Chapter 16:


A Love So Sweet, I Get Confused

A middle school ages Mitsu and his dad stood outside as Mitsu’s mother, Hana, and Emi continued to pack the car ready for their over night trip in the next town over. “You sure you girls have everything,” Their dad questioned as the boot of the car was slammed shut.

Hana giggled, going to her husband, cupping his cheeks and lightly touching her lips with his. “You worry to much,” She commented rubbing her nose with his.

Mitsu walked over to Emi who was currently hunched over the passenger seat, checking her overnight bag to ensure she had everything. “You have the most important thing, right?” Mitsu stretched out the word ‘right’ and wiggled his eyebrows.

Emi laughed, pulling out a folder, turning and shoving it in Mitsu’s face. Mitsu couldn’t help but laugh. Today, Emi and Hana were setting off for a creative writing competition that Emi had scrutinized over for the past several months. “Well, we all know that you’d double check you’ve packed it all and then half way there you’ll realise your entry is at home,” Mitsu snickered.

He felt a bump of his head, Emi using her entry to tap his head to show her sibling affection before putting it back safely in the bag, ready for her next destination. “This will give me a big most towards my university funds if I win,” Emi sighed, a tint of hopefulness in her voice. “And I’ll be one step closer to becoming a famous writer and I’ll be writing script for you to star in.”

Blushing Mitsu turn around, wanting to run away but was met by his mother’s open arms. Being pulled into a tight embrace and showered with head kisses. He held her back, taking in deep breathes, finding comfort in the floral perfume she always wore. “My little baby,” She cooed. “Going to be all alone.”

“I have dad,” Mitsu laughed pulling back to look at Hana’s face.

After the goodbyes, Mitsu couldn’t remember much that happened until the moment they received the call. The call that changed the way he viewed his sister. The call that made him give up on his hopes for the future.

Akio sat on the edge of the bed, looking down at Mitsu’s face as he cried in his sleep. He was shocked that at 11pm, a tipsy and crying Mitsu would be calling him to come pick him. After throwing Mitsu onto his back and giving him an address, the emotional strain mixed with alcohol meant at a moment’s rest Mitsu just fell straight to sleep.

Luckily, Mitsu’s dad didn’t pay no mind, thinking of it as nothing more then a little bit of college fun. He was able to bring Mitsu up to bed and now hear he was, listening to Mitsu moan beneath him, being tortured by his dreams. He placed hands either beside either side of Mitsu’s head, leaning down, close enough to feel Mitsu’s breathes against his lips.

There he hoovered, temptation growing wanting to know what the lips beneath him felt like, what taste they might carry. “I love you,” He whispered daring to lean down further.

“I love you too,” Mitsu cried out. Akio leant back up startled. He noticed Mitsu however was still asleep. “Mommy.”

Akio sighed, laughing to himself. He had gotten his hopes up for a moment. He moved his left hand, cupping Mitsu’s cheek, gasping as Mitsu rubbed his cheek against the palm. “You truly have been holding a lot in,” Akio sighed. He lifted himself off the bed. Bidding a silent goodnight as he closed the door behind him.

“Akio,” The voice was barely above a whisper, being careful as not to draw too much attention in those who may be sleeping. Emi looked at Akio through half opened eyes, clearly still half asleep. “What are you doing here?”

“Mitsu seemed to have a bit too much to drink,” Akio lied, knowing full well from their previous outing t the bowling alley, Mitsu wouldn’t drink more than one drink. “I figured I’d bring him home. I was just on my way out.”

Emi rubbed her eyes as she walked up to Akio. “Stay on the sofa,” She advise gently patting his shoulder. “I’ll grab you a couple of blankets.”

“T-thanks Emi,” Akio stuttered.

Once settled onto the sofa, Emi had left Akio to get some sleep. She had told him she couldn’t possibly let Akio leave in the dead of night and that she would kick her little brother’s butt in the morning. In the morning, Akio would get a close-up view of how Mitsu acts in his home life. How he looks when he wakes up? Would he be grumpy? Maybe he walks down the stairs with a bounce and full of energy. Akio couldn’t help but smile as he looked up at the ceiling, full of anticipation at what tomorrow would bring.