Chapter 1:

Soul Hunter Gin

Soul Hunter Gin: Soul King reincarnation!

A green-haired boy stands against a fence talking to a dog. "Hey, dog let me vent for a sec for as long as I could remember my parents believed in spirits because they met in a haunted house and they have been trying to get me to believe in ghosts and demons but I just can't believe in that crap but recently they've been trying to make me join the occult club at school but I don't wanna you get me right?" The dog just stares at him with his tail wagging in the air.

"Well I think I'm gonna take you home with me would you like that?" The dog jumps around and wags his tail. "Oh wait I almost forgot My name is Gin Shiro and I guess you don't have a name so I'll call you Atsukau warning my parents will freak out because I brought a dog home but it's whatever."

Gin puts Atsukau in his backpack and heads toward his house. A few minutes later and Shiro makes it home as he enters the house he takes Atsukau out of his bag and places him on the floor. "Mom, dad I'm home!"

"I'm in the kitchen making dinner your father is in the garage making his spirit telephone." "Dad is making another one of his stupid inventions again." Atsukau runs to the kitchen and jumps on Gin's mother.

"Gin why is there a dog in the kitchen!!!" "I found him in the scrapyard and decided to bring him home his name is Atsukau." "You spend way too much time in that scrapyard you should spend more time at school I keep telling you to join the occult club."

"That's never gonna happen I'm not a weirdo like you!" "How dare you speak to your mother like that!!!" "Screw you I'm going for a ride on my bike I'll be back in a few."

Gin leaves the house and hops on his bike and begins to peddle. "I spoke out of turn I'll apologize when I come home''. While riding he comes across a gas station and decides to get a chocolate bar.

 He buys it and hops back on his bike. He is riding the street back home he is distracted by a text from his mom when suddenly a truck driver asleep at the wheel slams into him sending him flying off his bike. It rips his body in half blood spraying everywhere killing him instantly.

"Hopefully I'm isekai'd I can't say that I didn't get to apologize to mom." Then suddenly he wakes up in what looks like a medieval king's palace. "Hello, my dear reincarnation." 

"Huh didn't I die?" "Yes, you did for some reason your soul was revived." "Hold up this must be like my brain thinking about my parent's crazy occult stuff now if you excuse I'm going to the afterlife."

"Are you mocking me, child?" "First off your crazy second reincarnation isn't real." "That's very offensive to many world religions I'm ashamed that my reincarnation is so ignorant what a shame."

"Well, I didn't mean to come off offensive but still how would that even work?" "Well I and my 4 elite guards were doing a mission on Earth defeating a couple of high demons when one took me by surprise and bit off my arm so I killed it and it sent a last-minute message to the demon king and being weakened I still fought him and I died but since I was on earth I reincarnated into a couples baby you merging with your soul to become one but something strange happened and you should have just died and reincarnated but instead you were revived." "Woah that's a lot of info."

"The moment you appeared here I informed Tokyo's local soul hunters of your awakening so expect people in suits to appear." "Wait what do you mean by awakening and what the hell is  a soul hunter?"  "A soul hunter is a person chosen by the soul keeper to hunt demons and keep balance in the universe and by awakening I mean when the local soul hunters show up to see if you have been chosen and if you have powers then you will become a soul hunter and be able to see demons if you don't they will kill you to continue the reincarnation cycle."

 "And you are okay with that!?" "No more questions good luck!" Gin is teleported back to his body lying in a pool of blood but his body is completely healed. He sits up and looks around he then hears sirens and runs away.

 "Woah I'm completely healed although my clothes are soaked in blood and if I told the cops what happened they would think I'm crazy." He arrives home with his parents waiting for him in his room. "Where were you and why are your clothes soaked in blood!?"

"Uh, some punch spilled on it." "Were you at a party?" "No, I went to a gas station to get some punch and it accidentally spilled." "Okay, whatever you say you better be glad it's summer break if it was the school year and you spilled it on your good clothes you would be in so much trouble buddy!"

"Hey Gin wanna come to the garage and see my new spirit telephone?" "Sure dad." "That's strange you usually don't like this kind of stuff are you sure your okay?" "Yeah, dad oh, and mom I'm sorry for earlier I was way out of line."

Gin follows his dad to the garage. As he enters he sees a desk with a blue tarp over it. "Is that the spirit telephone?" "Why of course something as magnificent as Shiro's spirit telephone trademark pending!"

His dad pulls back the tarp and reveals a tall lanky telephone booth. It then begins to short circuit with electricity flying everywhere then it explodes with smoke filling the room. "Babe call the fire department!"

"Uh, dad I think I'll go back to my room now." "Okay, I think that's for the best." Gin goes back to his room and lays down on the bed. "I'm so tired today was crazy I almost died and I found out that I'm the reincarnation of the soul king or whatever."

Gin's mother rushes into the room.  "Gin there is a fire in the house we got to leave now!!!" They both rush out of the house. "The fire department is on their way." "Wait mom, dad Atsukau is still in there!!!"

Gin rushes back into the burning house stumbling into the kitchen. Atsukau is lying on the floor on the verge of death with a cloaked figure with a scythe floating above him. "Get away from him!!!" Gin holds out his hand suddenly his hand begins to grow a bright blue and engulfs the room. A loud boom can be heard from within the house and the figure evaporates and so does the fire.

He rushes and picks up Atsukau and carries him out of the house. "Gin what happened to the fire!?" "I don't know but we have to call a vet for Atsukau." Atsukau's body then begins to glow bright blue and his wounds are healed. A shocked expression comes down Gin's mom's face.

Moments later the fire department arrives. "Ma'am, where is the fire?"  "My son was able to put it out somehow." "But it looks like nothing happened." "Oh my god, it's a miracle!"

"You may leave now." They walk away and hop back in their fire truck. "Boss they are crazy." "I know right."

"Great mom now they probably think we're crazy." "Hey at least we still have a house how did you put out the fire and why is completely fine now!?" "Babe maybe a spirit had something to do with it?"

"Well, mom and dad  I think I'm gonna go to sleep." "Okay, goodnight!" Gin enters his rebuilt room and lies on the bed. "What happened to my hand maybe it had something to do with the soul king what am I saying  it was probably my imagination but that still doesn't explain why the house is as good as new oh well I should just go to sleep." 

The next day he wakes up brushes his teeth and heads downstairs. He sees his mother standing in the kitchen waiting for him. "Oh, good morning mom." "When were you going to tell me that your bike was totaled!?"

"I'm sorry mom." "You have to tell me things like this I am your mother!" "What's my punishment?" "It's not a whooping but I was considering that your punishment is to raise money for a new bike."

"Do I have a deadline?" "By the beginning of the school year." "But that's in 2 months how am I supposed to raise that type of money?" "First off start by getting a job second that's 60 days so you better get to work!"

"Okay, then I'm going out to look for a job.'' Gin leaves the house determined to get a  job. While searching he sees a restaurant called "Soul Food" and decides to interview. He walks into the place which has a medieval vibe.

He walks up to the counter. "Hey, I'm looking for a job." "Please come with me.'' She leads him to a room that looks like a medieval knight's training grounds. Standing in front of Gin is a man with blue hair dressed in a black and white suit.

"Wait are you guys soul hunters?" "How do you know that name?" "Well, I am the reincarnation of the soul king." The man's eyes widen in disbelief. "Fine, then you must prove it!" "What do you mean?" "Release!"

The man's hand glows bright green and then a small red demon appears. The demon has sharp claws which it attacks Gin with. Blood gushes out of his chest making him fall to the ground."

"You give up yet kid?" "Never!" Gin's hand begins to glow bright blue but this time it engulfs his whole body. "I'm Gin Shiro and I'm broke so I'm gonna beat your ass!"

 He rushes toward the demon and punches its chest. Suddenly it explodes in a bright light only leaving a small blue orb. "Kid grab it and shout cleanse."  Gin grabs it "Cleanse!!!

Gin's aura changes to a bright green completely healing him and then disappears. "There's a chance he could be the soul king's reincarnation." The man walks up to Gin and hands him a black and white suit. "My name is Sora Aoi and welcome to the soul hunters kid."

                                                                                     CHAPTER 1 SOUL HUNTER GIN END