Chapter 5:


I Turned Into A Boy

Lily: Wait! He is Online? (says it out loud)

“Whattttt!! He is typing ,what is he typing…Still, he is typing…More Typing (Only 3 seconds are passed)…Shit, what is he going to type…It’s almost an hour now!! (It’s only been 5 seconds)

Huh!! Send it soon. What are you going to send?

A message popped “Hey!” 8:44pm

What! The hell this much time for this hey!!!

“Hi!”…Seen now at 8:45 pm

Yeah, no mistakes done!

“Is math’s notes enuf?” 8:46 pm

What the Hell is ENUF!! Ohhhhhh it's a short form of ENOUGH…So that’s how people chat, I can't look dumb I need to use short forms also.”

“Ya.” Seen 8:47 pm

Wait!! I kept full stop after “Ya” Ya suppose to be short cut but I ruined it with Full stop! Haaa he has seen it also…Now I need to just ignore it.

Photos sent, at 8:48 pm

“Thanks” seen 8:49 pm

Yay! Now I didn’t keep a Full stop…That’s an improvement Lily.”

*Pads his shoulder*

Slowly after padding twice he suddenly slaps himself.

Shit!!! I didn’t use shortcuts.

A few minutes have passed…Lily stared at her phone.

More few minutes have passed…Still staring at her phone…

So that’s it, I guess.”

*Keeps her phone down and sleeps*

The next day

Lily: Good morning to me! 11th day me being in this Boy’s Form Lalalala…I need to go to school and Spend time with my prince charming… “My” hahahahaha…I'm going crazy… Gracis God…gracis.

But before all that, I need to do my go with my mission


So let's go…

On the way to school.

I have 2 plans

Plan A: I will check his notes…That way I can succeed.

Plan B: I will ask him directly…After all, we both are best buddies after the stuff we did yesterday.

Reached school.

Goes into the classroom and spots Jessie there. Jessie waves at him.

Jessie: Hey! Lil meddler…Good morning.

Meddler: Yeah...Good morning

Jessie: What is it you seem a bit off? Did you sleep well?

Meddler: Wait a second you never asked me these when we were friends and what’s with that weird look on your face, Jessie!! Yeah, I did...The new place was new to me.

Jessie: By the way, Do you have Whatsapp? I mean it’s like I can send you notes…So yeah, If possible we can exchange our numbers…

Meddler: Come on I have your number.

Jessie: What!! Why does he have my number? Is it cause he secretly likes me…Am I special?... Huhhh!! Why do you have my number?

Meddler: Oh…I'm using Lily’s phone, So in that, I have yours and Sahisha named the girl's number.

Jessie: Holyyy shit I saw him using her phone but SHE DIDN’T FACTORY RESET IT BEFORE GIVING IT TO HIM…YOU BAKA LILY!!!! ALL MY BACK BITCHING ABOUT OTHER PEOPLE MIGHT BE THERE! Till now I made a good impression on him. I can’t let him find it…I think I need to get his phone somehow.

Jeremiah enters the room

Meddler: Okay then…Bye.

Goes to his place with Jeremiah

Mr. Kruger comes into the class:

“Silent…Sit down.”Said Kruger.

Lily(Lil meddler): Okay let me see his notebook…Plan A on progress. Detective Lily on duty

Lily: Hey…Jeremiah can you give me your notes; I just want to see how many pages I need to leave

Jeremiah: Yeah sure…

Lily (Lil meddler): Mission Success! Now let me see…

What he just wrote his last name…It's just casual writing so I don’t think he will write here?”

Mission Not success.

Now I think I need to go to Plan B.

Lil meddler: Jer---

4 periods have passed…


I can't hold the courage to ask him his name…It's almost a games period and if I don’t ask now…I won't be successful at my mission, it’s just I can’t back now…

He is leaving the class now...I get to know what I wanted, so that’s how it is…I lost.


No…I can’t lose now, This new form which god gave me, I can’t lose hope now.



Can you...


Send me your chemistry notes.

Jeremiah: Done…When I will go home, I will send it.

I don’t think I still have that courage to…Ask him.

Mission Failed.

I will just go back home then…It's just games so I can bunk.

Jessie: Heyyyy!! Meddler wait…Can you please take this book to the teacher’s office…I'm not feeling well…

Meddler: Sure…I will.

Jessie: By the way can I take your phone to call my mom, I want to go home…But I don’t have permission and my phone’s dead.

I can’t allow him to see my embarrassing stuff on lily’s phone…I need to delete my chats at least…Everything is going according to my plan he will go give that book to sir, Give me his phone and I will delete and he will return…Then no embarrassing stuff on phone! Mission success happy life.

*Hands over that book to Meddler*

Meddler walks through the corridor and starts looking into that book on his way to the teacher’s office.

Lily: Wait!!! It’s the attendance register! That means I can see all our names in this!! Damn my luck…

Let me see…11 B…11B…Lily rose…Lily rose….Lily rose, Yeah there it is, So Jeremiah’s must be here…

Jeremiah…Jeremiah, There it is….

*Looks into the book*

Wipes his eyes and looks again…

Drops the book…

Rubs his eyes and takes the book from the ground…

What Jeremiah does has a SURNAME…It's just Jeremiah. But these names in this register are directly taken from our official records…” Meddler exclaimed.

Meddler takes that book into the teacher’s office and Keeps it on C. Kruger’s desk.

While Jessie was in the classroom a few minutes before

Jessie: He left…Now I need to just delete my chats…Wait, This phone has the lock and I didn’t ask for a pin…But I know it's pin it's just 0000, But he might doubt me…It's fine, I have a plan I will open it delete and call once he comes back.

0000 *Opened*

Done! It's opened now I just need to Delete my chats…

Opens WhatsApp

Wait…He is chatting with Jeremiah…from our class that’s it, Yeah he is not talking to any girl that’s a relief…I’m not spying or anything I’m just searching for my profile(Then why are you seeing about others).”

No distraction Need to see search my name…

Found it – Deleted – Success!

Now I need to pretend I don’t know his phone's passcode.

*Meddler comes into the classroom*

Jessie: Actually I don’t know your passcode, So if you could open it…

*tries to give the phone to meddler*

Meddler: Ohh…Yeah…It's 0000.

Jessie opens the phone and talks with her mom.

Meddler: Is that it?

Jessie: Yeah...Thanks…Bye.

He is just too sweet

Meddler leaves the school and goes back to his home.

Meddler standing in front of empty ground…