Chapter 13:

Chapter 12 – In which there is a lot of shouting

Reincarnated with an omniscient grimoire

The next day we met in front of the academy. Even though I had a room there I spent this night at the mansion, since I needed to pack my things. But, to be honest? There weren’t a lot of things I actually possessed. I only had the clothing I was wearing at the moment, and maybe some books from the mansion, so when I turned up at our meeting point I had nothing with me.Bookmark here

“What? Why do you not have a bag?”, the princess asked as soon as I arrived at the academy.Bookmark here

“Well, what should I have brought with me? I literally don’t have any possession- oh wait, yes I do, but that thing is under police custody.”Bookmark here

I was of course talking about the grimoire. Luckily Raynard had yet to arrive, so I would at least not have to explain that whole conversation to him.Bookmark here

“What have you brought with you anyway? I thought the academy was covering food expenses and the like?”, I retorted.Bookmark here

Princess Abc stared at nothing for a moment and then replied “Womanly stuff for women.” with a telling expression. I think I got the gist of what she was trying to tell me, so I nodded knowingly.Bookmark here

“But yeah, other than that, the academy is awfully generous.”, she admitted.Bookmark here

Thing was not only was the grimoire my only possession, it also was capable of storing any item I imagined. So even if I had any items with me, I would not store them inside a bag, but whatever sort of micro-dimension my grimoire had created.Bookmark here

I wonder if I could just store my friends inside my grimoire Pokèmon-Style I mused while the princess placed her handy bag in front of her feet. Of course she was wearing the uniform of the academy, which I still had to receive. It’s bright colors weirdly contrasted her brown hair and dark mitts.Bookmark here

“Maybe you should just ask Shelly about your grimoire, last I heard investigations on this case were closed, so there shouldn’t be any problem. Although it seems a bit off, that they would just let the only user of a grimoire in the world walk around like that.”Bookmark here

“Yeah, about that ... what exactly is the sitch with grimoires in general?”, I asked.Bookmark here

“What’s the what now?” The princess was visibly confused.Bookmark here

“The um, deal ... with the grimoire.” I should definitely try to tone down the pop culture references a bit.Bookmark here

But before she was able to answer, Raynard approached us with a cheerful “Helloho~” and after a short sprint he came to a halt right in front of us.Bookmark here

“Are ya’ll ready for our first adventure as a team?” He sounded like an infomercial host, way to confident about his product for it to be any good.Bookmark here

...Bookmark here

Well considering his initial lack of enthusiasm for this mission, this was pretty much the case.Bookmark here

After a couple of seconds of awkward silence, Raynard exclaimed “Okay, let’s hope Shelly arrives soon, because I might leave out of panic” with the same fake enthusiasm as before. Princess Abc desperately shook her head.Bookmark here

After a short while we heard hooves in the distance getting louder and louder, until we saw a carriage appear at the end of the street. It halted in front of the entrance where we stood.Bookmark here

“Have any of you ordered a carriage to bring you to the village Crema?!”, an elderly woman shouted. She was sitting on the front part of the carriage, holding reins.Bookmark here

“Probably?”, I said with a mildly confused expression on my face. Shelly probably had ordered the carriage for us but she was nowhere to be seen. Why a carriage? I thought cars were a thing in this world?Bookmark here

“Excuse me?!”, she shouted, leaning towards our general direction.Bookmark here

“Oh no, she’s deaf.”, Raynard said, his expression growing more and more tired.Bookmark here

“Yes, but we are not yet complete!”, the princess shouted back.Bookmark here

“WHAT?”Bookmark here

“WE ARE NOT YET COMPLE- BLEGH” The princess suddenly started coughing and tried to clean her throat as she tried to communicate with the woman.Bookmark here


“Alright!”, Raynard said, either intimidated or simply tired of this exchange he wasn’t even really part of. He started climbing up the back of the carriage when I said. “Take your time, if we stall a bit, Shelly might still make it.”Bookmark here

Princess Abc gave me an exasperated nod, and first threw her bag onto the carriage before proceeding to slowly climb onto the carriage herself. When I started getting onto the carriage I realized that this stalling strategy was not very effective, and as soon, as I took a place in the middle of the carriage, between Raynard and the princess, the old lady shouted “EVERYONE HOLD ON SOMEWHERE IT’S GONNA BE A ROCKY RIDE!” with which she took off at a speed horses should not be able to achieve in an instant.Bookmark here

Actually the departure was so sudden, I toppled over backwards, hitting my head on the wood.Bookmark here

“Ouch!”Bookmark here

I tried to hold my aching head while also trying to not hit myself somewhere else. I made an attempt at sitting up again, but decided that lying on my stomach was the best way to not fall off this hell ride. I looked outside the back of the carriage, only to realize that the bypassing scenery would make me sick, until we passed a side road in which I saw - Shelly!Bookmark here

We were just slow enough for me to recognize her and the panic on her face, as she tried to catch up to the carriage.Bookmark here

“WAIT FOR MEEEE!”, she shouted while sprinting at an amazing speed behind the carriage.Bookmark here

“I’M SORRY THE DRIVER CAN’T HEAR YOU!”, I shouted back at her.Bookmark here

“SOMEONE STOP THAT CARRIAGE!”, Shelly screamed in an exaggerated manner that caused a lot of heads to turn into our direction. We still were in the middle of the city after all.Bookmark here

“Isn’t that the officer?”, I thought I was able to hear through the road noise.Bookmark here

“Is she chasing that carriage?”Bookmark here

“Are they thieves on the run?”Bookmark here

“Oh my god, those are criminals?!”Bookmark here

And I soon realized that they were totally getting the wrong idea!Bookmark here

“WUAHAHAHA! YES FASTER MY BABYS!” The old hag shouted! I pitied the horses that probably endured this torture on a daily basis as long as they did not spontaneously break down. She seemed to enjoy this a lot, but knowing that she was hard of hearing I figured all of her senses must have gone numb with her age.Bookmark here

I crawled to the back end of the carriage and extended my arm towards the police woman hoping to heave her onto the vehicle. But I soon came to realize I did not think that idea through entirely. Because as soon as Shelly managed to grab my arm, it wasn’t her that was drawn onto the carriage, but it was me that was drawn onto the road.Bookmark here

“WOAAAAH!”Bookmark here

My vocal chords where getting sore, but that was beside the point, as I realized my face was slowly approaching the pavement and the result of that would not be pretty. Just as I was about to have the most intense pain of my life I heard a weird noise of wood breaking coming from the carriage, followed by a high-pitched shriek from Raynard and someone shouting: “MASTER!”Bookmark here

Raven suddenly appeared below me, making me crash into him rather than the cold stone. I landed on top of him and we both then crashed into Shelly, who was behind us, still holding onto my arm. Dust blew up, as we rolled a couple of meters down the street, earning us a lot of bewildered looks from passerby’s that where not quite sure whether they wanted to get involved with this entire situation.Bookmark here

“Ouch.” Shelly finally said, crushed below both me and Raven.Bookmark here

“What was that?”, I asked trying to stand up, even though pretty much every inch of my body was hurting.Bookmark here

“You’re one to ask.”, Shelly managed to squeeze out, before saying “Get off of me!” to Raven, who quickly got up, just to check me in an exaggerated manner.Bookmark here

“Master, are you all right?”, he said while slowly patting my everywhere. He managed to hit all the places that hurt the most causing me to flinch.Bookmark here

“Cut it out!”Bookmark here

“Okay, what exactly happened?” I turned around to Shelly, who was now standing and stretching herself. I was just about to reply, when a loud honk made us all jump.Bookmark here

“Get off the damn road ya moron’s or I’ll call the police!”, an angry man shouted in a dialect from the car behind us.Bookmark here

“I am the police!”, Shelly shouted back, but prompted us to leave the road.Bookmark here

“First of all, why a carriage? Why not a car? That old lady is crazy, she’s torturing her horses, and on top of that my butt hurts and I’ve only been driving for a minute. I’m not going to survive this ride.”Bookmark here

Shelly tried to speak up, but I wasn’t finished yet.Bookmark here

“Second of all, what are you doing here Raven? Where did you come from? I thought you weren’t allowed on this mission?”Bookmark here

“Okayokayokay”, Shelly was the first to respond. “This woman is literally the fastest cart driver in the history of the entire world, we would only take two days, instead of four, if we took her. And Raven, I am also really eager to hear what you have to say to all of this?” With that she crossed her arms in front of her and gave Raven a critical look.Bookmark here

“Obviously this mission is going to be dangerous!” Raven explained. “And I am not willing to let my master” – “Don’t call me that.” – “be exposed to such a danger. That’s why I hid inside a crate to be able to check on his well-being.”Bookmark here

“Wow, this mission is already a disaster and it has not even started yet, ugh.” Shelly turned around and made an exhausted nod. “Worst of all, that carriage is probably already out of town, and we have no idea where! And even if, we would not be able to reach it!”Bookmark here

“Umm, I might be able to help.”, Raven suggested.Bookmark here

Shelly turned back with a questioning look.Bookmark here

“If master gives me his power, I might be able to catch up.”Bookmark here

“But we still have no idea where that carriage is and also ...”, Shelly did not finish her sentence but I was pretty sure, she was thinking about the fact that Raven wasn’t supposed to be here.Bookmark here

“Why were you late anyway?”, I asked her. “All of that would not have happened!”Bookmark here

“I was at the police station picking up your ... book.”, she said, pointing at her backpack.Bookmark here

[Please tell her that I am not a book.]Bookmark here

“Um, I’m supposed to tell you that it is not a book.”Bookmark here

“Obviously, but those things are rare, I can’t just announce we have this thing in broad ... Wait why are you supposed to say that?”Bookmark here

“Oh, the grimoire told me to tell you.”, I replied totally ignoring her concerns. No-one would be eavesdropping on us, I thought.Bookmark here

“You can talk to it? It can talk to you? What exactly is that thing really?”Bookmark here

[I am a grimoire that contains all knowledge of this world.]Bookmark here

“It says it contains ... oh my god.” I clasped my hands together as I suddenly realized something.Bookmark here

You don’t happen to know where that carriage is, we were chasing don’t you?Bookmark here

[It is precisely at that location.]Bookmark here

An image of the carriage chasing over a field flashed through my mind.Bookmark here

“Oh my god, that is so OP ...” I muttered to myself.Bookmark here

“It’s what now?”Bookmark here

“Nevermind, Shelly give me that grimoire.”Bookmark here

Hesitantly she took her backpack off her back, opened it and handed me the grimoire from the inside.Bookmark here

Can you draw me a map that shows our position relatively to the position of the carriage?Bookmark here

As soon as I opened a random page its contents were replaced with an accurate map showing the city and it’s outskirts, as well as our position and that of the carriage signified through differently colored dots.Bookmark here

Satisfied with the result I turned the grimoire around to show it to Raven and Shelly.Bookmark here

“Woah, that thing seriously is amazing!” Shelly exclaimed.Bookmark here

“Well then, should we get going?” Raven asked impatiently.Bookmark here

“Okay but how do you plan to get us both to the carriage?”, she asked him.Bookmark here

“You climb onto my back, and I’ll hold the master on my arms.” he said as he lifted me off the ground planting a long kiss onto my lips. I felt my cheeks heat up due to this unexpected contact.Bookmark here

He moaned softly after our lips parted and then called out to Shelly: “Get up and hold on tight, the headwind might blow you off my back.”Bookmark here

I felt how he had to adjust to the additional weight, as Shelly climbed onto Raven’s back, and after he said something along the lines of “Here we go!”, he took off and we started screaming – again.Bookmark here

And it wasn’t only us, it also was the dozens of people that were walking on the street, that Raven miraculously managed to avoid hitting at hundreds of miles per hour.Bookmark here

“Raven!”, Shelly attempted to communicate with him. “Get off the streets!”Bookmark here

“How should I do that?”, he retorted.Bookmark here

“Doesn’t lending Nathan’s powers give you the ability to fly or something?!”Bookmark here

“No, but I can jump!”Bookmark here

“Whaaa-?!”, I tried to say.Bookmark here

And lord, that was a jump.Bookmark here

He leapt into the air, releasing a shockwave from the force of his jump and soaring through the sky somehow managed to maneuver himself onto a nearby rooftop.Bookmark here

“Woah!” I let out an uncontrolled shout, as he lowered his body to put a damper on his landing, which meant my body that was still in his arms nearly scratched the surface. Barely having made a secure landing he already dashed off, leaving behind a dust-cloud on the roof that probably no-one had set a foot on for the last years. The roof tiles rattle under his footsteps and where probably audible inside the building itself.Bookmark here

A truly taxing day for the citizens of Ataraxia.Bookmark here

He leapt over each rooftop like a flying ninja and after a short while we reached the city walls, where guards where waving through unknowing citizens, until one of them spotted us and shouted: “In- um, extruders!” Upon which every single one of them turned their heads up in the air.Bookmark here

Is this what it’s like fleeing Mexico?, I wondered.Bookmark here

I spotted several guards readying their canons and magic wands or other objects when we landed on the roof and tried to warn Raven, but Shelly was faster than me.Bookmark here

“Stop!”, she shouted, very unconvincingly trying to assure her subordinates everything was alright. But the result was ...Bookmark here

“Isn’t that the boss?!”Bookmark here

“Oh my god is she being kidnapped?!”Bookmark here

I did not even bother to sigh anymore, as Raven propelled himself into the air again.Bookmark here

“FIRE!”, I heard someone shout behind me and prayed that we did not just cause a war by accident. When I took a peak behind Raven’s back a saw a couple of trails left behind by projectiles aimed at us.Bookmark here

“Dodge!”Bookmark here

As soon as I said that, Raven did a barrel roll to the side, evading the first incoming attack, and another three, while slowly losing altitude. He finished his last rotation shortly before coming down onto the ground. The last few projectiles hit the area around us and after taking a couple of great strides, the guards on the city wall slowly disappeared in the distance and we from their view.Bookmark here

“I’ll have to explain all of that to my superiors!”, Shelly snapped.Bookmark here

“Show me the map again, master.”, Raven said, completely ignoring Shelly’s looming rage.Bookmark here

I realized that my arms where clung around the grimoire the entire time. I somehow managed to open the map against the wind and hold it so Raven was able to look at it. He speeded in between some corn fields not noticing the distressed farmers fearing for their crops.Bookmark here

“Okay, we should make it soon, just another couple of minutes, I guess.”, Raven said.Bookmark here

After leaving the corn fields behind I was able to spot the carriage in the distance.Bookmark here

“There they are!”, I exclaimed pointing towards them and closing my grimoire.Bookmark here

Even from that distance I could see that they were moving at an amazing speed, but we slowly but surely managed to catch up. I could see Raynard and the princess inside the vehicle desperately trying to not fall off, but nearly losing their grip as they saw Raven approaching.Bookmark here

Only a couple of steps away, Raven took one final leap, and rolled inside the carriage as jumping into a driving vehicle caused him to lose his balance.Bookmark here

“A SUCCUBUS?!” I heard Raynard scream.Bookmark here

I collided with the back of the old cart driver, prompting her to turn around.Bookmark here

“OH YOU’RE BACK ALREADY?!”Bookmark here

“Ugh, shut up.”, I told that lady.Bookmark here

“I HEARD THAT!”Bookmark here

“Of course she did ... Hi.”, I said to Princess Abc and Raynard who were both looking at me in complete bewilderment.Bookmark here

Raynard tried to say something but just ended up pointing between me, Shelly, who was just getting up, and Raven who laid on my lap hugging my stomach. My grimoire landed somewhere in the corner.Bookmark here

“Did I do it?” Raven suddenly said, and gave me an excited look like a puppy. If only he had a tail he could wag.Bookmark here

“Yes ... yes you did it.”, I said and reluctantly petted his red hair.Bookmark here

“Ugh that report is going to be a lot.”, Shelly muttered while rubbing her face. For some reason she managed to stay upright, while the others were still clinging to the bars holding this thing together. Scattered across the wooden floor also were the remains of the wooden crate Raven was supposedly hiding in. What a miracle I haven’t gotten a splinter.Bookmark here

“So, we are now all set?”, the princess asked no-one specifically.Bookmark here

“Actually we’re more than set, considering Raven shouldn’t even be here”, Shelly said.Bookmark here

“But we can’t just throw him out, can we?” I tried to put in a good word for the weird Incubus that got a little too attached to me.Bookmark here

“You can’t.”, he agreed trying to nod convincingly.Bookmark here

“As long as you don’t interfere with the mission, it’ll be fine I guess. Still that report is going to be a nightmare.”Bookmark here

“I’m going to protect you.” Raven said lowering his voice seductively.Bookmark here

“Yeah you do you.”Bookmark here

“So, how long is that journey going to take?”, the princess asked.Bookmark here

“Around two days. Crema is located south-east of our city, halfway to the kingdom’s border. So lay back, it’s going to be a long two days.”Bookmark here

Shelly took the words right out of my mouth.Bookmark here

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