Chapter 2:

I love you not only for what you are but for what i a with you....

Our teenage - Life seems like hell

Meng,You are really funny Xi, you always make me smile. I know and i understand that how much you are going through. But you didn't give up on your smile and telling me your story like your life is a fun. But i know"The funniest people are saddest one".you can tell me whatever you are going through. I will be always there for you if you need to cry . You will always find me around you. Even may be you are in the jail , i will be there too with you, we both having fun there. Only because of you i find my hope , i get back to where i have to be. If you don't let me know about BTS, the seven angles, i really don't know. What did i do back then? From the day I became an army now, i learn to love myself and i didn't feel lonely. It's like a life changing for me.Xi,Yeah offcourse, They are really amazing. Words are not enough to express them. Our seven angles, who are too far away from us but live in our heart.Meng.

Ummmmm.... the live in my heart without paying rent to me.


they are living or you just keep them in your heart....huhhhh.. okay bye let's meet on school tomorrow.



(Meng talking to her self)

(yawing) I feel good talking to her, now it's time to watch k-drama wait firstly let me check my insta did BTS uploaded some thing there tae is uploaded his photo, ohh god ....he is looking so good, i just can't get my eyes off from him..ummmmmm.... what did i do? I can't even meet them, it's really hurting like a hell . Why they all are so good and amazing? How can someone that much good?

"Behind my brightest smile while watching you on the mobile screen.

 Their hides the biggest fear that I will not be able to meet you in person, till the end".

huhhhhh..... it's really sad . I don't want to lose them, but they are not mine. It's time to bed now.

               (In morning at school)


hello, what's up guys. how are you all?

Sunhoo (her friend)

We are fine, what about you it seems like someone beat you. hahaaaaa, lol.


You are really good at joking but not funny.


Let's go on class.


Hey Xi, did you see that V updated his profile his looking more handsome on that picture. I am going crazy about him.

     (other girls from there class)

shit, again they are starting. Look at them every time talking about them, those boys, huhhh, really disgusting . Just don't waste your time on them girls they are nothing.

sunhee (her friend)

Why don't you just mind your own business. You can't make anyone feel bad about what they like.

Xi and Meng,

 you rock sunhee, you are really cool.

Meng to herself,

How can they put there opinion about someone if they don't know about them. They really don't know about them anything that how much they going through but still talking nonsense about them.

It's really sad reality, that's the world. That's the people living there. They can't even courage name but always try to discourage them.

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