Chapter 12:

Soulmate Without A Soul

Unconsciously [SHORT]

“Shibasaki-san, please read the following passage.” Their English teacher called upon Yuyo.

“Yes, sensei.” Yuyo rose to her feet and started to read.

“Isn’t she amazing, Nazumi-san?” Kyashii leaned back, trying to engage in conversation with Hana without looking away from Yuyo. The fluidity with which her best friend reads English lines always leaves her in awe.

“Certainly.” Kyashii caught Hana’s reply.

“She’s so smart that the difference between us is night and day. Hmm... It sometimes makes me wonder if I am really fit to be in her circle.” Kyashii said that despite knowing she shouldn’t. Yuyo is one of the top students in their class, while she’s just an average student, and this gives her pause.

“I think there’s no requirement to be a part of one’s circle. And that it depends on whose circle it is. If Shibasaki-san wants you to be in her circle, then it’s fine. Just because she has brains doesn’t mean you should be intimidated, Mikami-san. And it’s reasonable for you to think that way, given that she happens to be friends with someone as smart as Kamiwaki-san.” Hana said in a low voice as she looked at Kyashii, who appeared to be seriously considering something.

“Yeah… I suppose you’re right, Nazumi-san.”

Minori is likewise scholarly, which increased my consciousness of whether or not I should be around them. More so than Yuyo and I should, they are the definition of best friends. They share many interests, particularly in academic learning and their love of books.

“Well, I’ve resolved to be her best friend, so such thoughts are out of the question. Right~…?” Kyashii clenched her fist and pompously turned to Hana for validation.

“All right, Mikami-san, since you appear to enjoy talking, why don’t we have you pick up where Shibasaki-san left off?” Their teacher unexpectedly called on to Kyashii before Hana could react.


Waaahhh! How would I even know which part Yuyo stopped?! This teacher sure is ruthless!

It takes Kyashii a little while to get to her feet. “I... I’m sorry, sensei...But... Err... Would you please let me know where Shibasaki-san left off? I w-wasn’t paying attention. I apologize.” She lowered her gaze.

Floor-san, open up already and swallow me at once!

“Indeed, you were not. I would appreciate it if you would pay attention next time and refrain from chatting in class.”

“Y-Yes, sensei.”

“By the way, Kyashii, what happened earlier in English class?” Yuyo asked, her eyes amusedly fixed on Kyashii.

“Argh! I knew it! There was no way you were going to let that go!” Kyashii growled. “But it’s nothing… I was just saying something to Hana.”

Of course, there is no way I can say I’m too busy gushing over her intellectual prowess. Gaah... I should have eaten with Hana instead! Hmph! But I need to talk about the specifics of our weekend plans, so I must put up with this bully. Kyashii is eating her lunch with Yuyo and Minori.

“Hmm... Well, I won’t have it any other way. It wouldn’t be right to miss it if it had anything to do with you.” Yuyo said with a placid smile.


“Yeah, best friends are like that, aren’t they?”

“Ohh… Yeah, I get what you’re saying. You’re bound to find out what’s going on with me at some point.” Kyashii returned the smile.

“Yep. It would be a shame and squandered chance if I missed it, especially if it was something I could tease about.” Yuyo’s smile transmogrified into a grin of delight.

“Gaahh! Yuyo Shibasaki, you certainly are something!” Kyashii’s smile faded with the blink of an eye. “Minori, how about becoming my best friend instead? I’m ditching this good-for-nothing girl here.” She shifted her eyes to Minori, who was quietly eating her bento.

“Ohh~… I’d love to, Kyashii-chan. But it’s clear from your closeness to Yuyo you’ve already found your soul mate.” Minori smiled knowingly at Kyashii.

“Haaahh?! Soulmate?! We’re talking about a best friend here! Besides, she’s a girl! And even if I’m attracted to girls by chance, this jerk right here is not and never will be my soul mate. She is completely void of soul!”

“Heeh… What about you, Kyashii? Are you sure you have a soul?” Yuyo snickered.

“There you go, Minori. Is that what you mean by a soulmate?! My nerves are frayed just from having to deal with her.” Kyashii ignored Yuyo while pouting at Minori.

Minori giggled at Kyashii’s rants. “Well, Kyashii-chan, soulmates do not necessarily manifest as lovers. Your soulmate might be your best friend as well.”

“Huh?! Really?”

“Yes. A soulmate can be a close friend or a person you’re going out with. To me, you two appear to be soulmates.” Minori grinned tenderly.

“Oh, well... I’m fine with being Kyashii’s soulmate.” Yuyo shrugged casually.

“Huh?!” Kyashii’s eyes widened. Yet, the audible thumping of her heart shocked her more than what Yuyo had just said.

What happened just now?! W-What is causing my chest to tighten?!

“What... Are you being serious when you say you don’t want me to be your soulmate?” Yuyo stared hard at Kyashii. She genuinely thought Kyashii was just being dramatic when she complained about hating her, but she’s starting to believe Kyashii might actually hate her.

“No! That’s obviously not the case! Ahhm…. If you’re cool with that i-idea that we’re… we’re so-... so-….”

Ehh?! Why is it so tough to say that word all of a sudden?! M-My heart is racing whenever I think about saying that we are s-soulmates.


“It’s a soulmate, Kyashii-chan.”

Kyashii was met with an enigmatic smile from Minori. “Y-Yes... That’s pretty much what I’m trying to say. Aha-ha.”

“There you have it. It would help if you started looking into soulmate signs. Maybe the idea that you are soulmates isn’t simply an idea after all.” Minori maintained a constant smile.

“Hmm… Good idea.” Yuyo nodded. She is not seriously considering the possibility that she and Kyashii share a soulmate relationship. Yuyo just goes along with it simply because she has a soft spot for Kyashii, although she can sometimes be irritating.

“Y-Yeah… I’d better look it up, too, I guess. Ha-ha!” The awkward laughter of Kyashii makes Minori and Yuyo stare at her sternly. “Uhh… What gives with the weird stares?”

Is there something on my face?

“Is it just me, or does your face look a little bit red??” Yuyo asked, bringing her face close to Kyashii’s.

“Aahh!” Kyashii quickly backed away from Yuyo, prompting Yuyo to furrow an eyebrow at her.

“What’s up with you? Are you now disgusted with my face too? That’s the second time you’ve backed away from me as I get closer.” Yuyo chuckled. Kyashii’s sudden change in demeanor is off-putting to her. Besides that, she realized Kyashii wasn’t used to having someone so close to her face.

“No! It’s not like that! It’s just that… Ahh! No… Nothing! Never mind.” Kyashii puts her gaze down as she feels her ears heat up.

“Kyashii-chan, are you blushing by any chance?” Minori asked in a teasing voice.

“I’m not! There’s no reason to blush!”

“So, what's the deal with your bright red skin? Are you feeling sick?” Yuyo swiftly reaches for Kyashii's forehead.

Waahh! I can't back away anymore, or I'll offend Yuyo.

Argh! Why does Yuyo's closeness make me anxious?

“You don't seem to be running a temperature, though. Are you sure you're okay?” Yuyo's voice tinged with concern.

“Yes.” Kyashii threw Yuyo a sidelong glance.

Ohh... That look of concern in her eyes warms my heart. How does she manage to make me feel such a wide range of emotions? Is she really my soulmate in the form of a friend? Kyashii cannot resist a smile while staring earnestly at Yuyo.

“Very well… Hmm… Kyashii, you're getting redder and redder.” Yuyo stared at her intently. “Hold on... Could you be thinking something inappropriate, which is why you're blushing?” She grinned.

“What?! As if I would! What do you take me for?! Gosh! I must be crazy to think you’re my soulmate in the form of a friend. You’re the worst!” Kyashii roared.

“Heeh... What’s this? Does it feel as if we are soulmates to you?”

“No, I don’t! As I’ve already said, I can’t be a soulmate with someone who has no soul!”

Yuyo simply laughed at Kyashii’s reaction. “Then, since I like Minori, I suppose she could be my soulmate instead.”

“Haah?!” A disgruntled expression swept over Kyashii’s face.

“Ara~…” Minori cupped her right cheek and smiled at Yuyo. “If Kyashii-chan doesn’t want to be your soulmate, I’ll gladly fill that role.” She turned her sweet smile to Kyashii, who had been looking intensely at Yuyo.

“Then…. What about me? Do you like me as well, Yuyo?” Kyashii seemed dejected because she knew Yuyo had never actually said those things to her.

“No,” Yuyo replied with seriousness.

“What?!” Kyashii almost yelled.

She’s joking, right? Why wouldn’t she like me when I’m her best friend?!

“I lo–….” The look on Kyashii’s face cut Yuyo off mid-sentence. “Ah-re?? What’s with that look?”


Minori erupted in a fit of laughter. “Kyashii-chan, do you know what face you’re making right now?”

“How would I know?! The only thing I know is that Yuyo has pissed me off! Hmmph!”

Minori couldn’t stop laughing. “The look on your face suggests you’re about to unleash your inner yandere.”

“Haah?! What are you talking about, Minori?”

“I’m with Minori. It was as though your eyes were glowing with the ferocity of bloodlust.” There was a hint of laughter in Yuyo’s tone.

“Well, whatever! Just whose fault is it? How annoying!”

“I was going to say I love you rather than simply like you, but you ruined the moment.” Yuyo ended up giving Kyashii a warm smile.

“Talk about ruining a moment. You’re the one who wrecked it in the first place!”

“Heeh... You’re such a handful of a best friend, Kyashii. Huffy!” Yuyo gently squeezed Kyashii’s right cheek.

“Hmph! It’s you who’s turning me into that! You have to deal with it!” Kyashii glared. 

“Yeah… Yeah... Sure.” Yuyo dissolved into laughter.


A yandere is typically sweet, caring, and innocent before switching into someone who displays an excessive, often violent or psychotic, level of attachment to a love interest.
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