Chapter 506:

Chapter 503: The Warfronts

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 503: The Warfronts

Narrator: Earlier while Zaydra was still fighting Kopmon.

*Reign City is being evacuated. People are leaving the city en masse. Police are guiding them out of the city*

*Suddenly, a large portal opens on the west side of the city*

*Many demons start coming out of the portal and entering the city. There are angels that are there and ready to fight*

*The demons start destroying everything around*


Narrator: Back to the Battle of Angel Sanctuary.

*Zaydra has slowly made her way back to the rest of the fighting. She sees the fighting still going on and sees a lot of dead bodies. She looks distressed*

Zaydra: I’ve taken down their commander and yet this scene still looks horrifying…! I have to help!

*Suddenly, storm clouds start to form in the sky above the battlefield. Zaydra looks up at them*

Zaydra: What? Is this…!?

*Lightning starts to come out of the clouds and strikes many of the demons*

*The angels look confused*

Male Angel: What’s going on?

*Zaydra looks up to the roof of the Angel Sanctuary and sees Joe (Who is wearing a dark green uniform and a brown unzipped jacket.). He looks down at the battlefield with a stern look. His eyes are currently Storm Lord Eyes*

Zaydra: So it is him!

*On the ground, Joe’s son Mike and many of his pirate crew get on the battlefield*

Mike: Charge into battle! Help the angels!

*The pirates charge into battle and help out the angels. With the help of the storm and the pirates, the demons are overwhelmed*

Female Demon: We have to retreat!

Male Demon: Where is Kopmon!? Don’t tell me he was actually defeated!

*The demons start retreating. The pirates start to go after them but they are halted by Mike*

Mike: Wait! We don’t need to go after them.

Male Pirate: Why not!?

Mike: My father will handle this.

*The demons continue heading toward the portal*

*Joe brings down a tornado from above where the demons are. Many of the demons are sucked into it. The demons that aren’t sucked into it escape into their portal. The demons that are sucked into it are thrown out with violent power, killing all of them*

*With the demons all either retreated or dead, the fighting ends*

Narrator: The Battle of Angel Sanctuary, the first major battle of the war, is over. Thanks to preparation and Zaydra’s victory over a Council of Demons member, Heaven was able to deal the forces of Hell a major defeat.

*Zaydra gathers with Joe and Mike. Some angel doctors come up to her*

Female Angel Doctor: Princess Zaydra, your wounds are serious. You need to go inside to get treated.

*Zaydra looks at Joe*

Zaydra: Do you mind if we talk inside?


Narrator: Inside the Angel Sanctuary.

Zaydra: Your help is much appreciated. But where is Emily?

Joe: She went to recruit more forces and will join the war eventually.


Narrator: In Harmone’s West region.

*Zeth, Sasha, Salina, and many angels are stationed. They see demons beginning to invade*

Zeth: It’s starting…


Narrator: In Harmone’s Southeast region.

*Kurt is stationed there along with Keith, Easia, Jane, Sandy, and some angels*

Kurt: We will be ready.


Narrator: In Harmone’s East region.

*Dom and RAG are stationed, though there aren’t many angels there*

RAG: If any demons try to attack Flagron Town. I will be there to stop them.

Dom: That is a good mindset to have.


Narrator: In Harmone’s South region.

*Zenfaro, Zothena, Apollo, and many angels are stationed and they are trying to get people into the underwater structure as demons start getting near them*

Zothena: Hurry, everyone! We will hold the demons off!


Narrator: In Harmone’s Southwest region.

*Kennedy, Gice, and Alaina are stationed. Commander Moss, Major Tarres, and Major Smithy are also there and appear to be working on some large weapon*

Gice: I hope that weapon you are working on is worth it.

Commander Moss: It most certainly will be.

Major Tarres: It will be one of the best assets to our arsenal.

Major Smithy: In due time, comrade. You will see.


Narrator: In the Undead Underworld.

*Sean walks into Zonbi’s room. Zonbi is looking out a window*

Sean: Is it time?

Zonbi: Yes. It is very much time. We have been preparing for this day. It’s time to fight.

Narrator: Joe has come to assist at the Angel Sanctuary! Meanwhile, all of the others are prepared at the other warfronts.

Chapter 503 END

To be Continued in Chapter 504: A Scarred Past