Chapter 12:

Scar Meddler - The Most Accurate Person


Ghoss: He plays c4…

The English Opening.

Boss: Scar goes for e5…e5 controls the d4 and f4 squares and allows the queen and dark-squared bishop to develop.

Ghoss: Are you going to do some professional commentary over there?

Boss: Kc3 by Emerson…Nc3 attacks the d5 square and starts the fight for the e4 square.

Ghoss: Nf6 by Scar…It develops the knight, controls the d5 square, and attacks the e4 square.

Boss: Nf3 By Emerson…develops the knight and attacks the undefended e5 pawn.

Ghoss: Scar goes for Nc6…Nc6 develops the knight, defends the e5 pawn, and controls the d4 square…It's Quite a smooth game now. Isn't it boss?

Boss: Yeah Ghoss, both Players are having No doubts about their play…Where Emerson is playing quickly…we can see Scar as used a bit more time than Emerson but…His time is periodically sorted.

Ghoss: As we were talking Emerson goes for G3. Opening A square for the White squared bishop, Planing for castling in the future.

Boss: As we can see…The scar is managing his time very well and He is very classified about his moves…Very neat…He plays Bc5, This activates the Bishop by developing it off of its starting square.

Ghoss: Emerson Moves swiftly and Plays Bg2, This fianchettos the bishop by placing it on a powerful diagonal.

Boss: For our audience…Fianchetto is a chess term where you keep the bishops on the dialogues of the board

Ghoss: Scar castles his king on the king's side…Castling gets the king to a safer square, out of the center of the board, while also developing a rook.

Boss: Even Emerson castles. Castling develops a rook, while also moving the king to safety. Castling to the same side of the board as the opponent tends to lead to less sharp positions as compared with opposite-side castling.

Ghoss: Re8 played by Scar. That's not a mistake, but it's not the best move either.

Boss: D3 by Emerson…A sensible Reply.

Ghoss: D6 by Scar is a Strong play.

Boss: a3 by Emerson…a6 by Scar and b4 by Emerson.

Ghoss: Ba7 by Scar…This move puts the piece on a safer square.

Boss: Bg5 by Emerson, pins the queen, which restricts its mobility.

Ghoss: h6 by Scar…The opposing piece is kicked by a pawn, and must now move or be captured.

Boss: So…Emerson choices to take the Knight. It’s an equal trade.

Ghoss: Qxf6 is best…This maintains the balance in materials with a good trade.

Boss: Nd2 by Emerson and Bd4 by Scar.

Scar and Emerson are inside the ring playing.

Scar bites his Lip…And looks at the crowd.

Emerson: Why is looking at the crowd…Maybe he is looking if his people are cheering or not…

Emerson’s friends In the audience sitting there occupying a complete row.

Lina Glass, Calyden, Cros(cris in disguise), Sohel, Divya, Joey, and Meera sitting in the same row…And Alex Rose standing beside Lina Glass with a Laptop in her hand.

Calyden: Don’t you think Scar has a really fancy Band playing drums for him?

Chad comes running from behind: What’s happening in the match? Is everything all right? How is Emerson playing?

Cros: Yeah…Till now they both are playing brilliantly…

Calyden Tabs his wooden stick on the ground… Thought for a while and asks

“Lina why is he called the Most accurate person.”

Lina: I didn’t know much about him…But I got a 100 accuracy in last year’s tournament…So from that point, people started calling him that…But he was never arrogant or something.

Alex Rose: Hehehe…That’s the Person I have a crush on…

Lina: Alex…Can you give me the laptop once?

Opens the laptop and tells how he plays…

Lina: As you can see…He never lost instead he withdrew in the past 3 years. All the time. But the strange part is why withdraw? Isn’t it strange? I tried to tell this to Emerson while lunch…But He didn’t listen.

Joey Jumps from the side

“Ohhhhhhhhh….You both having lunch together ahhhh….Isn't something happening, you've never seen like this beforeeee…awwwww….” Exclaimed from the side.

Lina: Shut up. It's none of your business

Lina looks at calyden and asks him

“Why did you suddenly ask for this information?”

Calyden: It’s just my hunch but I feel something is wrong.”

Calyden: Alex rose Can you come here…I can you bring that water bottle near that ring on the round…

Alex Rose: Roger that…I will get it now… It's easy, Should I go, Lina

Lina: You can.

Alex starts walking

Calyden: Wait! Not now, Let the cleaners clean those rose petals and throw the water bottle in the dust bin, then get it.

“Till then let me check Scar’s all games till now…In your laptop.

By the way, do you have stockfish?”…With a creepy smile.

Lina glass: Yes…With a creepy smile.

By to commentary section

Boss: As you can see Emerson plays Kd5…This attacks the Queen, winning a tempo when it retreats.

Ghoss: Going backward…Qd8 by Scar…It’s the best move.

Boss: Rc1 by Emerson, activates a piece by developing it off of its starting square.

Ghoss: Ne7 by Scar.e3 by Emerson, Ba7 by Scar….This move puts the piece on a safer square.

Boss: Nc3 by Emerson…

In the audience

Calyden: Your mission’s on! Go get the water bottle young soldier.

“My guts were never wrong…”

Alex: Yes…I’m going to get it.

Alex goes to the dustbin from the back door and gets it…And gives it to calyden

Alex: This is just a normal water bottle…

Calyden rotates the water bottle…And removes a lid behind it.

Calyden: Bingo!

He finds an Electrical screwdriver in it. Stuck inside the water bottle. 

Calyden: It's just as I thought.

Joey: What’s happening old man?

Calyden: I still have some checking to do…Emerson tries to hold on.

In the ring.

Emerson: What is he thinking? Why is not playing still…I think so many people are cheering for me, I can hear them…But even this guy got an army cheering for him…He played pretty well till now…He remains true to his name…He is THE Most Accurate Player in this tournament till now…

Scar makes his move

It is

Boss: It is c6…just an impressive move.

In the audience

Calyden: I found it.

Lina glass: What did you find?

Calyden: This will answer all your questions.

“The most accurate guy is actually a CHEATER”