Chapter 27:

Cap 26

Eyes of the Mind

Emi's overwhelming strength was enough to press Haruka in several different ways, that's what anyone would think, it's still a fact, however, when Haruka entered that fight, she was already wise that she could not overcome Emi in physical combat.

In a quick blow Emi struck a blow with his sword against Haruka who was still on the ground, the force of the impact was so strong that the field where they were filled with dust.

"What a thing... I can say that at least to escape you are very good. " Emi said as he looked around.

While searching for Haruka, the girl felt a presence near her, Emi did not think twice and struck a blow with her sword where she thought the girl was, however, Emi's sword passed in an absolute void where haruka's silhouette was.

"Why are you in such a hurry, Mrs. Metidinha? "Haruka said as he hid in the dust curtain.

"That's a joke.

At that moment Emi held his sword with both hands, she lifted it above her head and began to carry her magic on it, the power flowing through the sword was so intense that the blade of the gun came to shine, it was then that Emi gave a strong attack by sticking his sword to the ground, after sticking his blade into the ground, a wave of wind caused all the dust that once covered them to be dissipated, at that time Haruka gave his soul cut against Emi.

"A cut made by magic?

Emi quickly took his sword and swung it by hitting Haruka's blow breaking it in the middle.

“ ... That was quite immoral . - Haruka said with a fluttering smile.

" I'd say it was pretty disappointing actually, if you want something like this to do some kind of damage, you have to at least do it right.

The girl then brandished her sword fully loaded with magic to the top and fired a strong and intense magic wave at Haruka, the girl at that moment drew her katana and received in front the shock wave of magic.

The force of the impact caused Haruka to be dragged by 30 subways, however she managed to withstand the blow.

"What's up? Did you learn anything?

Haruka at that moment looked at her hands totally tremulas, she could see the gulf of difference between her powers, yet she would not give up.

"Even though you're ridiculously strong, I'm addicted to hard games, if it were to be easy it wouldn't be funny at all, don't you think?

" Grace? What are you talking about? Maybe I should clear your mind, we're not kidding here, if you think this is like a game should get out of the ACP and get back to your antisocial nerd games.

After hearing Emi's words, Haruka began to take slight jumps, she then dropped the sheath of her sword on the floor, at that moment I saw a smile on the girl's face, she then entered a combat position that I had never seen her wear before, she held her sword with both hands and looked directly into Emi's eyes.

“ ... This is getting exciting, since it's reached that point, I'm going with everything!

Haruka then fired towards thegirl, Emi then brandished his sword against the girl and waited for her to get close, in that situation, I could say very well how the fight was going on, Haruka was delivering a series of attacks, on the other hand, Emi was just ricocheting off her attacks, for the girl, just defending herself and returning Haruka's attacks was simple.

"What a child's play... " Emi said as he raised his sword.

The girl then struck a top-down blow with her sword against Haruka, the impact was accurate, however, Haruka defended Emi's attack using his sword as a shield.

“ ... How did you do that? "I asked Emi clearly amazed.

"You better than anyone should know... after all we were trained by the old man.

Emi then saw Haruka's fortified body as she covered him by magic.

" Body enhancement? Since when do you know that?!

Haruka then pushed Emi's sword up and struck emi's belly, at that short moment, Emi raised his leg stopping Haruka's attack while suffering slight damage from the girl's blow.

“ ... That's surreal. "Haruka said as she looked amazed at Emi's leg.

"What's so surreal... You idiot!

The girl then kicked her with the other leg against Haruka's face that threw her away.

“ ... What kind of monster are you? "Haruka said as she forced himself to stand up after taking Emi's blow.

"It hurts like hell! " Emi said as he removed Haruka's sword that was embedded in the muscle of his leg.

"Did you also use body enhancement to strengthen your leg? "I asked Haruka clearly in shock at that situation.

“Of course i'm not... I just have a very dense body.

Emi then held Haruka's sword, she stared at the gun with a very detailed look, soon after she threw it to Haruka who was still on the ground.

"You didn't think it would end like this, did you? "I asked Emi with a serious look.

Haruka seeing Emi's look for a slight second had a sense of success, however, the girl slapped her own face by taking Emi by surprise.

" As I said... If it was easy, it wouldn't be funny, would it? "Haruka said as he stood up with his sword in his hand.

"I'm going to say you're really making an effort, but that's all.

" Um... I don't remember now the name the old man had given for it.

" Girl... Are you going to use that? "I asked Sebastian with a worried look.

"That? Do you have any triumphyet? "He asked Emi as he carried magic on his sword.

The girl at that moment took a deep breath, the expression on Haruka's face became serious, she was fully focused while analyzing Emi, she calmly positioned herself in a way that she could have more thrust in her legs and prepared to attack.

"I really don't remember the old man's name for it... so I'm going to call it an adrenaline rush!

Haruka's eyes began to shine instantly, his magic began to travel rapidly through his body to the point of being visible to the naked eye, along with this Haruka began to use his body enhancement, Sebastian knew that it was a suicidal move, at that moment Haruka had put all his cards on the table, it was all or nothing.

" Adrenaline surge? What kind of technique is that? Don't tell me that?!

Emi then turned her surprised eyes to Sebastian, at that moment she came across Sebastian having a totally surprised look too, she instinctively drew her sword against Haruka in a completely defensive manner.

"How did she learn Raiken-Do?!

At a fulminant speed Haruka shocked her katana against Emi's sword, the girls began a barrage of attacks against each other, Emi's energized magic attacks echoed through the field with each impact she gave against Haruka's magical cuts, at that time Haruka's attacks were ten times more powerful and faster than before, Emi couldn't even blink at that moment.

The force of the impacts was tremendous, in that short time, Emi was really taking the fight seriously, she did not lower her guard in any second, in front of her was Haruka delivering an absurd amount of blows, Haruka's expression showed a determination that Emi had never seen before.

After a blow to Haruka's katana guard, Emi disarmed the girl throwing her sword away, then she threw a punch at Haruka, the girl at the same time defended with her arm and was thrown away.

Emi did not miss the chance to prepare another blow with the sword against Haruka who had already risen, when Haruka was already in the radius of Emi's attack, something happened, an impact caught Emi's attention, in the heat of the moment she was thrown forward, she quickly turned her eyes back, she then came across a representation of Haruka's soul that had given her a kick in the back.

"But what the hell is that?!

When Emi turned her eyes back on, Haruka passed her with her magic of invulnerability, she quickly positioned herself behind her and applied a lion-tatm to the girl while holding her arms with her legs, the two girls then fell to the ground while Haruka stood on Emi's back immobilizingher.

"It took me a while to figure it out... but your magic works with impacts, you basically gain damage not strength. “Haruka said while applying more force so Emi wouldn't let go.

“ ... When did you find out? " Emi said with difficulty breathing.

"It's getting you to learn... it wasn't hard since my opponent wasn't taking me seriously.

Haruka then began to press Emi even harder, despite being physically very strong, Emi could not get away with Haruka, the girl was not only using body enhancement but was also using her new technique, at that time it was impossible for Emi to let go.

"I... i give myself... — Emi said as he dropped his sword and gave slight knocks to the ground with his hand.

The girl then released Emi, the same second Emi got up while trying to retrieve the breath and gave light coughs.

Haruka in contraparte could not move, her body was as heavy as lead, she was feeling her eyes tired, slowly she began to close her eyes, in the background she had Sebastian approaching while saying something inaudible to her, it was then that andshe erased.

After that duel between Haruka and Emi, the girl had been unconscious, however, she had won the victory, in turn, Emi fulfilled what she had said and did not attempt to intervene in Haruka's participation in the mission.

After a few hours, Haruka woke up at Sebastian's house, she began to look around in awe while she was confused.

"Calm down girl. "Sebastian said as he blew his tea.

"What happened?

“... You got girl, you beat Emi in combat.

Haruka at that moment drew a smile so big that Sebastian had never seen before, she quickly got up while giving great leaps of joy, in contrapartly Sebastian watched her from the corner while enjoying her tea.

"And then... What did you think of your victory?

"Although I'm very excited, I'm not as happy as I'd really like.

"What do you mean, girl?

" It's okay that I beat her... But she didn't fight me seriously, if she had taken it seriously from the start, I wouldn't have lasted a second against her.

Sebastian then made a gesture calling on Haruka to get closer, the girl then approached him and bowed forward while curiously observing her master.

"Don't say such trivial things girl, you won this victory on your own merits, don't try to reduce it that way.

“... Sure. "Haruka said with a warm smile on her face.

Sebastian then took another cup of tea that was next to him and lifted him up towards the girl clearly offering it to her, Haruka then took the glass and sat next to his master as they watched Sebastian's garden being bathed in the night light of the moon.