Chapter 2:


Soul Hunter Gin: Soul King reincarnation!

"You start first thing tomorrow." Gin then walks home with his mind filled with random thoughts. As he enters his home his, mom is standing there patiently waiting to see if had indeed gotten a job. 

"Mom I got a job!" "What how much yen does it pay?" "I don't know as of yet but I start first thing tomorrow and I won't let you down mom I promise!" "That's the spirit I knew you could do it."

"Thanks for believing in me mom!" "Bye, the way where are you working at?" "Oh yeah, it's called "Soul Food". She then frowns "Doesn't that place make like 77 yen per day?" "Uh, that's just to keep the public away since they only let certain people work there."

"And what do they mean by certain people?" "Oh, you know like skills the public doesn't have." "And what type of skills are they exactly Gin?" "Oh, you know the reason they hired me is that they say I never give up."

"Oh really now?" "Yep anyways I'll go tell dad the good news see ya." "He's in the garage again." As he enters the garage he sees his father working on rebuilding the spirit telephone "Hey Gin I didn't see you there."

He walks toward his father. "Dad I've got a job." "That's awesome!" "Thanks." "Maybe if you earn enough you can start paying the bills around here." "Sorry dad but that's never gonna happen."

"Anyways I'm gonna go tell Atsukau the good news." As Gin enters the room Atsukau is jumping around wagging his tail. "Hey, Atsukau guess what I got a job today!"  Atsukau barks happily in response. "You're the only one who truly understands me."

"I have a long day ahead of me tomorrow so I have to prepare mentally." Gin closes his eyes and when he opens them he is now within the Soul King's soul. ''Gin I saw what you how you managed to cleanse that demon's soul which means you've awakened your powers congratulations!" 

"Thanks." "Also I did a little research on why your aura was light blue instead of the normal green that's when I discovered you have an incredible amount of willpower." "So what is that supposed to mean?"

"It is pretty rare for even a pretty strong hunter to have a blue aura." "Am I the only one who has it?" "No among the list of other hunters the current soul king also has a blue aura." "He must be pretty strong." "Yes, as of right now you are a mere atom compared to him."

''Dang well I guess I have to keep training to become as strong as him.'' "As the reincarnation of the previous soul king, it is your fate to challenge the current soul king and defeat him and become the new soul king." "What if I don't want to become the soul king?"

"Well then you would have your powers stripped from you and you would become an average human.'' "Is there a time deadline for me to become the soul king?" ''7 Years." "And who makes those rules?"

 "The first soul hunter in existence." "When did the soul hunters come to be?" "17000 years after humans were created the soul keeper decided to choose some humans to keep the balance of the universe and to stop the demon race from causing havoc and chaos across the universe." "Who created the soul keeper?"

"God created the soul keeper and the soul keeper created humans and since the demon race are the enemies of God and the angels the soul keeper is loyal to god and decided to weaponize humans against the demons."

"Am I just a weapon?" "No more deep questions." "Okay jeez I'm sorry." "Now leave me alone It's my nap time." Suddenly Gin is teleported back into his body. "Am I just a weapon to a God?" With that thought, he falls asleep.

In the morning he wakes up bright and early and puts his suit on then heads to work. "Bye, you guys I'm off to work!" As he enters soul food he sees Sora leaning against the counter smoking a cigarette. 'I'm here for my first day of work sir."

"Follow me." He leads Gin to the same room as his interview. "This room is the training grounds where every new soul hunter in Tokyo trains." Gin notices a small red button against a wall.

"What is that button for?" "This room is also a break room for employees so if you press this button it becomes a fancy break room.'' He walks over to the button and gently presses it. The room then quickly changes to a medieval dining room. 

"Woah this isn't just fancy this is luxurious!" "Don't get too excited kid you only get to spend 7 minutes in here every day." "And how long do I have to work?" "7 hours but at least we get paid 12000 yen per hour.

"But that's not a lot of money!" "Hey, you better be grateful because at least it's something!" "Fine you old geezer!" "What do you mean geezer I'm only 30 years old!" "And I'm 14 you see the difference."

"Kids these days anyways you can just train since you showed up 30 minutes early." "And why were you here so early exactly?" "Because I'm the boss soul hunter in Tokyo." "And where does the soul king live?" "You sure do ask a lot of questions don't you anyways he doesn't live in a specific place he travels all across the world."

"Am I the only one training here?" "Of course not there are 4 other hunters than you in Tokyo training here." "Wait so are there other hunters in Tokyo who aren't training here?" "Yes they all graduated from here but I was the one who was chosen to manage this place.'

"Well, I guess I better begin my training wait what do I do exactly?" "I guess I better help you since there's nothing better to do remember when you took down that demon yesterday." "Yeah, why?" "So hold your hand out concentrate and say release."

"Okay.'' Gin holds out his hand and concentrates on the same feeling of absorbing the demon. His hand begins to glow a bright blue hue. "Woah his aura is blue!" "Release!!!" A small buff demon comes out of his hand and attacks Sora.

A blue katana appears in Sora's hand. "Release!!!" Sora's sword glows green and he slashes the demon in a burst of energy. "That demon he released was stronger than when he first caught it maybe it has something to do with his willpower?"

 It leaves the demon's soul in its place which Gin absorbs back. "Woah that was cool how did you do that!?" "I'll teach you later but for now work on releasing that demon over and over again."

"Yes sir!" Sora leaves Gin alone to train. Gin trains hard for 25 minutes releasing until his co-workers arrive. Eventually, they arrive and Sora leads them to the training ground where they find Gin training covered in sweat "Oh I didn't see you guys there."

"Guys this is Gin." "Is he a janitor?" "No, he is your co-worker and now I think it's time for some introductions.''  A blonde-haired boy with blue eyes steps forward.  "I'll start first my name is Yakuso Kane I'm 14 years old and I'm an Esper soul hunter!" "Nice to meet you Yakuso."

A red-haired girl with red eyes steps forward "My name is Akai Kaji and I'm 14  years old and I'm a pyrokinetic!" "Oh, you can use fire so cool!"

A black-haired boy with green eyes steps forward. "My name is Tsuyoi Dansei I'm 14 years old and I can use soul energy to increase my physical strength!" "Wow but your super skinny." "That's because I don't eat a lot.''

A brown-haired boy with black eyes steps forward. "My name is Dangan Yatsu I'm 14 years old and I can control and create bullets made out of soul energy!" "Ooh, gunslinger I like your style! "Thanks."

Sora then looks over to Gin. "Gin why don't you tell us about yourself."  "Oh yeah my name is Gin and I'm a soul hunter!" "And those were the introductions since the restaurant opens in a few minutes we will start training now!" 

"What are we working on?" "Cleansing a demon's soul since you've been working hard on it why don't you release that demon." "Okay." Gin holds his hand out but this time instead of just covering his hand his aura engulfs his whole body.

"Release!!!" He releases the same demon from earlier but the size of a small car. "Woah I guess it might be a product of my training!" "This has to be a product of his willpower no doubt about it!" 

Tsuyoi's eyes widen in shock. "That that thing is at the full power of my muscle mass but still I wanna be the one to fight it!" "That's the spirit well you kids have fun I have to go set up shop." "Full power!" Tsuyoi's muscles grow considerably in size. "We're a team so I'll Increase your power temporarily using my Esper powers!"

 Tsuyoi's body glows red and the size of his muscles increases even further.  The demon rushes at Tsuyoi cutting off his arm. "My arm!" The demon then opens his mouth and spits a small fireball at Tsuyoi hitting him in the chest.

"I can't die against a low-level demon so I'll use my strongest punch!'' Tsuyoi's arm begins glowing a bright blinding light. "This is all of my soul energy soul slam!!!'' Tsuyoi rushes at the demon slamming his fist in its chest with great force for his rank. The demon explodes with a shockwave cracking the ground and leaving only its soul.

Gin takes the back soul. Yatsuo runs over to heal Tsuyoi's serious injuries. Suddenly a cloaked figure dropped down to the grown causing it to shake. "Who are you?" "I'm here for the reincarnation of the soul king.