Chapter 45:

Scavenger Hunt

Fantasy Life

A man stood on a giant platform in the center of the stadium. Kaida recognized him as the english man, Dr. James D. Adams, who became the CEO of Fantasy Life League and was the head of the Board of Directors. Lined up behind him in alphabetical order by country were the representatives from each participating country. Kaida snatched a glimpse of Ibuka Akio before James began his speech.

"Hello and welcome everybody!This the triennial Fantasy Life League. You all know me as Dr. Adams and I will be your host for this event. First off I'd like to give a big thank you to everyone who has worked so hard to make this event a possibility and another thank you to all of our participating teams. You, students, are here today because you have created a team that is the best in your country. Now we are here to see who is the best in the world!"

The audience roared and James had to wait for the noise to cease before continuing. "The winner of this game will receive not only the FLL trophy, but earn their school a whopping ten-thousand dollars. Now children, I am sure those prizes are important but if you are a true competitor, then you will find joy in the game. The game that you will all play is... a scavenger hunt!"

The audience began to whisper to each other. Rei turned to Kaida and asked, "What do you think we are going to be searching for?"

"Let's see if he tells us."

James cleared his throat. "The rules are as follows: tomorrow morning, each team will receive a map and be directed to a different area in Tokyo. With them will be several pixies with cameras to record their movements live for everyone to see. Then all you have to do is follow the map, figure out the clues, and find the treasure. The first team to reach the treasure wins the tournament. Just a few things to note, the first is that all the maps are slightly different with their own unique challenges. And secondly, the game won't end until the treasure is found. In other words, this could last for a few hours or a few days. It will all depend on you, but I would advise bringing some camping gear. Sleep well tonight and good luck to all of you!"

After being dismissed from the stadium, Tsuda drove everyone back to the hotel. The tension was palpable. Most everyone remained silent during dinner and only spoke once they all met up in the lobby after having bathed. Yun led the meeting by saying, "I know what we should bring with us in case we are on the road a while. Kaida could you bring medicine and first aid supplies. Rei and Kei, see if you can pack some food to take with us. And Jun, you will pack sleeping gear and other stuff we might need."

"Is there anything I can do to help?" Yui asked.

"Actually, I'd like you to retrieve a detailed map of Japan and work with me in narrowing down hiding places for the treasure."

"Why the map of Japan?" Kei asked.

"Because, all the teams are to be taken to a different location within Tokyo, but not once was it mentioned that the treasure would be inside the Tokyo region as well. I believe that the treasure is actually hidden in a different area all together."

"You're kidding, right?" Yui said.

"No, I think this game is more than it appears to be. Kaida, how many people can Yami carry?"

"He's big enough to carry everyone here."

"And mythical creatures?"

"We would have to help Dallas onto his back but Yami is up for it."

"Good, we can reduce travel time that way." Yun turned to the others. "Make sure you are all prepared for a long trip."

Everyone followed Yun's instructions to the letter. Yui left and came back with a large map of Japan. Rei, Kei, and Jun all got busy packing with help from Tsuda and the mythical creatures. After Kaida made some medicine and packed up the first aid kit she went out to the building where Yami, Chiyo, and Tani were resting. She had taken a carrot from the kitchen and gave it to Chiyo. Then she moved over to Yami and began the tedious process of patting him down, making sure he was fit to travel the next day.

Jackel saw her as he jumped by and came in. "Do you need a hand miss?"

"Thank you, but I'm used to this," Kaida replied as she patted Yami's wings. "I'll be done shortly."

"We were watching you all on the tv, miss. It appears you and your friends are all in for an adventure. He added, "I saw you all were wearing some pretty jewels today!"

"Pretty jewels? Oh you mean our brooches. Our classmates made them for us."

"For good luck?"

"I suppose." Kaida finished patting Yami then turned to Jackel before saying, "I feel encouraged when I see it."

"All the courage you'll ever need, you already have. No pendant or charm could change that."

Kaida laughed at his remark. "You're right about that, Jackel." She realized that it was hard to take him seriously when he was just a pumpkin head.

"Well, we are all going to be watching your big game tomorrow and cheering you on. So give us a show!"

Kaida gave a firm nod. "I won't let you down."

Before Jackel turned to leave he turned back and gave some final words. "Oh and miss, if I was searching for treasure, I'd look someplace where few humans would go." At that he left, once again leaving Kaida to ponder his words.