Chapter 503:

Chapter 500: Zaydra vs Kopmon

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 500: Zaydra vs Kopmon

Narrator: Zaydra begins her battle against the Council of Demons member, Kopmon.

*Kopmon changes his left arm socket into an arm and hand and makes his head socket the cannon*

Kopmon: By the end of this, you will be nothing more than another corpse on the ground.

*Kopmon uses his precision gunshots on Zaydra but she dodges the shots. She tries to get close and punch Kopmon but he blocks Zaydra’s punch with his arm. He then shoots her with precision gunshots which damages her. She jumps back in pain*

*Kopmon then shoots the cannon on his head socket. The blast hits Zaydra and explodes. Zaydra is damaged more and she jumps away to avoid another blast*

*Zaydra runs around to avoid being hit as Kopmon rapidly shoots his precision gunshots*

Zaydra: (Thinking) Damn! I need to find a way to make him open! Trying directly won’t end well for me!

*Zaydra releases a Star Shine Blast at Kopmon. He stops shooting so he can dodge the attack by jumping upwards. Zaydra jumps up to meet him and she kicks him back but, as he is knocked back, he shoots his precision gun. His shots land a direct hit on Zaydra to deal more damage. She throws a Star Shard at Kopmon to cut through the magically created precision gun*

*Zaydra launches toward him as soon as she lands*

*Kopmon tries to punch Zaydra as she gets close to him but she blocks it with her right arm and then uses her left fist to punch him. She then slams him to the ground. She stomps on the magically created cannon on his head socket to destroy it. She then outright stomps on Kopmon’s body. She tries to do it again but Kopmon uses his hand to grab her leg*

*Kopmon then slams Zaydra down on the ground while he hops back on his feet. He forms a sword from his right arm socket and tries to slash her*

*Kopmon leaves a short cut wound but is kicked back before he could make a more serious cut*

*Zaydra forms and releases a Shooting Star at Kopmon which lands in the background and explodes*

Zaydra: Did I get him!?

*Suddenly, she sees Kopmon heading toward her. His arm sockets both have magic wheels coming out of them which he is using to get back Zaydra at a super-fast speed. A tentacle is coming out of his head socket*

Zaydra: What the hell!?

*Zaydra starts running to avoid Kopmon coming directly at her, but to Zaydra’s surprise, Kopmon has no trouble turning his direction almost instantly*

*Kopmon drives past Zaydra but uses the tentacle coming from his head socket to wrap around her neck and take her with him*

*Kopmon flings her forward which makes her crash into the wall of Angel Sanctuary. Kopmon turns his left arm socket into an actual arm and hand and the right socket into a sword*

*Zaydra pushes off the wall in time to duck under Kopmon’s stab attempt. However, she is unable to avoid the gut punch. She feels a lot of pain but is able to do her own gut punch on Kopmon. She then kicks him back*

*Zaydra starts forming a Super Nova star in her hand*

Zaydra: Let’s see how much you like this.

*Kopmon changes both of his arm sockets into precision guns. His head socket becomes a cannon*

*Zaydra’s Super Nova star finishes forming. She throws the Super Nova star as Kopmon begins firing his precision guns. Zaydra takes a bunch of hits from the shots but Kopmon is also caught in the Super Nova explosion*

*Zaydra falls to one knee, trying to fight off the pain*

Zaydra: Gah! Damn it! Ahh!

*The giant explosion soon clears and a large crater is left*

Zaydra: I hope that finished him off.

*Her eyes then open wide in shock as Kopmon walks out of the crater. He has taken significant damage. He is bloody all over but is still very much alive. Nothing is coming out of any of his sockets*

Zaydra: Unbelievable…

Kopmon: You won’t kill me that easily. It’s time I show you the Three-Connected-Terror.

Narrator: Kopmon survives Zaydra’s Super Nova attack! What is the Three-Connected-Terror!?

Chapter 500 END

To be Continued in Chapter 501: Three-Connected-Terror

Author's Comment

In my personal document, I had a reflective author comment at the end of this chapter. It felt more personal and directed at my friends so I'm going to write a more general one here.

To anyone who has read this story this far, I just want to say thank you. 500 chapters is certainly a lot so thank you for reading this far. Although I mentioned at the beginning of Chapter 495 that there is a continuation in the works, when I was actually writing this arc back in 2018, I was writing it like I really was going to stop at the end of it. I mentioned in a couple of author's comments during the Dark Matter Chronicles that I was starting to feel burnt out while writing that series of arcs. It was then that I made the decision that I should end the series with The Final Great Chaos Arc even though there would be hints and foreshadowing to what was coming in the continuation. There have actually already been a few hints and foreshadowing for the continuation in previous arcs before this, even as far back as very early in the series. Eventually, after taking over a year off from this story, I decided to write the continuation. I will have more to say about that at the end of this final arc for BTS 1. Once I post the end of this arc, it will be up to you to decide whether the continuation is worth reading or if this story really should just have this arc be the end point.