Chapter 11:

Set a policeman to catch a policeman ( 2/2 )

Chaos' Game

     At her words, one of the minions took the initiative to point a gun on the fierce woman.

“Calm down. Our dear client is just a little prankster, isn't she?” the boss quietly yet firmly ordered, immediately listened.

“That's what I like about you, Shargen. You have sense of humour. Quite lacking in the workplace.”

     Briefly chuckling at her remark, he discreetly smiled.

“You can present it to the most qualified expert you find. These are perfectly fake diamonds. Of the best quality you'll ever find.”

“Now! He said it. Deploy you.” Kiseki promptly commanded.

     At this exact instant, police officers sneaked out of the vehicle, causing perturbations in the camouflage hologram. Knowing exactly where the vigils were, they furtively drew near in their back and neutralized them with electrical impulse guns. The men in black suits fell heavily on the ground one after another, barely having time to react.

     Meanwhile, Kiseki and a few subalterns already headed towards the entrance… Efficiency was the perfect word to describe Kiseki's unit. Nothing was left to chance.

     Irrupting in the abandoned storehouse, they walked straight to Ling and Shargen. Their steps soon echoed on the ground, though despite this the black haired woman didn't even turn her head. On the other hand, the man facing her slowly raised his head while realizing the footsteps were more numerous then the number of his minions outside.

“Police. You're under arrest for smuggling. Don't make a move.”

     Inspector Idonosoko stopped a few meters behind the woman, brandishing his badge. His subalterns pointed their guns on the gangsters to prevent any inappropriate reaction.

“What does this mean?” slowly, Shargen leaned forward on his seat, maintaining his calm. “Do you even have clues of your accusations?”

     Even if policemen managed to apprehend them in an embarrassing situation, there was not to worry as they wouldn't be able to prove the merchandise is fake.

“They do have.”

     Shargen lowered his eyes on the person who'd spoken, right in front of him. A mischievous smirk appeared on that woman's face, her golden eyes scrutinizing him as she threw a micro on the table. They got trapped. That cursed woman… She wasn't an actual customer.

     Out of a sudden, Shargen knocked down his fist on the table with such a violence that a cracking sound soared as deafening as thunder itself. A burst of shards in all directions followed closely while he scowled at Ling with an expression distorted by fury. The silver box tossed on the floor together with wooden debris, fake diamonds rolling on the ground. Without losing a single part of his reaction, the young woman didn't even move back.

“You darned bitch… From the beginning…” Shargen's voice raised as he was spitting his wrath.

“I said don't move.” Kiseki recalled.

     Far too late.

     Pouncing ahead on Ling, the criminals' boss threw a punch at her belly. However, she avoided it with ease sliding forward on the floor, a hand on the ground.

     Tireless gunfires began spreading in the whole room like raindrops as men in black suits joined the retaliation. Alas for them, when aware of the forecast you're more likely to be cautious. And so, policemen unfolded their retractable shield, set as a bracelet around their wrist they put in guard. Without losing time, the latter fired back.

     Seizing a leg of her chair that toppled, swept away by Shargen's blow, the golden-eyed woman projected it on him. Grunting at the impact, he turned around to catch the lady by her long hair as she stood up, sharply pulling it back.

“You thought I would let you make it through?”

     A mere sneer answered him, making him continue even more surly while his face leaned above hers.

“I will bring you to hell before they take me anywhere.”

     Reaching for his gun with his spare hand, he intended to point it on Ling. That was without counting on her catching the wrist holding her and twisting it enough to make him release her. Not willing to let her go that easily, the smuggler shot at her face, though she avoided it by rotating to his right. Turning in a same move her back to him while still holding his arm, she managed to make Shargen lose balance and topple forward. As soon as he strucked the dusty ground, the young woman crouched to sit on the man's back. Collecting the firearm he dropped in his fall, she pointed it against his skull.

“I let you go first. Don't forget to send me a postcard from your cell.”

     Without any real difficulty, Kiseki incapacitated himself half of the henchmen at the same time as evading the bullets. When they were all neutralized, he turned to face Ling Zhen and walked towards her.

“Well done, officer Luxian.”

     Mei Mei Luxian. A year had passed since Ling integrated police ranks under this alias, climbing the ladder. As she never took off her mask while committing mischiefs, they didn't know her true identity. Kiseki was her hierarchical superior for a couple of months before the Great Founder's Day, enabling her to go around with Merlish's spouse and gather data.

     Pulling out of his pocket a pair of handcuffs, the inspector took charge of putting it on Shargen while his subaltern locked him.

     After driving the criminals in the police van, inspector Idonosoko sought out to Ling.

“You can be proud of yourself. I will recommend you to the post of inspector.”

     Thanks to today's operation, she would be promoted and be able to set up missions together with Kiseki.

“That's too much honour, inspector. I only did my duty.”

“Don't say that. You perfectly fulfilled your role so that we managed to catch them red-handed.”

     Albeit remaining serious, he displayed a proud smile as working together with such a valuable element of the police.

“Then, to grant me and celebrate our future patrols, what about treating me dinner tonight?”

“…Hmm. Well, I suppose it's not every day that you'll have such boost in your career. Why not?”

     Displaying a delighted smile, the young woman joined her hands and stared at Kiseki with contentment.

“Ohh! This is going to be an unforgettable night, I am sure of that!”

     For a while, Kiseki couldn't look away and set his gaze off of hers. He seemed briefly hypnotized before regaining composure and taking place in the van with her, leaving the neighbourhood to head to the police station.

     At this moment he was unaware that the hours to come will contribute to ruin all he had built until now.

Haru Yumera