Chapter 13:

The Mystery Of A Cheater


Calyden: The most accurate guy is actually a CHEATER.

Alex Rose: What are you saying, old man? Mind your Damn tongue!

Lina Glass: Calm down Alex... Why are you getting all worked up for him?

Alex Rose: It’s just that…I—

Calyden: Joey once just call Chad here…


Calyden says something in Chad’s ear.

Calyden: Lina… let's use an engine to analyze this position.

Sohel: What are you using Old man?

Calyden: See this is a chess engine, known as stockfish. With this, we can know who’s actually winning and what the best move is…With this, you will get a rough idea of how the game is going…See that graph over there.

Sohel: Yeah…I can see, This is wonderful a chess engine which can tell what the correct and wrong moves are…Wow…With this, I can learn well.

Joey: What you have been playing chess secretly?

Sohel: hehehe…A little bit, yeah…I want to play like MAD.

Joey leans towards the laptop.

Joey: How to know what's happening in the match with this graph?

Lina glass: See see…It's simple you see with every move the graph is moving kinda downwards or Upwards staying on the mean axis or in the middle with no movement…

Joey and sohel nodded their heads…

Lina: If white’s an advantage if the graph goes up…If Black is winning the graph goes below the axis line. If it’s at the middle line which is on the axis line, It means they both are equal.

Joey: So now…They both are equal.

Calyden: Let’s see if the next moves match with the engine moves. You will get an idea about him…Cheating.

And Lina Check all the last 3 years' pairing and see if there are any common points for him to resign. Like defeating a common enemy or Avoiding facing some enemy.

Boss from the commentary section

Boss: Nd3 by Emerson. Right on target.

Joey: Wow!! Emerson played the Best move!

Sohel: Let’s see what happens…Will he play Be6…That’s what the move engine is saying to play.

Calyden turns around and looks at the people cheering for Scar…with all musical instruments…Drums, Trumpets, and Flutes. which made Calyden crack into laughter

Calyden: I got it how he is cheating… It was a really simple method…Everything was right under our noses.

Sohel(Friend of Emerson),

Divya(Friend of sohel),

Meera(Friend of Joey),

Joey(Friend of Emerson),

Cris( The prodigy kid and also the first opponent - Dress as cros now),

Lina glass( The 3rd opponent),

Alex rose(Assistant of Lina glass) and

Calyden( The 2nd opponent – The oldest loser) made a huddle.

Sohel: So how is he cheating…

Calyden: Before that let me ask you a few questions…

Cros your Cris right?

Cris: How did he know it was me? Did my cover blow away…Shit, But now that doesn’t matter, I can’t see Emerson lose for a cheater. Yes…I'm sorry. I’m Cris, I can help you.

Calyden: You were Emerson’s first opponent right?

Cris: Yes…I was, Our match was the 16th match of round 1.

Calyden: Were you able to hear the audience cheering?

Cris: Yes…I was able to hear.

Calyden: You could…If I'm not wrong Scar was in the first 8 matches cause if weren’t in them he wouldn’t have been in the semi-final.

Calyden: What about your match? Could you hear the audience cheering?

Joey: Yeah!! I remember Mad saying he could hear us cheering after Lina's and Emerson's match.

And I remember when he said, “Oh…nice…Did more people come today in the audience…Cause I could hear the audience cheering hard and loud.”

Then I said, “Is that so…I think that our power over there is mad”…I tried to make a pun.

Then he said, “No wonder…you got lungs of steel”

Calyden: Thanks for your unnecessary info buddy…we can hear from the person who was inside right?

Lina Glass: Yeah, I could hear them cheering…My watch was 4th match in the 3rd round.

Calyden: Now if we use our logic…Now scar is playing the semi-final… which means He was in the 3rd match…And he won it.

Lina Glass: Yes.

Calyden: But you know what's surprising, In my match with Emerson, the 3rd match of Day 1. Round 2.

As you remember round 2 happened in 2 days cause of a lack of time. And the 8 matches were divided into the group a and b…Where Group b’s match happened on day 1 and group a’s was this morning.

Calyden: But I was shocked when I heard people’s cheering and voice’s yesterday in round 1.

That means the soundproof Glass around the ring is working well.

Calyden: Now a question pop’s up. From where is sound coming?

Lina glass: This rules out the question of a microphone and technology…

Joey: What if there was a hole in the glass…Like a gap or something…Then some sound could go.

Calyden: Absolutely Correct.

Sohel: But making a hole in front of 1,00,000 people+ and 100s of cameras I don’t think it’s possible. How it's possible?

Calyden: Nows that question will be answered by this Water bottler.

If you rotate this water bottle and see there I an electronic screwdriver, Drilling a hole into a glass is tough, but removing the screws is easy than drilling a hole.

Pulls this screwdriver out. See it's already on the removing mode…If we press it against I will start to rotate…5 seconds is the maximum needed and the vacuum between the water bottle and screwdriver won't allow the sound goes out.

In today’s match, did you see him fall to the ground…At that moment I saw him leaving this bottle there and picking up a different bottle…Because he knows about the cleaning and no one will doubt him.

Boss form the commentary Box: Be6 by Scar meddler.

Sohel: He played Be6! That’s what the engine said…And he played.

Joey: But how does he know what move to play…I mean yeah he can hear the audience but… how's that gonna help him?

Calyden: Even It was tough for me to figure that out…But finally, I got to know about it.

Alex rose: Why did you do it? Why…I never thought you would do something like this.

*Calyden Points his hands toward Scar’s fans who are supporting him with musical instruments*

Da-da-da-Dum Da-daadaa-daa-Dumm. *Drums sound*

Calyden: He has trained a way to Know what piece is what beat…It's impressive.

Boss: Re1 by Emerson…It’s a fine move.

Joey: It's not the best move right old man? The engine says ke2 is best…Don’t the commentators have engines?

Calyden: That’s what engine makes you…It helps you criticize…as you can see the engine thinks about something 20 moves later and it’s really tough to play all the best moves…That’s what makes chess interesting…Cause humans tend to make mistakes and those mistakes give the opponent the opportunities to win.

Joey: But scar will play all the best moves how can we win against him?

Calyden: HE CAN’T.

Sohel: What the hell are you telling Oldman… Explain yourself.

Calyden: It's impossible for even the world champion to win against an engine. He can't win against him.

Joey: Then what are we going to do?

Calyden: hmm….

Sohel: Say something.

Ghoss: Qd7 by scar…The rooks can see each other now, allowing them to provide a mutual defense.


Boss: Qd2 by Emerson… Same as Scar. The rooks can see each other now, allowing them to provide a mutual defense.

Sohel: What are you doing Mad it’s not the best move!! Qc2 is the best move…You were so close.

Divya: It’s easy to say with an engine on…

Sohel: Hehehhe…yeah, Now I feel like a chess wizard.

Sohel: will see what will he play…Rc8…I guess that is the right move.

Joey: You're telling that seeing that engine

*dum-da-dummam-dum* Drums sound.

Boss: Rac8 by scar. This activates a piece by developing it off of its starting square.

Sohel: Arent I a magician hahaha.

Divya: Stop your jokes…How will Emerson win, If he is cheating like this?

Alex Rose: I don’t know…How can you do like this scar! You lost all your credibility…It's something I can't unsee, I hate to admit that I love you…I feel so sad…You just broke my heart and this win isn’t something you deserve. I should complain about this to the authorities.

*About to go to the ring’s arbiter.*

*Calyden Holds her hand.*

Calyden: It's fine…You don’t take this on yourself…It's fine.

Alex Rose: BuT…I don't want him to win this way.

*With tears in her eyes*

Boss: Qb2 played by Emerson…That’s a Fair move.

Alex rose: Let me go…I would feel horrible if Scar wins this way. I can’t unsee what he is doing. ( In a very painful voice )

Calyden: Calm down…

A loud drum sounds come from the entrance.

Chad comes running towards calyden

“I have done it what you told…I called them, that person…”

An old man walks down the stairs and stands beside them where…you calyden and others are sitting.

Black suit with a white shirt inside…White hair but pretty dense, Neatly polished shoes with a red tie on his neck and A peacock on his right shoulder.

The peacock just opens his wings…When it closes its wings, there

was a group of old people with all fancy beach dresses.

Calyden: It's been a while ahhh

*with a smile on his face*