Chapter 6:

Executing the Plan

His Unknown Spawn

In the beginning…

The angel Lucifer was cast out of Heaven and condemned to rule Hell for all eternity.

Until he decided to take a vacation…


Little does he know; he also left his daughter.

Who will stop at nothing to bring him back…’


Author: Previously on ‘His Unknown Spawn’

Detective: “Okay so I have done some intense research since our last meeting, and I have found this bar they go to”

Aradia: “So what’s the plan?

Detective: “The plan is that I have absolutely no idea what to do next”

Aradia: “What we need is bait”

Detective: “Bait?”

Aradia: “Allow me to explain, see bait is when…”

Detective: “I know what bait is I’m a cop!”

Aradia: “Anyways seriously this time, the plan is simple, I am going to go to the bar and I will… mingle is the right word. I will do whatever in my power to get them to trust me. WHATEVER it takes. Then I will join their gang, gather whatever intel I need and report back to you. Once I do you can use that as evidence against them and catch them. Or I might just start early and kill them one by one”

Detective: “As much as I wouldn’t want to get in the way of your… whatever. I’m afraid I cannot let you go ahead with the plan”

Aradia: “What? Why not?!”

Detective: “Because I have to give answers to my superiors. I mean what do you think they would do when they find out I have a member of the general public, who is also related to one of the victims. Involved with me?”

Detective: “You okay? You were spaced out for… 30 seconds”

Aradia: “Yeah, I’m okay… but what will the actual plan be?”

Detective: “I have an idea, but I need you to trust me. So, do you trust me?”

Aradia: “I do”

Blank Screen

According to our sources the ‘Scorpion Gang’ were to hit the bar tonight. So, I did what I had to and asked Aunt Maze to send me some clothes here, they came quicker than I expected which was good because I was able to wear what I needed.

I looked in the mirror as I tugged on my skirt. The dress was a silk material in a dark blue cover. It was bunched up to one side at the bottom reaching just above my thighs and fitted nicely showing all my curves.

I put on my heels… which by the way are very small heels meaning I can indeed walk in them. I grab my purse putting my phone, wallet, keys and small taser- given to me personally by the detective for my protection even though I insisted I did not need it! Apparently this man has a problem hearing ‘No’ for an answer.

Don’t worry I will soon change that

I hear the doorbell ring just as I’m touching up my makeup and putting gloss over the brightest, reddest lipstick I owned. I quickly walk to the main door and look through the peephole before opening it to the detective.

“Hey, you… wow” he says eyeing me up and down.

W-why is he looking at me like that? I don’t hate the look but I don’t like it either…

“Please stop ogling me” I manage to say and look down brushing a strand of hair behind my ear.

He looks down immediately not taking his eyes off the floor, “Oh err… I’m sorry I wasn’t I just… Umm, shall we?” he asks.

I nod and follow him out to his car, like a gentleman he opens the door allowing me to hop inside before he closes it himself, he then jogs to the other side and gets in himself. He pulls out of the driveway and we sit in an… awkward silence for a few minutes before he breaks it.

“Here’ he says handing me a small box.

“What’s this?” I ask opening it to reveal two very weird things.

Once looked like a pupil and the other was a small… something. Noticing my confused expression he cared to explain.

“This is an earpiece. You put it in your ear and we can hear everything, everything around you, your conversations all that good stuff. This is a contact lens that allows us to see everything you can see, thanks to modern technology of course” he adds with a small chuckle.

“So, with this you can hear and see everything I can?” I ask

He nods with a small smile, “Yes. And please for the love of God, do NOT take either of these out! You may be… immortal, but still I need to make sure you’re safe at least on my watch”

I nod in agreement. My throat suddenly feeling dry makes me reach for the bottle of water in the cup holder and drink steadily.

“What if we come up with a safeword” he says out of nowhere making me choke.

“Excuse you!” I say my voice raspy.

“No! Not like that! I mean we should come up with a word in case you find something off and then you say it and I’ll come and find you” he explains.

Oh. Damn it! I was actually excited for a sec

“Okay how about… Pineapple?” I suggest.

“Pineapple?” he asks confused.

“Yeah. We need something we can incorporate into any sentence right? Like anything random? Pineapple feels like a safe option. You hear me say it and come running to find me, bada bing bada boom” I grin.

He laughs for a few minutes before he notices something making him go all serious again.

“We’re here” he says before stopping and taking his seatbelt off, I follow suit but neither of us make the next move of opening the door and stepping out of the vehicle.

“When you go in, I’ll be in that surveillance van” he explains nodding towards the camouflaged van in between the hedges.

“Whatever happens please stay safe. And keep in contact with me. If you sense anything and I mean ANYTHING suspicious alert me at once and we’ll bring you out. And… stay safe. This club is known for having fuckers if anyone does anything to make you uncomfortable you can forfeit. No one will say anything, alright?” he says.

I can sense the worry and concern in his tone which makes me smile. His protectiveness over me makes me feel all fuzzy inside despite me being the Princess of Hell. I can handle anything thrown at me, but the detective has a power to make me feel… vulnerable in ways I cannot understand.

“I promise” I nod with a small smile.

“Good. Okay you’re ready” he says and I take a deep breath before putting the earpiece in my ear and using the sun visor I put the contact in my eye, I then proceed to step out of the car and shut the door behind me.

I quickly reach the entrance of the club and walk inside slowly while swaying my hips. I hold my head up high and look around as I make eye contact with some people giving them a sexy smile. Continuing my walk I go up to the bar and sit down on the stool. Pretty soon I’m not alone.

“What’s a pretty thing like you doing in this rough part of town?” someone asks.

This is your chance, Aradia, time to show these humans whose boss

I let out a seductive laugh before moving my hair back, that push-up bra I wore working wonders as his eyes travel all over me.

“Aradia-san he’s not part of the ‘Scorpion Gang’ I need you to get out of there and try and get into the VIP section” I hear the detective say through my earpiece.

“Why don’t we cut the chase and I’ll meet you in the bathroom, yeah?’ I ask whispering in his ear before pulling back.

The guy looks at me with his eyes wide before he leaves quickly, I laugh to myself before looking around and finding a way to the VIP section.


Making my way there I am then stopped by a particularly large hand on my shoulder.

“Where do you think you’re going? That area is forbidden” he says.

“Oh come on. Surely you can let me through”

He looks at me with a raised eyebrow and rolls his eye, “Sorry, cupcake not happening”

Uff! I didn’t wanna do this mate. But time to…

“Let her through” I heard a silky, smooth voice say, I turn to see a rather handsome guy with jet black hair and bright green eyes, he was tall just over 2-metres and was lean but powerful.

“But sir she’s…”

The bouncer tries to say but one look from the handsome stranger shuts him up right away.

“Good job, Aradia-san! He’s part of the gang. I just need you to get close enough to him to plant the bug on him. Then you can leave” I hear.

“A beautiful girl like you doesn’t deserve to be with people like these” he says looking around and reaches for my hand before dragging me upstairs.

Not that I’m resisting, I have to go with him. But guys like him make me want to cut off their assets and make them walk around like it’s a normal day.

Once we get up there, it was like ‘Lux’ but not as grand. Guys were seen drinking as they each had a woman by their side. They were either making out, talking, drinking, or dancing. But I hadn’t come here to do any of those things, I came on a mission.

“Would you like a drink?” the guy asked me.

“Um, water will be fine. Thank you” I say politely.

He scoffs, “You came into this club to drink water?”

Actually I came into this club to track you guys down so I can make it rain down the fires of hell on all of you after everything you have done!

I chuckle, “I actually don’t feel like drinking yet, but maybe later and we might be able to.. you know” I wink while biting my lower lip.

I notice the guy swallowing hard and exhaling slowly as he goes to the bar to get my drink. He comes back and hands me the water which I sip, he’s got his own drink in front of me as well.

“Hey, I think that girl is calling you” I say and as the guy turns around I put the bug in his drink.

“No” he says turning around to face me again, that wo second frown then replaced with a smile.

“Cheers” he clinks his glass with him before downing it as I take small sips to finish mine.

Once done he asks me to dance which I agree to, we were 5 minutes into the song when something started to feel.. funny. My vision started going blurry and I was wobbling as I kept losing my footing.

“I don’t feel too good” I tell him as I feel his hands all over my ass as he pulls me closer to him, I try to get him off of me but he wouldn’t budge, just then I remembered the Detective’s words.

“I want pineapple” I say.

“Shit! You know what to do! Hang on Aradia-san I’m coming” I hear the detective say.

A few seconds later a gunshot is heard followed by screams as I hear words like ‘Cops’ being thrown around. Panic is filled in the room as I see the guy who was once all over me shout orders at everyone before they all run in different directions. I feel like I’m lifted into someone’s arms before I hear the detective.

“Don’t worry Aradia-san, you’re safe now” I hear before my vision goes completely dark.

I wake up to the worst sort of pain ever in my head. I’m not exactly stupid I know he spiked my drink. I get up and realise I’m in my own room but I’m completely… naked.

Why the hell am I naked?

“Ahh you’re awake” I see the detective walk in my room with a glass in his hand.

I pull the duvet up to my chest to cover myself, “W-what happened?” I asked.

He looks at me before handing me the lemonade.

“Well you were drunk. So I brought you home, got you under the covers but you complained ‘It’s too bloody hot’ and proceeded to strip before getting in the bed, two seconds later you were out cold” he shrugged, he even imitated my British accent.

I looked at him shocked before he burst out laughing.

“I assure you, Aradia-san. I wasn’t looking. You can trust me” he says seriously this time, somehow I can tell he’s telling the truth.

“I believe you” I say with a small smile.

He nods towards the Lemonade in my hand telling me to drink before proceeding to exit my room, “Oh by the way you did good last night. Call me later when you’re feeling better” he smiles before walking out.

That man is really something else.