Chapter 502:

Chapter 499: Battle of Angel Sanctuary

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 499: Battle of Angel Sanctuary

Narrator: The first battle of the war begins!

*Kopmon and his demons reach the area where Angel Sanctuary is located. The demons look surprised when they see the angel forces outside waiting for them*

Male Demon 1: They knew we were coming?

Kopmon: Whether they knew or not, we have a job to do. We will kill those angels and completely destroy Angel Sanctuary.

*Zaydra and her team stand on top of the sanctuary*

Zaydra: This is it. This is the first blood!

Kopmon: Attack!

*The demons start charging into battle*

*Zaydra responds and points at the attacking demons*

Zaydra: Stop them! Do not let even a single one of them reach this sanctuary!

*The angels also start charging into battle*

*The angels and demons start fighting each other. The first death of the war is a demon that is slashed in half by an angel with a sword*

*Two angels are killed when a frog-like demon pounces on them and rips them apart. The frog demon is cut into two pieces and dies when Bonetru slashes it with his large sword*

*A demon tries to attack Bonetru from behind but is pierced by an arrow. The arrow was released by Sapphire. Bonetru turns to look at her and she gives him a thumbs up*

*A tiger-like demon releases a blast of magic energy from its mouth to injure a bunch of angels. Ruby dashes toward it with her daggers ready. She tries to stab the demon but another demon blocks her attack with a sword. Ruby looks angry and starts trying to stab the demon. The demon is fast with his sword and is able to block the attacks. Ruby changes things up by doing a low swipe kick which knocks the demon off his legs. Ruby stabs the demon in the heart to kill him*

*However, Ruby takes a direct hit from a magic blast released by the tiger demon. Kren is in the area*

Kren: Ruby!

*Kren knocks a couple of demons out of his way to get to her*

*The smoke clears from the blast. Ruby is bleeding in some places. Kren dodges a magic blast from the tiger demon and grabs it by the neck and snaps it to kill it. Kren looks at the damaged Ruby*

Kren: Are you alright?

Ruby: Yeah… The bleeding isn’t too bad.

*They are then both attacked by more demons and they start fighting*

Kren: Damn, there’s a lot of them!

*Arrows start flying toward some demons and two of the demons are hit and killed. The arrows were once again released by Sapphire*

Sapphire: I’ve got you covered!

*The angels are having a tough time in some spots. In one place, there are angel bodies starting to pile up*

*Two angels are sitting behind a 4-foot-high rock and set up an angelic heavy machine gun turret on top of it. The male angel that uses it starts using Channeling Magic to power up its shots and starts firing. A female angel has more ammo ready to reload it when needed*

*A demon is torn to shreds by the bullets of the heavy machine gun turret*

*More demons that charge toward them are torn up by the machine gun fire. The angel firing the machine gun starts yelling stuff with extreme confidence*

Shooting Male Angel: Yeah! That’s right! Take that, you demon bastards! Hahahahaha!!

*Despite killing a lot of demons with the machine gun, the shooting angel is suddenly hit in the right shoulder by magic bullets and falls back in pain. The female angel panics*

Reloading Female Angel: What just happened!?

*The demons start getting close to them but Bonetru shows up to aid them*

Bonetru: Take care of him! I will handle the demons!

*In another spot, there are a lot of dead angels. A very injured and bloody male angel tries retreating*

Very Injured Male Angel: We need help!

*The main cause is that this is the area where Kopmon is attacking (Author’s Note: As a reminder, Kopmon doesn’t really have a head or arms. His demon magic allows him to form things from those sockets). Kopmon’s right arm socket used magic to form a precision gun. The left arm socket formed a cannon. His head socket has not formed anything yet*

*Kopmon uses his precision gunshot of magic bullets at the retreating angel. However, the angel is saved by Zaydra who grabs him and takes him farther back and then goes to confront Kopmon*

*Zaydra looks determined*

Zaydra: Kopmon… Your lack of true arms and a head always creeps me out.

Kopmon: Zaydra… This can’t be a coincidence. Tell me… How did you know we were going to attack? This was supposed to be a surprise attack.

Zaydra: We didn’t know you were going to attack… this location anyway.

Kopmon: Well, either way, we are to destroy you and your sanctuary. This is the end of the road for you, Zaydra.

Zaydra: I won’t let that happen. Taking down a Council of Demons member in the first battle would be a major victory!

Narrator: The first battle of the war is underway! Zaydra confronts Kopmon in the war’s first fight against a Council of Demons member!

Chapter 499 END

To be Continued in Chapter 500: Zaydra vs Kopmon