Chapter 43:


Fantasy Life

That night everyone gathered around outside the back of the house. Himari held a lantern for it was too dark to see. "Alright, is everyone ready?"

"I think we're all set," Yun replied. "But let's run through the plan real quick. First, Chiyo is going to absorb some borrowed power from every mythical creature here. Next, and the trickiest part, we should arrive outside the school about a few minutes before the Black Wolf Gang appear before future us. Last, when our future selves get transported back to this time we will surround the gang and hold them off while Kaida runs and gets Tsuda sensei."

"Sounds good, Yun," Kei commented.

Himari nodded. "Get ready everyone." She turned to Chiyo. "Please look out for these kids, will you? And come back and visit me sometime."

"Um, Himari," Kaida began with tears in her eyes. "I know this is probably the last time we'll see you so I wanted to say take care and thank you for helping us."

"Yes, you've been wonderful. Thank you for everything!" Rei exclaimed.

"We'll never forget you," Kei said, sniffling. 

"It was a pleasure to meet you all. I'm sure you all hold bright futures." Himari inched closer to Kaida and reached out a hand to pat her head. "Remember your promise ok?" Kaida didn't speak from holding tears back but only gave a firm nod. Pulling her arm back to her, Himari said, "Chiyo, it's time."

At her words, a purple light surrounded Chiyo's horn. Strands of magic floated out from the tip into each of the surrounding mythical creatures, absorbing their magic. As the magic came into Chiyo's body, the light of the horn got brighter. A blinding light flashed and when Kaida opened her eyes again, they were back in Ashikaga, just outside the school. Everyone looked around. Jun broke the silence by stating, "We're back."

"Are we at the right time?" Yui asked.

"I think so," Yun replied. "Kaida, take Chiyo with you and run over to sensei's place as fast as possible. Yami will stay with us while we hold off the gang. Do you remember his address?"

"Yes, I'll be back as soon as I can. Let's go Chiyo!" They took off running.

Yun turned to the others. "We need to set up our ambush. Let's move out!"

Yun led the remaining group to the nearby building surrounding the school. Everyone selected a building and climbed on top of a roof. Yami and Dallas stayed down on the ground and hid behind the buildings. From the rooftop, the teens could look down onto the field and see what was happening. They had made it just in time to see Jun confronting the leader, Noda.

Once Chiyo had sent the group in the field back to meet Himari, Yun held up a hand to signal for them to move in. The gang members were still blinded by the bright light of Chiyo's magic which made sneaking up on them easier than expected. Noda shook his head to clear his mind, only to find himself surrounded. "What? Where did that girl with the unicorn run off to?"

"She's the least of your concerns right now," Jun snapped. "You have no idea the hassle you guys have caused us but I intend to return the favor."

"Is that so kid? Get them, men!"

One man charged at Jun only to be blocked and dealt an uppercut. Rei and Asa joined the brawl with Jun. Dallas and Yami kept the few mythical creatures at bay while Matsume, Alba, and Oden assisted Yun ,Kei, and Yui with picking off the other gang members. "This is kind of fun, don't you think?" Jun asked his brother.

"Only you would say that," Yun replied as he whacked someone with a wooden staff he found.

It wasn't long before they heard sirens and were blinded by headlights. Voices shouted, "Freeze, don't move!" Tsuda pulled his car in behind the police car and both he and Kaida got out as the officer moved in to arrest the gang members. When one officer grabbed Jun, Tsuda said, "Woah officer, he's with me."

"Sorry sir!"

After Jun was released, he and the others ran over to Tsuda."Are you kids alright?" He asked. 

"We're fine now," Rei replied. Thanks for getting here so fast."

"Hey watch it!" Noda shouted as he was forced into the police car. "I won't forget this!"

The police left after a quick interview with the students, after which Tsuda said, "I am glad you are all safe. I am so sorry you had to deal with those bullies. By the way, what are you all wearing?"

The teens looked around them, only to notice they were still in the clothes Himari had bought them. "Oh, uh," Yui thought. "We were rehearsing a historical play. Yeah, that's it. These are the outfits we all brought."

"I'm glad to know that you all have taken a liking to history."

"He really bought that?" Rei whispered to Kaida.

"Anyway, I'm sorry but I'm going to have to cut this sleepover short." A melancholic look came over Tsuda's face. "The school won't be happy when they find out that students were attacked on the grounds. What's worse, you guys were in trouble again."

"Don't worry sensei," Kaida voiced. "It was rather enlightening actually."

A few weeks passed since Kaida's return home. One day, she and the others made plans to head to the outskirts of town. Yui had tracked down an old cemetery where Himari was buried. All the girls dressed up and the boys wore suits, each carrying a different gift for Himari. From Yun, a small Japanese flag for the pride Himari had in her country. From Kei, a stuffed bear cause she thought it was cute. And from Kaida, the biggest bouquet of flowers, each one of them tulips.