Chapter 12:

Chapter 11 – Pick a quest, and assemble a team

Reincarnated with an omniscient grimoire

We left our room, and looked for the quest board. It was after noon and the sun shone through the corridors giving them a mysterious vibe.Bookmark here

Raynard told me, that the quest board was usually located in the entrance hall, so that was, where we went. We went through the same door, I took earlier, went past Principal Featherhead’s office, as well as past the entrance, where for the second time this day, I spotted that princess, that just kept crossing paths with me.Bookmark here

“Oh my god, that’s the princess.”, Raynard whispered next to me, his voice cracking in the process. I did not really get why, but whatever.Bookmark here

“Yo, Princess Abc.”, I said, not stopping in my tracks. Raynard stayed behind, and I felt his anxious gaze piercing my back. Well, either he is afraid of the princess, or he likes her, I figured.Bookmark here

“Oh, hey Nathan.”, the princess said.Bookmark here

“Wait, you know the princess? She knows you?!”Bookmark here

“Are you looking for missions to take on?”, I asked her.Bookmark here

“Yes, I still need two more points. Oh, Shelly told me, that she would write a report of that grimoire incident and make sure that I would get a point for that. So that makes only one more point for me I guess.”Bookmark here

“Oh, Shelly actually made me the same offer.”, I admitted.Bookmark here

“I know, she already told me that. I just met her a couple of minutes ago, that was when she mentioned it. And as lazy as I am, I of course asked her to not forget to mention my role in this mess.”Bookmark here

“Cool. I don’t know if you should use the word lazy to describe yourself though ...”Bookmark here

Then I noticed, that Raynard was awkwardly standing beside me the entire time.Bookmark here

“Ah, this is Raynard, by the way. My roommate.”Bookmark here

“Oh, I actually know who he is.” Suddenly she decided it would be better to be facing him. “Who you are. I mean, we are in the same year, and we are like, what ... 50 students?”Bookmark here

“Yeah.” You could tell that he was squeezing it out from somewhere deep within.Bookmark here

“Anyway”, I tried to somehow draw the attention to the board. “Have you decided on anything yet?”Bookmark here

“Not really.”, she answered. “I mean, there’s a couple of monster hunting quests, but they seem really boring.”Bookmark here

“Monsters?”, I asked. “I haven’t seen any monsters since coming to the city.”Bookmark here

“Yeah, I heard that hunters keep the area around the city relatively safe. That’s why you won’t find any monsters within the next couple of hours around the city. They’re ... dead!”Bookmark here

“Oh.”, I simply replied. “So monster slaying is not in the game for us?”Bookmark here

“Us?”, Raynard and Princess Abc exclaimed at the same time.Bookmark here

“Yeah, I thought it might be good to team up? I mean, the princess and I already worked together, so ...” That last bit was directed at Raynard.Bookmark here

“You worked together?”, Raynard asked, giving weight to every single word.Bookmark here

At the same time Princess Abc said: “No, we can’t do this. That fight in the cave was a disaster. And you weren’t even involved! I bet we would just stand in each others way.”Bookmark here

“But the potential was there!”, I argued. “And I’m pretty sure you could teach me a thing or two.” With that I tried to reach her conscience, and even though she slightly turned away, her arms crossed before her chest, I was sure I saw a faint hint of red covering her face.Bookmark here

“Well, thank your for that, but I really am not a team-player.”Bookmark here

“That’s why you should accept!”, someone called out from afar. It was Shelly, she came from the principals office, apparently. She steadily walked up to us with pleased expression on her face.Bookmark here

“Hey, you two I just delivered the reports to the principal. She approved of them.”Bookmark here

“Wow, thank you very much.”, we both exclaimed.Bookmark here

“Why is there a police officer on school grounds ...”, a distraught Raynard mumbled behind us, which we happily ignored.Bookmark here

“I also wanted to inform you, that I’m also authorized as a supervisor for missions, so I decided to join you two on your next adventure.”Bookmark here

“Well, as I said, I am not-” Princess Abc was abruptly cut off by Shelly.Bookmark here

“I had a talk with the principal. She said, you’re not really a sociable person, and she fears that this might lead to some problems down the road. At first I found that statement odd. And I mean, yes, we barely know each other that well, but the way you and Nathan talked to each other, showed some ... weird chemistry.” Now it was my turn to turn bright red. At least I felt that way. I tried not to make it show on my face. “What I wanted to say by that is ... Princess Aurelia. I don’t know of any circumstances, that might have caused any anti-social behavior of sorts. So please don’t think that I pity you. I see it as my duty as an honorary teacher, to make sure that all students are at their best. Especially since you might have big shoe’s to fill one day, Princess.”Bookmark here

Out of the corner of my eye I could see Princess Abc clench her fists. That’s when suddenly Raynard chimed in, more energetic than beforeBookmark here

“Me too!” That caused the princess to spin around in surprise. “I want to help too! I saw you sitting alone during lunch break a couple of times, even though you’re so popular and no-one holds a grudge against you. I always wondered why it was, that you seemed so lonely, while being surrounded by so many people, and I thought of talking to you, but was afraid because well ... you are the princess after all. But seeing you and Nathan talk so casually made me think, that there isn’t actually anything I should be afraid of. I mean who would you blame for wanting to be friends with someone.” Raynard stopped for a second to take a breath.Bookmark here

“So ... Princess Aurelia, would you like to be friends with me?” Marking the conclusion of his improvised friendship speech he stiffly threw his hand into Princess Abc’s direction. I was quite impressed by this sudden outburst, and so was the princess, stuttering a series of incomprehensible words after another. I quickly decided to break the tension.Bookmark here

“You can call her Princess Abc. It’s shorter.”Bookmark here

The princess shot me a glare of disbelief, before hitting my elbow in her rage. In that moment, it felt as if I was hit by thunder. I stumbled away, holding my elbow restraining a curse. She hit my funny bone.Bookmark here

I looked up, but tried not to be offended, even though Shelly was without a doubt laughing at me. That also seemed to tickle the princesses laugh box as she started giggling viciously.Bookmark here

Raynard simply was confused.Bookmark here

“I’m sorry.”, she said wiping a tear from her eye and giving me her hand in apology which I accepted. Seeing that Raynard was just about to remove his hand from the position it had occupied not so long ago, she offered him her other hand. He too grabbed it hesitantly.Bookmark here

“Okay ... with that I guess, we’re a team!”, she said.Bookmark here

“What?”, it just slipped out of my mouth.Bookmark here

“Any complaints?”Bookmark here

“No, it’s just ... unexpected, but we’re a team now, okay.” A weird satisfied huff escaped my lips after that realization.Bookmark here

“Perfect, because I just found the ideal mission for you guys.” This came from Shelly who appeared to have changed her position without us noticing. She now was standing in front of the board, and took off one of the posters containing a short description for a mission.Bookmark here

“Type: crime investigation, Location: Village Crema, Blackwood Forest. Investigate the disappearance of several corpses from the villages ... graveyard?” Raynard, who was reading the job description, had a voice crack near the end of the sentence. I’m glad that he spared me from the embarrassment of having that happen to my voice. Normally I would not be freaked out by something like that, but whatever was happening in that village, I was sure, this was the real deal. I could only imagine what kind of satanic rituals people would do in our world, but in this world it probably won’t take long for me to find out exactly that.Bookmark here

“A quest about missing corpses?” The Scepticism in Princess Abc’s voice was unmistakable. “Well, we already solved one theft, why not solve another?”Bookmark here

“That’s a way to put it ...”, I muttered.Bookmark here

“So, what do you think?”, Shelly asked.Bookmark here

“I mean, I wouldn’t have any viable arguments against it ...”, I said.Bookmark here

“Sound fishy, but okay, let’s do this.”, Princess Abc agreed.Bookmark here

Raynard only gave a silent nod.Bookmark here

“Well in that case, I’ll take that to the principal’s so she can send the message ahead, that we’ll be coming as soon as possible.” Shelly took the paper and rolled it up. “You should pack your things, we might set out tomorrow.” Just as she added that something sent the quest board flying. It smashed against the opposite wall with a loud thud, that made everyone flinch.Bookmark here

“I heard everything, and I won’t let the master go without me!” It was Raven.Bookmark here

“A- An Incubus?” Without a doubt, Raynard just couldn’t pull himself together.Bookmark here

“Yes, he is my ... you know what, I don’t even know what this is anymore, but it doesn’t feel wrong.”Bookmark here

“An Incubus?”, he repeated. “In our school?”Bookmark here

“It’s more likely than you think.”Bookmark here

“I’m sorry Raven, but you can’t come with us.”Bookmark here

“Actually Shelly-”Bookmark here

“No. You. Can’t. This is a students-only event. Go home.”Bookmark here

Raven’s shoulders drooped and he went for the exit in a sulking manner. But as he walked past me, his mood immediately brightened and he said: “Don’t worry honey, I’ll find a way.” He kissed my cheek, and after that he left cheerily and without any complaint. That little peck though sent shivers all over my body.Bookmark here

“Ugh, what did we get ourselves into.”, Shelly complained on the other hand, brushing through her short her with her hand. “Whatever, I’ll bring this to the principal, pack your things, and, ugh, Nathan? Make sure I’ll never see that weirdo ago. He is a criminal, jeez!”Bookmark here

“You surely are an interesting lot.”, Raynard said a lot paler than normal.Bookmark here

Gerry Hines
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