Chapter 1:

I love you not only for what you are but for what i a with you....

Our teenage - Life seems like hell

love you not only for what you are but for what i a with you.... find anyone like you in my life. I meet many people, i have lots of friends but you know worst thing is that no one is understanding as you are . I am very enjoying my old school and that was kind of intresting and happy part of my life which i never forget. I really love my friends back then and as now too, but it seems like they forget me . No chat, no messages , no call . It feels like is my existing really worth it for them . As long as i realised i keep trying to focus on my self and not to think about them but i can't i , i really miss them . you know, " The scary thing about distance is you don't know whether they'll miss you or forget you "🥺. And they forget me like i am ever existed. But as i meet you i believe that miracles do happen. I m much more me when i am with you Xi, just be on my side forever. My bestie ☺️❤️...Xi to Meng hui,Meng, Keep listening to you , it's warm my heart that i didn't ever think i am that much to someone. Now it was like i rarely know what's behind your smile? But still thinking of it didn't you disappoint or feel hurt...Meng...To be honest , it's hurt like a hell in first place like how can a person forget you like this you never mean to them. But as time passes i am trying to control my emotions and accept the things whatever it is. "It's not a strange , people always change". After meet you now i find a new hope that there is lots of things which we have to face, we can't escape the reality. And i am much more me when i am with you 💖. I love listen to you tell me much about you.Xi,I am also lucky that i have you. You gonna laugh at me listening to me.Meng,ummmmm,, just tell me i wanna hear you .Xi,My life is really sucking , i am just stuck in .It's a Hella hell, full of mess. Huhhhhh.....i really don't know what's going on my life . Reality continues to ruin my life 🤣. I used be like a shy girl and i had no friends . But whatever it is that's a part of my life , and i am enjoying now . It's enough for me .Meng,
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