Chapter 6:

House Missing?

I Turned Into A Boy

Meddler: Where the hell did my house go!!

Should I tell the police about my missing house…But I don’t have a proper Identity so I can’t do that…

I will try to call Jessie and tell her. She might try helping me with something.

*calls Jessie*

Hello Jessie…

Jessie: Wow…It's unusual for you to call.

Meddler: Actually someone stole my house…

Jessie: Wait! How can someone steal your house…Are you okay?

Meddler: My house is a Caravan…You didn’t notice when u come that day?

Jessie: Caravan! That big? Wow, that’s fantastic…So sad you lost it, did you complain to the police?

Meddler: Yeah I did( Actually Didn’t )

Jessie: You can stay with me for one night if you want. Yesss! Meddler over my house…Wow!

Meddler: No…It's fine, I’m gonna stay in a hotel…I was shocked so I just wanted to share. So thanks for listening.

Jessie: Oh, It’s fine…You can call me anytime. bye

*hangs up the Phone*

Wow! What just happened? That was fun.

Meddler: God! I lost all my dresses…Instead of a hotel, I would go to buy clothes, eat, watch movies…God, I'm packed till 4 am…Now that I'm a boy I can do whatever I wanted to do since childhood!

So first

Buy some boy clothes and just shop my heart out! Eat burgers, Pizzas, and all 20 KFC menus.

Book a movie ticket….Not the 9 pm show I will go to the 1 am show!

Order everything at the food counter of the movie theatre.

But before that, I need to check my cash first let me see….I never saw how much my parents left behind for me.

*Goes to Atm and checks the cash*

What the Fa----( Says it out loud)

People behind in the line for the atm: What happened? Is the cash over in the atm?

Meddler: No sir…Its nothing.

Meddler: Wow…I never thought I was this rich! For 4 years I never actually used much…I use to take Just 10,000 rupees out for a month and it was enough for 3 to 4 months but…I have never seen these many Zeros…Woww!!

I'm going to enjoy the hell out today.

*Withdraws 50,000 rupees from the atm.*

Hohoooo!! Here we go.

4 am of 17th May 2038…

Meddler: Wow!! The movie was great…I had fun. Let me check for hotels near me.

Goes to the ground and falls asleep on the chair…1hr has passed…

5 am of 17th May 2038.

Jeremiah goes to get Milk and while going he saw Lil meddler(aka Lily Rose) On the ground sleeping with his phone in his hand.

He quickly goes into the playground and picks up Lil meddler at his home.

10:32 am of 17th May 2038.

Lil meddler starching his butt and wakes up…

Lil meddler: Good morning to me!…Ohhh Im still a boy…hahahaa

Jeremiah: You’re awake Meddler?

Lil meddler gets into the blanket again to go to sleep and says this.

“Oh! God, I think I’m still dreaming…Why is Jeremiah here…It’s a dream…it is a Drea…”

Jeremiah pulls the blanket: Hey it’s not a dream. Wake up!

Lil meddler: Hey! You don’t get full of yourself…It’s my dream so just calm down.

Meddler Pulls the blanket back, While both of them pulling Jeremiah falls on Lil meddler…They both are so close, They can hear themselves breathing…Except for her faces…Their whole body is touching each other. Toes touching toes, Stomach touching stomach…Both of them look into each other.

After few seconds

Jeremiah gets up and adjusts his shirt.

Meddler: Wait for a second!!! Is this actually happening right? This is Reality…But why? Why is Jeremiah here…No…Where Am I? The last I remember I was watching a movie.

Jeremiah: You look surprised…I will tell you the details afterward, Go brush and come and let's have breakfast. Use the new brush.

Meddler: Holyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy Shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii--------------

I'm somehow at Jeremiah's Place and He is treating me as a guest…I don’t know what’s happening…Did I text me something crazy? How I’m I here…And I can’t believe I was that close to him…It was not a dream its real…What day is today?

*Opens calendar on phone*

Its Monday…How is today Monday? But Jessie told me today’s holiday…I was out of my mind, Today morning but Now I am scared to go into the hall…

*Stars setting His hair*

It’s wonderful…I’m going to have breakfast at his place, Is this a date?

*Watches his Face thrice*

*Opens the door and sits beside Jeremiah…and Takes the plate on the table and gives it to Meddler to eat.*

Jeremiah: Eat it…

*starts eating*

Lil meddler: But why don’t we have school today?

Jeremiah: We have school yesterday which was Sunday, So it’s more like yesterday’s Holiday is shifted to today…I think Kruger sir had some work so he took classes yesterday.

But that’s not the question…What were you doing in the park sleeping…With your phone….

Lil Meddler: Ohhhh….Now I remember I went to shopping and a movie…Then I was booking a hotel and I suddenly fell asleep. I think that’s what happened.

Jeremiah: So I thought I saw you…So I brought you to my home.

Lil Meddler goes near Jeremiah and asks

“Did you find any shopping bags with me?”

Jeremiah: No.

Lil meddler: Shit!! I lost all my clothes.

Jeremiah: Ohh...What’s with that long face? I was just kidding…They are in that room.

Lil Meddler: Ohh thank god… By the way… Don’t your parents stay with you?

Jeremiah: Actually My parents usually go to work, It's been 4 years since I saw my parents…My Dad sent a letter in which he told when I'm 12 years I will grow up. And On my 12th birthday both my parents left. Someone monthly sends me money but after that, I never saw them…

Lil meddler: Even since 12 years I was an orphan…My parents died when I was 12…

Jeremiah: Actually I never told anyone about it, now I feel a bit light by heart.

Lil meddler: Yeah! I was somehow useful to Jeremiah… Kudos Lily!! Kudos!

Jeremiah: You can keep the plate over there…I will wash it afterward.

Lil meddler: Oh Thanks.

Jeremiah: Why didn't you go home yesterday?

Lil Meddler: I live in a caravan and someone stole it.

Jeremiah: You can stay here…

Lil meddler: Whattttttttttttt

*Drops the spoon in his hand*