Chapter 15:

Chapter 14 – I spent the night talking with a book.

Reincarnated with an omniscient grimoire

[I am a grimoire.]Bookmark here

Excuse me.Bookmark here

Getting used to this kind of conversation really was something ...Bookmark here

Anyway, for some reason, that may or may not be connected to my tragic back story™, I decided to not sleep that night.Bookmark here

At least for now.Bookmark here

At least until I had figured out, how leveling up in this world works exactly.Bookmark here

[You level up by collecting experience.] Bookmark here

[Though a leveling system does not exactly exist, I figured it would be the most understandable way for you to let your overall power be compared with others.]Bookmark here

That is kinda weird, but thank you for being considerate, I guess?Bookmark here

[It was a pleasure to do so, master.]Bookmark here

Oh no, did I get myself another servant?Bookmark here

[Oh, but master, I’d prefer if you’d call me your maid uwu (≧∇≦*)]Bookmark here

Wha- what’s that all of a sudden.Bookmark here

[I am just trying to keep the male/female ratio accordingly to certain people’s needs.]Bookmark here

Only two genders? As a Gen-Zer I consider myself disappointed.Bookmark here

[My humblest apologies master (⌯˃̶᷄ ˂̶᷄⌯) should I change your registered gender?]Bookmark here

Do as you see fit.Bookmark here

[Gender >>disappointed<< confirmed.]Bookmark here

Back from tasteless jokes, to the important matter, that’s at hand here ... I have a “level” and “experience points”, how exactly do they work?Bookmark here

[While you have a level you don’t have experience points.]Bookmark here

[You only have experience, that can’t be measured as a number.]Bookmark here

[Through these experiences you change which affects certain stats.]Bookmark here

So, right now, I am level 2, right?Bookmark here

[Precisely.]Bookmark here

What was the cause for my level up?Bookmark here

[Your battle in the underground chamber with the succubus, as well as exposure to magic counted as accumulating experience.]Bookmark here

I did not do anything useful though ...Bookmark here

[Your health has increased and you’ve gained the ability to learn spells.]Bookmark here

Okay, stop. While I’m really excited to cast magic myself, I have to file a complaint with the developer already. You can’t just measure health as a number, can you? I won’t lose HP, if someone blows me up, I’ll die!Bookmark here

[In that case your health would decrease by 105 points.]Bookmark here

And if I had 1000 points, I would still lose them all, right?Bookmark here

[Correct.]Bookmark here

See, that’s why it doesn’t make any sense, measuring my health as an absolute number, rather than a percentage.Bookmark here

[Incorrect.]Bookmark here

[This has to do with the way magic works for you.]Bookmark here

[Spells use up a certain amount of energy.]Bookmark here

[That energy is your blood.]Bookmark here

[By accumulating experience, you have also raised your blood reproduction by a certain degree, thus allowing you to now safely use the lowest class spells.]Bookmark here

Wait, stop. Again. So you’re telling me that theoretically I can use any spell, that you know, but if I use something that needs more energy, than I can provide ... what happens then?Bookmark here

[You die.]Bookmark here

Of course there’s a catch.Bookmark here

But then I suddenly remembered a conversation with Aster about his eyes, and how they use to much mana.Bookmark here

Why can’t I use mana for my spells?Bookmark here

[You don’t have a mana circulation.]Bookmark here

I... do not?Bookmark here

[That’s because you’re human.]Bookmark here

Of course I am human, what else am I supposed to be?Bookmark here

[A anthromagi like your friends for example.]Bookmark here

What? What’s the difference between the two?Bookmark here

[Error.]Bookmark here

Error?Bookmark here

[Error.]Bookmark here

Are you serious now?Bookmark here

It took me a lot of energy not to shout that out loud. In fact I did not even realize, that I jolted upward. A omniscient grimoire? Bullshit! Why can’t it tell me about the most basic information?Bookmark here

“You can’t sleep?”Bookmark here

I jumped forward, not having expected someone talking to me all of a sudden.Bookmark here

“Princess?” The princess suddenly approached me from where everyone else was sleeping. We pretty much stopped in the middle of nowhere due to the old lady’s weird ways. While the cart was standing on the road, where it halted, we decided to move into the field a bit. The princess used her fire magic to burn the grass creating a clearing where it would be safe for us to make a camp fire. She had great control over her power it seemed.Bookmark here

“Please don’t call me that.” She sighed and then stopped next to me. I was standing further into the field, having leant against a tree, until a minute ago or so.Bookmark here

“What should I call you then?” I could not entire make out the features of her face. Only after concentrating for a couple of seconds it seemed as if the moonlight got bright enough.Bookmark here

“By my name?” She paused. “I don’t know my friends call me Aurie. But that’s weird isn’t it?”Bookmark here

“No it isn’t?”Bookmark here

Not having a nickname at all is.Bookmark here

“I’ll call you Aurelia then.”Bookmark here

“Alright.” She moved past me, letting herself slide down against the tree. I followed suit.Bookmark here

“What were you doing?”Bookmark here

“Oh, you know, just talking to my b- grimoire.”Bookmark here

“So, what did it say?”Bookmark here

I thought about some witty answer for a second, but decide to simply tell her the truth.Bookmark here

“Error.”, I said and tried not to sound too bitter.Bookmark here

“Error?”, She repeated.Bookmark here

“Well, after asking it what the key difference between a human and a ‘anthromagi’ was” (Yes I put that in quotation marks) “it just said error. So much for ‘I contain all knowledge of the world.’”Bookmark here

“You were looking for information about humanity?”Bookmark here

“Well, obviously since I am human and you are not, and there seems to be some difference, although we both look pretty much the same ...”Bookmark here

“Interestingly I’ve been also doing some research. Well, at least I hoped one of the books I took with me would have some information on that.”Bookmark here

“Oh, so that’s what you were reading?”Bookmark here

“Yes. You know after that whole fight with Ebony I got interested, and ordered some books from the state library.”Bookmark here

“You actually have books on that? I tried bribing the library of Dementia Mansion – it’s collection is huge – but that turned out not to be too much.”Bookmark here

“Yeah, all the reading so far pretty much amounted to nothing. It’s so incredibly weird, because look: the key difference, and as far as I am concerned only difference between the humans and the anthromagi is that the latter have what is called a mana circulation parallel to their blood circulation-”Bookmark here

“I know about that ...”Bookmark here

“But humans don’t. Haven’t had. Because they are extinct. But the weirdest thing is, I can’t find anything on that. No history books, research papers whatever. It is something that appears to be common knowledge, but is not documented whatsoever. Their have been publications talking about ... some sort of ancient civilization, but the word human is not once used. Oh, in fact, the one I was reading today was written by Raynard’s brother.” She giggled a little, probably to drown out the serious aura, that was emanating from what she said.Bookmark here

“Was it any helpful?”Bookmark here

“No, not really. It was some sort of history book, honestly much better than the ones used at Ataraxia. Actually, let me grab it real quick. You might want to get a grasp on what our world is like.”Bookmark here

She quickly stood up and I tried not to pay any attention to her skirt, that was positioned a bit above. Luckily she then quickly jogged away to our campsite before returning, holding the book with both of her arms.Bookmark here

It was what you expected a history book to look like, thicker than the bible, a generic leather binding. She sat next to me and spread the book between our legs so we could each look inside. Only problem was that it was a bit too dark for reading, which she also realized.Bookmark here

“Oh let me just use some ... no wait. I have never seen you cast a spell.” She said.Bookmark here

“Well, I’m still trying to figure things out ...”Bookmark here

“Have you ever cast a spell?”Bookmark here

“That was actually what I was talking about with the grimoire earlier.”Bookmark here

I took the grimoire, that was just carelessly thrown onto the ground earlier. I opened it but wasn’t quite sure what to search for.Bookmark here

“What kind of spell, do you want me to look for?” I asked the princess.Bookmark here

“Actually I was thinking about just explaining to you how it would work, but ... can you really just look it up in that thing?”Bookmark here

“I don’t know, I’ve never done it before.”Bookmark here

“Well, the spell I was thinking of is called luminae. It’s a spell to create a sphere of light.”Bookmark here

Luminae ...Bookmark here

Suddenly the page I had randomly opened first turned blank, before ink blots started appearing and spreading over the page, forming words, and finally resulting in what appeared to be the spell Luminae, with a short description, and how much mana it used. The princess of course wasn’t able to read it. I proceeded to read through the entire page, that gave me a detailed explanation on how to use the spell. It sounded a bit esoteric, I had to concentrate my energy onto my finger tips, until ...Bookmark here

“Woah, you did it!” The princess suddenly exclaimed.Bookmark here

“I did not even realize it!”Bookmark here

The tip of my index finger glowed, and we both looked at it in awe, even though for her it probably wasn’t the first time seeing someone use that spell.Bookmark here

Well, that was easier than I thought.Bookmark here

[You could have also downloaded the information directly into your mind, without having to read the entire page.]Bookmark here

“I could have done that?”Bookmark here

“What?”, the princess responded.Bookmark here

“Oh, I was talking to the grimoire. It told me that I could have downloaded the entire page about the spell into my mind.”Bookmark here

“... downloaded ...?”Bookmark here

Oops, I did not think about the possibility of her not understanding my vocabulary again ...Bookmark here

“Um, does ‘save’ work for you?”Bookmark here

“Ah, now I understand. Anyway, now let’s take a look at this.” She said, tapping on the first opened page of the history book with her index finger.Bookmark here

“It is chronologically sorted, and thus begins with the creation of our world by the gods. Well, most people don’t actually believe in the work of gods anymore, but no one really has any explanation for how the world came to be either.”Bookmark here

I thought about how my world was supposedly created by the big bang, and I was thinking about telling her about it for a second. Eh, why the hell not.Bookmark here

“People in my world actually used to believe gods were the reason for everything too.”Bookmark here

“And now?”Bookmark here

“They don’t, but they aren’t quite sure how our world works either.”Bookmark here

We shared a laugh, before returning to the book and her ... Aurelia talking to me about god, the world, and everything else we deemed insignificant at the time.Bookmark here

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