Chapter 505:

Chapter 502: Kopmon’s Core

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 502: Kopmon’s Core

Narrator: Zaydra’s battle against Kopmon continues. Both have just dealt a devastating blow to the other.

*Zaydra unimpales herself off of Kopmon’s arm socket sword. She lays on the ground holding onto her pierce wound and coughs up blood. Her Raging Star Mode ends. She is in extreme pain*

Zaydra: *coughing* Aaaahhh!!! Shit!! It hurts so much!!

*Kopmon is being torn up on the inside by her Raging Sphere. Kopmon is making painful noises. While still lying on the ground, Zaydra watches as it happens*

*The outer body of Kopmon starts to fall apart and his whole body collapses on the ground*

Zaydra: *huff huff* I didn’t think it would be this effective… *huff huff*

*Zaydra slowly stands up as all of Kopmon’s noises stop*

Zaydra: I’m guessing it’s over.

*She turns around and starts slowly walking away while holding onto her wound. Her eyes open wide when she hears a voice*

Kopmon: It’s… not over.

*Zaydra turns around in shock as she sees a small round demonic object appear from the destroyed body. It sprouts short legs. It has magic bubbling from its sides and the top*

Zaydra: Just what are you…!?

Kopmon: I am not a naturally born demon. I am a creation of the Dark Goddess. I am a weapon. And now I am just the core of the one known as Kopmon. But don’t think that means I can’t fight anymore because I very well can. Looking at you, that stab wound is going to make it very hard for you to fight.

*Kopmon uses the bubbling magic to form a precision gun on his left side, a sword on his right, and a cannon on his top*

Zaydra: (Thinking) I can’t keep fighting for much longer. I need to end this in one powerful attack.

*Kopmon fires his precision gunshot and hits Zaydra which further wounds her. He then fires the cannon on his top. Zaydra just barely jumps out of the way in time to avoid it*

*Kopmon rushes toward Zaydra with the intent to slash her. Kopmon leaves a slash wound on Zaydra’s left arm but she is able to kick him back. The wound isn’t very deep thanks to Kopmon’s range now being shortened*

*Zaydra uses her index finger on her right hand to start drawing a pentagram star in the air in front of her*

Zaydra: I should be able to end it with this.

*The pentagram star is finished and starts glowing gold*

*Kopmon shoots Zaydra using his precision gunshots. She falls to her right knee in more pain*

Zaydra: (With a painful expression) Star Mortar!!!

*The pentagram starts continuously shooting gold orbs in the air that then arch and fall down toward Kopmon*

*Despite his small form, Kopmon has little trouble dodging the mortar shots. He starts hopping closer and closer to Zaydra as the mortar shots keep missing him. Zaydra starts to form a Star Shine Blast in her right hand*

Zaydra: I’m going to win this!!

Kopmon: You’re about to fall over dead!

*Zaydra’s left shoulder gets pierced by Kopmon’s socket sword but at the same time, Zaydra had thrust her right hand with the Star Shine Blat upwards from below Kopmon and hits him with it*

*Kopmon is blown upwards by the attack*

Kopmon: She was able to keep me from piercing her heart!

Zaydra: (With a painful expression) Now finish it!!

*Kopmon is hit by a mortar shot in the air which leaves a big star-shaped explosion* 13.

*Kopmon’s damaged core starts falling to the ground and is hit by more mortar bombs with more explosions happening*

*Zaydra just watches*

*Soon, the pentagram star stops firing mortar bombs and the smoke clears. A crater is left*

*Zaydra slowly moves closer to see the results. She looks down into the crater. The core is mostly destroyed now*

Zaydra: *huff huff* I won…

*She turns around to start walking away but she opens her eyes wide as she hears Kopmon’s voice*

Kopmon: Don’t… get… overconfident…

*She turns around to look down into the crater again*

Zaydra: *huff huff* What does it take to kill you!!?

Kopmon: No… You really did… win… But you have merely won the battle… not the war. I am but one member of the Council of Demons… and also, one of the Dark Goddess’s creations. There are plenty of monsters she hasn’t used in previous wars. Heaven will fall for that is my promise… even in death.

*Kopmon’s core finally stops working which leaves him dead*

Zaydra: *huff huff* Finally…

*Zaydra turns around and starts slowly walking away with her hand covering her stab wound*

Zaydra: *huff huff* It doesn’t matter what the Dark Goddess has. We’re ready for it all.

Narrator: Zaydra was able to kill Kopmon! One member of the Council of Demons is down but the others are still out there and ready to kill.

Chapter 502 END

To be Continued in Chapter 503: The Warfronts