to move forward. Finally, she arrived at the hospital. The source of where it was all coming from. "How many readings are in the building?" She questioned.Bookmark here

"A lot..." Lillian said simply. Bookmark here

Uni nodded. "Then I'll try and make this quick. I'm entering Phase Mode!" Bookmark here

"Are you sure? That's going to eat through your power at an alarming rate." Lillian warned.Bookmark here

"I know..." Uni said simply. She held her hand up as a white sword appeared in it again. She lifted it up as it grew in power. She brought the blade down letting out a massive boom. The hospital exploded in a massive white light as several screams pierced the sky. Bookmark here

"Get ready Umi! Here they come!"Bookmark here

Uni jumped to the left as several yellow beams of energy fired through the smoke incinerating the ground beneath her. A black tendril fired out of the smoke whipping around as she dodged it. When the smoke finally fell she saw the original host of this corruption. A Holder as they were known. It was a massive monster made up of several other humans that had been merged together into one being. It let out a loud roar as it thrashed around.Bookmark here

Uni frowned as she ran forward as the light turned into a bright golden color as she slices her sword down firing a golden slice out tearing into one of its limbs severing it instantly. She sliced into it again and again over and over again as she hacked away at it wanting nothing more than to tear it into pieces. She imagined it was the doctor as she sliced into it. If she was a human who had emotions she knew she would be letting out a loud laugh. Thankfully she was an emotionless robot who didn't laugh.Bookmark here

"You okay Umi?" Lillian asked hesitantly. Bookmark here

"Couldn't be better!" Uni said simply as she swung her blade again. A brief smile appeared on her face for a second before fading away. Bookmark here

"Umi! Lookout on your-"Bookmark here

Uni felt a powerful force slam into her face as she was thrown back slamming through several buildings as she collapsed down. She let out an annoyed sigh as she stood back up.Bookmark here

"Another Android?" A voice announced. Bookmark here

Uni looked up find another Android in front of her. His clothing was torn apart and much of his artificial skin was missing. The normal white android eyes had turned into a dull yellow. He walked forward slowly as a black tendril stabbed its way out of his arm. A smile seemed to twist its way onto his face as he jumped forward. The tendril turned into a black blade around his arm as he brought it down.Bookmark here

"Hostile Android found!" Uni stated as she quickly jumped to her feet. Her sword easily blocked his as they clashed easily. A shock wave exploded out as they tore the ground to pieces with every swing. "I'm sorry but I must put you down!" Uni announced trying to cut into him.Bookmark here

The Android smirked as he jumped back. "Oh, dear sister. You're so naive." He said shrugging. "When we were hit by the corruption it made us better. We came together. We combined. We became as one. What you see before you is the combined bodies of six other Attack Units. Do you really think you stand a chance."Bookmark here

"You stopped being a Unit the moment you let the corruption take you over," Uni yelled out. "I promise I'll put you out of your misery."Bookmark here

The Android let out a laugh. "You couldn't kill us even if you wanted to-" Uni swung her blade down as an arc of white energy fired down cutting straight through his arm tearing it off.Bookmark here

"I can kill you just fine!" Uni announced stepping forward.Bookmark here

"Yeah! Take him down Umi!"Bookmark here

The Android smirked slightly as white liquid dripped from his stump. "I'll admit. That certainly surprised me. You're different from the other ones, aren't you... I don't know why but our voice can't seem to reach you?"Bookmark here

"I'm an Attack Unit designed to deal with the corruption," Uni said pointing her blade forward. "I'm a one of a kind model completely immune to the effects. Your tricks won't work on me." Bookmark here

The Androids face twisted into a bigger smile. "We'll see about that!" He said. The Holder behind him let out a roar as a tendril stabbed out piercing into the Android. It began to mold his body as it entered him. A massive blacknd arm expanded out of his opening forming a massive tendril covered in blades. His back was ripped open as a pair of blacknd wings sprouted out. "The corruption merges everything! Even technology isn't immune to us! We are practically Gods-"Bookmark here

Uni spun as she swung her sword slicing into the abomination easily. It let out a loud roar as it smacked into her throwing her back. Uni growled slightly as her blade changed into a large bow. She pointed it forward as several white arrows fired out stabbing into the beast.Bookmark here

It let out another growl as the ground beneath it exploded under it as it launched forward slamming into Uni.Bookmark here

"Uni you're taking on critical damage! You need to quickly get out of there!"Bookmark here

"No," Uni said shaking her head. "I'm finishing this!" Her weapon changed into a large blade as it began to vibrate quickly. She brought it up as it grew even larger. She pumped all of her energy into it as she slammed it down as hard as she possibly could. The air was ripped in two as a massive arc of light fired out slamming straight into the Android who let out a loud yell. Bookmark here

He held his arm out attempting to block it as it slammed into him pushing him back. "Ha!" He yelled out laughing now. "Attempting to hit us with an all-out assault? Bad mistake! We'll just deflect this then absorb you once you're out of energy. We-"Bookmark here

"Operator! I'm cutting into the core!" Uni announced. Bookmark here

"Right..." Lillian said nodding. "Sending power now!"Bookmark here

Uni felt energy rush through her body as the blade grew even bigger forcing the Android back! "What! You're taking power from an Operator!" He gasped out as he was forced back. His arm began to break apart at an alarming rate. "Just! What! Are you!" He yelled out as he was fully enveloped by the slash. He had time to let out one more yell as his body was quickly burnt away by the slash.Bookmark here

"Umi! Your power's really low! Do you need me to keep sending energy?" Lillian asked panicked.Bookmark here

"No..." Uni said shaking her head slightly. "I'm fine Operator. Save your own strength." She said struggling to stay up. Bookmark here

"Alright..." Lillian said simply. "I'll send you the next set of data and the location of the pickup zone," Lillian said. Bookmark here

"No..." Uni said turning away. She turned to look towards the toy store for a brief second. "I have something I need to do before I leave." She said simply.Bookmark here

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