Chapter 26:

Cap 25

Eyes of the Mind

In just 3 days, Haruka had already developed at an amazing speed, although living with her was not one of the thousand wonders, living with her was somewhat difficult, put up with her in the few hours of the day was already a challenge, but now, having the girl around was somehow reassuring and fun.

" ... One more time. "Haruka said totally panting.

"Wouldn't it be better to rest a little girl? You look tired.

"Tired? No, I'm soft, I just need to get my breath back and I'm ready for another one.

I myself who rode and participated in the train d thegirl during these 3 days, I can clearly say that she progressed very fast, much faster than I expected.

"Very old... Come on, let's go, let's "Haruka said as he entered his fighting position again.

" You don't have to hold on, girl, keep using your magic.

" When am I going to see you using yours? So far you haven't even used it.

"There was no need, their movements are still very slow and weak, I'm not so old as to need magic to deflect them.

Haruka was clearly offended by my provocation, despite this, she remained calm and confident, I spent quite a part of that time when we were together trying to make her become more ambitious in overcoming me, apparently my efforts were bearing fruit.

In a quick onslaught, Haruka carried out several attacks with his sword, despite the speed of the blows, I could calmly deflect, but something caught my attention, with every blow she struck, the next one was relatively faster than the previous one, not only that, as her strength only increased, it was as if she adapted definitively, your speed does not drop even after being totally tired.

After another day of training, Haruka began to adapt her magic, I had the opportunity to witness her testing something, although it was not my idea, the girl asked me to practice something during her fourth day here.

As I watched the girl, I could see her totally focused, she didn't even move, what drew more attention was the simulation of her soul in front of her striking the air, Haruka had developed her magic to the point of being able to create physical representations of her using only her soul, this was something I saw someone else doing, though he could do this with more than 5 rpresenting his soul.

"You've progressed pretty fast girl, maybe it's not a dream to say you can get through whatever Emi's up to.

" ... Can you stop talking about her?

" Umm? What's wrong with that?

"Never the way, it doesn't matter much now, the truth is, I don't think I'm really ready yet.

I wouldn't say that her level was still far from Emi, though I knew a way to help the girl.

"I know a way to elevate your powers a little, it works almost equal to physical enhancement.

"Do you swear?" But how does this way work there? — Haruka said while practicing dueling with his own soul representation.

" It is a technique that consumes magic quickly, but it greatly strengthens the user in several ways, it is used as a last resort because it is quite risky, even because it does not have a very long duration.

Haruka then stopped her blows against her impersonation and joined her.

"Interesting, it's almost like a triumph then, how exactly should I learn it?

" Theoretically it's pretty easy, but in practice it's a lot more complicated, you have 3 more days until Emi comes here, that's going to be the time you'll have to learn it.

The girl seemed very apprehensive about the technique, but she accepted without arguingnor d iscordar.

" Just relax and try to feel its magical flow, when you feel you can fully control it, try to release it all at once, as if you were expelling it through your body.

Haruka was totally focused on improving herself, so she worked hard to learn that technique, on her first attempt, she totally emptied her magic, she was unconscious for about 6 hours, after waking up she quickly returned to her training again, I thought a lot about giving her more tips, but I found it more feasible if she found her ways alone.

After two days of trying non-stop, Haruka had already exhausted several times, when I was about to try to give her some more hint, something caught my attention, the magic of the girl was more intense than ordinary, it was as if every attempt her magical power became even stronger and refined, it was in fact impressive, because of this I decided not to intrude and let her continue her training.

" ...

"What's going on?"

" Then old... Youthink I'm going to make it?

"I have no idea, it all depends solely on you now.

The girl was quite apprehensive about all that, however she was determined to prove her worth, as expected, Emi came to my house after 7 days as she had mentioned, however, she was looking rather serious, in her hands she held a kind of suitcase much bigger than her.

"So... Where is she? "I asked Emi with a very bitter look.

" Good morning to you too, she's in the yard training, would you like me to call her?

"I don't intend to be here long, after all the result will be the same, so I'll call her myself.

Emi then passed me as she headed towards the backyard of my house, when she arrived on the scene, she came across Haruka meditating completely motionless in the center of the yard.

"Looks like you've made a good time, doesn't it?

" Your voice is pretty annoying, you know?

"I'm not really in the mood to waste my time today, so why don't we just get this over with?

"I agree with you. "Haruka said as he stood up and turned his eyes to Emi.

At that moment I could feel an intense rivalry between the two, however, I would not get between them.

"I came here just to test your progress, I don't want to ruin Master Sebastian's house, so let's get this away from here.

" ... In this I concordo with you.

The two girls then left my house, I tried to accompanyher s for safety measure, we did not delay to get to the destination that Emi had foreseen for us, it was a field that was abandoned near my house, although deserted and poorly cared for, it was quite large.

"Here it seems those places where mobsters snore bodies. "Haruka said.

"What have we come here to do here, Emi?

"You are here as a witness and a master judge, I will prove to you that this girl should not even be trained by you.

Emi then dropped her briefcase on the floor, the impact and the noise that the suitcase made when falling to the ground showed that there was something very heavy inside her, when the girl opened the suitcase, we came across a stupidly large sword.

"Do you still have this thing? "I asked Sebastian with a surprised look.

"This sword is my favorite, she is very efficient with my magic, it is with her that I will make you see how training this girl was a waste of time.

" A giant sword foru m ego even bigger, I was thinking about what kind of nickname I would give you, I think I found a perfect ... Metidinha. " Said Haruka in a snobly way.

That offense clearly affected Emi, she instantly took her sword as if it were made of paper.

"I'm going to sink you into this floor. .. "Emi said with an angry look.

"Girl, be careful, she's not weak, Emi stood out a lot for her physical strength. "

" ... It's soft old, I'm not going to make this last week a waste of time.

Haruka then entered her combat position while facing Emi, to avoid disturbing the girls, I took a safe distance while preparing to avoid any kind of excess by both parties, I knew that despite Haruka's words, she was totally tense.

"Since Sebastian is our superior, nothing fairer than saying when she starts, don't you think? "Emi asked.

"I think it's fair.

"I hope you're ready so as soon as he starts this, I won't even take 10 seconds to finish you off. "Emi said as he leaned forward and held his sword behind his back.

"You can come with everything... You're in the.

I could see the air of resentment between the two as if it were physical, slowly I raised my hand up and prepared to start that duel, the tension of that moment consumed the girls, in a quick movement, I lowered my hand and started the fight.


In a swift onslaught, Emi advanced to Haruka delivering a brutal blow with his sword against the girl, Haruka in turn, had not even seen his opponent's movements.

Out of sheer instinct, Haruka threw herself to the side dodling the blow, however, the impact of the blade on the ground made a shock wave that threw Haruka away causing her to fall to the ground.

Before she could get up, Emi was already in front of her brandishing her sword ready to strike another blow.

"I said... I'm not going to take 10 seconds...